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Kule ish 18

Kule ish 18

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Published by: Philippine Collegian 10-11 on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Philippine Collegian
 Miyerkules, 24 Nobyembre 2010
Gino N. Chang
ore han 5,000 su-d i  Plycicuiviy   Pilippi (PuP) wlkd  i cl  nvmb 19 ddcld  wklg d ik,mkig  bgiig   i  iwid mbilizi gi impdig c i  bdg  ivii d cllg (suC). d dpd  mig   cl wi  “W  ik” b d ld pgm ddci dici      dci c.Fcly, mply d v igkig iviy icil icldigPuP Pid D Gv jid  d’ p mc.I  nvmb 18 p cc,Gv id  “lly pp” ik d  cll  ig bidy. ixdy ik ci  ii dy d will d  nvmb26.  PuP mbilizi i i i i  ik mg suC icldiguP, elgi amg rdigzIi  clgy d Pilippinml uiviy. iwid ik wpmpd by  dcd suC bdg  2011   h  rpiv (hor) ppvd wi mdm l nvmb8, ccdig   nil ui  sd   Pilippi (nusP).I  horppvd bdg, ly P23.4 billi w llcd  ll 112suC,  1.7 pc  P400millidc m  c P23.8 billi bdg. ppd 2011 il bdg will ill dg dlibi i s d  Cg BicmlCmmi b  pid igi i lw.“W d  cl  p s i   v   bdg. sd, cly, mply,dmii, d  kldld bild  bd d widpibl iy i  cmp  ppl’ ig  dci,”  nusPm d.
ud  ppd 2011 bdg,PuP i   civ P672 milli,l   q   P2 billidd by  iviy  mii
Keith Richard D. Mariano
he BoarD oF reGens(Bor) ppd  lci   x uP pidd  i iig m   sd rg Ci C  mmb   bd.T Bor mvd  pidillci m nvmb 19 Dcmb 3  big imd by uP Bgi dmiii  nvmb17  C  b dimid m i. sic C i  lg  d, i iligibl  ld  pii ipld i  Cdid rl  sd rg slci (Crsrs).C w pmly dimid gtig  ilig mk i i ld l m. “My gig kklg lg k cdmic [dil  i ] gigpgi ki g lb p kp  dky [p] idi kpigiii iy,” id C. a  Bor   lc  x uPpid l Fidy, C immdily ccdd d  bd ddcd mi  sr, Jqliel,  ll i  pii.sci 7, aicl IX   Crsrsipl  p vccy   sr pii,  cd lc   idmi ll k v  sr.“hidi lg ppwdg[mbk] g pw ll gyg piipili g d  uPPid dil mdidici gpikmlkig c  ibidd—g dy,” id el.T sr i  l piv  
UP and other SUCs to follow suit 
Over 5,000PUP studentskick off nat’lstrike againstbudget cuts
 c   cilii dpi, id PuP sd rgsyl alpd. alg  PuP bdg icdm P640 milli i y  P672milli,  ic w mly d  implmi   sly sddizi Lw III, wic ikdp  bdg  Pl svic by m  P60 milli, xplid akby spkp CiBñz. a cl lk   PuP bdg wld vl   bdg mic d  pigxp v dcd by P14milli, Bñz ddd.Bdg c will “c uiviy  impv  cdii  cilii   xp   d,c  i  m  ii d  ic” id alpd, ciig pvi mp  i  PuPii m P12  P200 p i. ic, wv, did  pg  PuP d md Cmmii  hig edcioic  p gi  ppdic l Mc 24.“Dcd  bdgy glc vk i ll   iviy. Dcpicilii d vwkd b dcmpd cly mmb m   l   gvmgivig  iici d,” id alpd.
Mwil, i  nvmb 18mlicl mmi, d, cly d mply i uP Dilim (uPD)cd   uP cmmiy  will ld  ik  nvmb 25 d26. ppd bdg ly pv aqi “  ii  lillig i pmi dig cmpig pid,” id Flix Piñ,pid  all uP Wk uiuPDilim.“nwg  g mg dygi idi p i kiig gdmiiyg aqi. Wl gmkpipigil  ik,” Piñ ddd.F  uP sym,  gvm ly lld P5.53 billi  2011,l   id   P18.53 billi  iviy ppd.  P5.5 billi uP bdg i 20 pc 
BOR postpones prexy selectiondue to SR dismissal
ll uP d   Bor.“lgg gki g Bor idi mig pmili g bgg uPpid g wlg pivg mg dy,” s rgCldld Cb id.T Bor  v llcd  bdg P50,000   pcil mig  Gl ambly  sd Ccil, bdy  lc  w sr, ic  cd  id mi  pii d  qliy  pii.
Tg immdily dd by  Bor, el w  immdily idcd  sr d  cii i c cdmic .Dig  Bor mig,  bd d  cll  piv m ofc   uiviy rgi(our)  cm  el i iddlld i  iviy d i ligibl ld  pii.I  nvmb 22 lt,  our cid  el i lld   dg d  i m. a  p im, el  y k    w sr.el id  v   dpiv i il i lcig x uP pid     wl d ig   d pd.
 Wi el plcig C  sr, 11mmb bd i w cmpl dc p g wi  pidillci  Dcmb 3, el id. a p,  Bd i cmpd uP Pid emlid rm;Cmmii  hig edciCi Pici Lic; s dh  rpiv Cmmit hig edci Ci s. edgd ag d rp. J edgd ag;Fcly rg Jdy giwl; s rg Cldld Cb; almirg Gldy igc d sr  Jqli el.Mlcñg, mwil,  cly ppid  w g, ridCi Jic ry P, sigiry d Mgdl albcci, J..o Dcmb 3,  Bor willlc mg  lv mi:Clci al, Pick ali azz, L Bi, epzCbl, sgi C, Bjmi Dik,M. s Dik, rl Pgl, ald Pcl, Vigii di dLi ry Vlc.T uP Pid i  ci cdmic fc, d   cly d  ci xciv fc  iviy, d will b vig   m ix y.“W d  uP pid w will d   iviy – iygdg pk g kpg mg dy, ll  gygmiidi g pgppby g gby uP  i g mg dy bilg pgkkki p mpg kkmp  ply pg bibw  bdg p  uP,” idel.
Bagong hamon
Napahaya n suporta para sa ma sektor n UP s datn Supreme Court Chef Justce at Maacananappontee Reynato Puno bao tumuno sa espesya na puon n Board of Reents (BOR) upan pum n baon panuo nunbersdad noon ka-19 n Nobyembre. Bunsod n pakakatana sa student reent mua sa BOR, pnapaban an botohann ma rehente kaban an ma baon Maacanan appontees na sna Ezabeth Suon-Reyna at Madaeno Abarracn Jr.
Philippine Collegian
 Miyerkules, 24 Nobyembre 2010
P1.39 billin less han he curren P6.9 billin budge  he universiy. A day aer he summi, he Cllege Science released a saemen in is websie urging he sudens and aculy  paricipae in he “mulisecralaciviies” agains he budge cu.“he Cllege is in dire need  addiinal unding suppr  prperly mainain and perae he NainalScience Cmplex ha is scheduled rcmplein in 2011,” he saemenread.he UP Manila (UPM) cmmuniy annunced in a press cnerence hahe campus will als g n srike nNvember 25 and 26. In he prpsed budge, he allcain r hePhilippine General Hspial decreased by P114 millin.Las Nvember 19, he aculy  heUPM Deparmen  Scial Sciencespassed a resluin calling r hesudens  paricipae in he srike.
Over 5,000 PUP students...
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First step
Studnt rrsnttvs from rvt nd ubc schoos jond Kbtnprtyst R. Rymond ptno n fn Hous B 3708 or th “Thr-Yr TutonMortorum act” on Novmbr 23. Th b sks to frz tuton hks n ubc ndrvt schoos for th nxt thr yrs.
CHRiS MaRTiN iMpeRial
“Nasa 50/50 ang buhay ng isklarng bayan a ng mamamayan naumaanggap ng serbisy sa PGHdahil sa budge cu. ha’s why he UPManila PGH cmmuniy will g nsrike  asser ur righ  educainand lie,” said Cesarie Sans,chairpersn  he UPM universiy suden cuncil. As  press ime, six deans in UPDnamely Dr. Mary Ann Espina  heCllege  Archiecure, Dr. CaesarSalma  Science, Dr. Aura Maias  Engineering, Dr. Elena Miran  Arsand Leers, Dr. land lenin  Mass Cmmunicain and Dr. EdnaC  he Nainal Cllege  Public Adminisrain and Gvernance, havealready endrsed he srike.“We need  ac nw  sp budge cus in educain and herscial services. he cus will lead skyrckeing uiin and her ees andcmmercializain  scial services, which will resul  a greaer number Filipins being driven in urherdesiuin,” accrding  he NUSP.
Irreplaceable loss
Rtvs, frnds nd cous xrss thr rf for rnownd txonomst nd Up Booy prof. lonrdCo t th Church of th Rsn lord on Novmbr 20. prof. Co nd hs forst uds dd n th d crossfr btwn th mtry nd th Npa (Nw po’s army) st Novmbr 15 n th forst of Knn, lyt. Doubts on th ossbty of th crossfr wrrsd ftr  wtnss cmd tht th mtry mstook th vctms s mmbrs of th Npa..
Ma. MaCROSe paSCUal
Marjohara Tucay
HE CoMMISSIoN oN Audi (CoA) has expresseddubs n he “legaliy and validiy he 25- year lease cnrac r he Faculy Medical Ars Building (FMAB)  hePhilippine General Hspial (PGH)signed by UP and Mercad GeneralHspial, Inc. (MGHI).“U
nreslved legal issues andinadequacy  he audirialdcumenary requiremens casdubs n he legaliy and validiy  he 25-year lease cnrac,”accrding  he
2009 Cnslidaed Annual Audi epr released by CoA n Nvember 4.
UP has leased u  MGHI hehree-srey Dispensary Buildingha was subsequenly renvaedin a privae hspial, he FMAB.Clinic spaces in he FMAB will be rened  PGH dcrs andcnsulans, privae pharmacies,labraries and diagnsicservices.CoA was he secndgvernmen insiuin  quesinhe validiy  he FMAB cnrac.on a February 9 pinin, heDeparmen  Jusice (DoJ)explained ha he FMAB cnrachas vilaed prvisins  he UPCharer.“Dalawang insiusyn nangayn ang kumukwesiyn salegalidad ng knraa para saFMAB. Panahn na upang makngkreng hakbang na gawinang UP adminisrain hinggilsa usaping i,” Sa egenClduald Cabrera said.
COA questions legality of FMAB contract
In a Nvember 9 leter  heBo las year, he All UP WrkersUnin (AUPWU) Manila Chaperexplained ha he Bo vilaedcerain prvisins  he 2008 UPCharer when i apprved he leasecnrac r he FMAB.Cerain requiremens r assedispsiin se by Secin 23  henew UP Charer were n llwed by he Bo. Tese requiremensinclude basing lease ransacinsexceeding ve years n a muli- year develpmen plan and havinga hird pary assessmen aer heFMAB prjec underwen wailed biddings.Te UP adminisrain hasiniially dismissed he AUPWU’scnenins, explaining haSecin 23  he UP Charer is napplicable  he FMAB cnracas he cied prvisins were “n ye exisen” when UP and MGHInegiaed he erms  he cnrac lease rm 2006  2008.epublic Ac (R) 9500 r henew UP Charer, which cnainshe asse dispsiin clause, waspassed in April 2008.Hwever, he DoJ released alegal pinin n February 9 his year, uphlding he cneninsraised by he AUPWU. Accrding rmer Jusice Secreary AgnesDevanadera, he FMAB cnracis cvered by R 9500 as UP andMGHI is sill in he middle  negiains when he law k eec in April 2008.Te FMAB cnrac beweenUP-PGH and MGHI was signed by he Bo n June 18 las year, andis eeciviy cnrmed n Augus28  he same year.Te UP adminisrain,hwever, did n llw DoJ’srecmmendain  cancel hecnrac due  is illegaliy,adding ha he legal pinin is“n binding” and UP can p disregard i.
In he 2009 CAA, heaudi agency cmpelled he UPadminisrain  reslve he legalissues n he FMAB cnrac. Aside rm he vilaing heUP Charer, CoA als ned heabsence  several dcumens andpermis “necessary  deerminereasnable assurance  hecnrac’s cmpliance  exisinggvernmen rules  esablishhe validiy and regulariy  heransacin.”Tese deciencies include helack  permi rm he NainalHisrical Insiue (NHI) cnver and rehabiliae he PGHDispensary Building. Being par  he riginal PGH cmplex, whichhe NHI declared as an “hisricedice,” n alerains can bedne  he said building wihupermissin rm he NHI.
 Als, as he FMAB prjec is underhe Build-operae-ranser scheme, heprjec shuld have been rs examined by he Invesmen CrdinainCmmitee  he Nainal EcnmicDevelpmen Auhriy  gauge isprabiliy r UP.Te FMAB prjec als lackeda clearance rm he
Deparmen Envirnmen and Nauralesurces and her gvernmenregulary insiuins.PGH direcr land EnriqueDming reused  cmmen nhe issue, saying ha he FMABcnrac was apprved by he prirhspial adminisrain.
“Nakapagaaka na sa dami ng vilain ng FMAB ay hindi pa iipinapaigil,” Cabrera said.
Tugh he FMAB, whichperaes under he name “
Universiy Physicians Medical Cener” rUPMC, is n ye ully uncinal,several privae labraries andpharmacies have already saredperains since Augus his year.
Services such as radilgy,furscpy, ulrasund and labrary services have als sared perains inhe UPMC.Te AUPWU has previusly criicized he FMAB prjec as“deleerius”  he perains  PGH,as i may aec incme rm PGH’swn labrary aciliies and pharmacy.In a saemen released las ocber,he AUPWU-Manila has already repred decreased sales in he PGHpharmacy, which hey atribued  he“direc cmpeiin” rm UPMC.“Sa ngayn, wala pang cnclusivena daa na magpapaunay sa ganingepek ng FMAB sa perasyn ngPGH. Nguni sinisimulan na rin namining pag-aralang mabui,” Cabrerasaid.Te legal cnenins n he FMABprjec will be raised in upcming bard meeings, he added.“Sa papalii na badye ng PGH,hindi dapa pumapask ang UPadminisrain sa mga kasunduang sahalip na magdagdag ng kia sa spial ay makababawas pa,” said Cabrera.
Philippine Collegian
 Miyerkules, 24 Nobyembre 2010
Joan C. Cordero
esponding o hew cau rr  surm Cur (sC), 37 Up Law acul  r am call r ra  Aca JucMara dl Call, w alll laarz raal law jural a c.i a cmlac cum l  sC la nvmbr 19,  law rr xla a  wa ru a “law rr a mmbr  Bar”  u  aml “Rr ir” la Auu 9. sC   xm rm “aar  llcual ,” rr a   nvmbr 19r. “ Cur  l   aar rcl bcau c ac  lv  aca vr Fl, aum  w rc, a bcm ar  aal lal mmr a  law   la,”  rr xla.
i a Arl 28 c  b dl Call   Vua  al. v excuv scrar  al. ca, sC     urvv“cmr wm,” w wr abu b Jaa lr ur Wrl War ii.   wll cml pl vrm  maublc al a rmurarm Jaa.o Jul 18, A. harr Rqua Rml Baar, lal cul   cmr wm, l a cmla   cur accu dlCall  laarz  wrk  raal xr Cra am,eva Fx-dc, eva Crl, aMark ell  wr  ca rc r  Vua ca.Cqul,  37 Up Law rr rla a am  Auu 9 cm laarm acmll dl Call  r.“ laarm amrra ar  l ar   vual clar w wrk av b arra wu crrc arbu, bu ala ru ra   r acrbl   pl Jucalsm,”  Up Law rr a  am. sC rla a rul ocbr 12 wc ablv dlCall  laarm. Mawl, ocbr 20,  sC rr 37 Up law rr  “w cau”r  rla   a am,
UP Law profsdefend stand inplagiarism issue
Keith Richard D. Mariano
 AWyeRs oF he 43al wrkr arr Mr, Rzal, r“Mr 43,” clama pr B Aqu iii carr  darm  Juc (doJ) wraw  car,  r’ am a  rla   al wrkr  u  cur. Aqu ca u a rcv m  car v rrular   arc a arr warra,  lawr a.T doJ a rrl ubmta “cal mmraum”  ca   Mr 43   oc   excuv scrar r rvw. onvmbr 18, sr du excuvscrar J Amra ubmt rvw  Aqu.Tu  doJ mmraumrma cal, Aqu rvalla nvmbr 21 a accr  a cum,  vc zrm  Mr 43 ca b u cur a  arc a arr warrau aa m wr r a rr a lca. Arcl iii sc 3.2  pl Cu rva a vc llall baall b ambl r a ur
‘Aquino has power to free Morong 43’
xla a  rr vla  C  pralRbl. Accr   w cau rr, rr vla Ca 10, 11,13 a Rul 1.02 a 11. 05  C  pral Rbl, wc rb  ar  ublcam a m luc ublc wl a ca  . Up Law acul rk ac,u r barm u  am, accr   sC’ w cau rr. sC arlr av 10 a r Up Law acul  cml w w cau rr. hwvr, x  al rm nvmbr2  nvmbr 20 ar da Ll a m  x.
o nvmbr 19, mulau w Up Law’ alum mcm, 37 rr ubm rrl  sC.“illcual   a brck rcl   acam alaarm  llcual  a mrra,”  rra, xla a  wa r u a law racr  crcz a ca  llcual .“our am wa u  a Cur cul url ac  crrca wr  a  r cc  lal m rar a  l,” Up Law da Marvc L a a am. sC    lbra  Up Law acul’ r.
 Varu cll, law cl,acamc u, araal law raza avalra xr ur   UpLaw acul.ev pr B Aquiii xr ur r Up Law’ 37rr. “h aa ak aak  ma akakaaa a maa a la aaa a malaaa kala  a laa akaaa, “ Aqu a ur Up Law alum mcmcrm.“[W wul] l mral aur  rv a ac caa laarm am ua r mmbr  acamccmmu  w   ak u  u, arcularl   ca wc a alra arac cru a cmmar rm  lalcmmu a lal acama ra abra,”  rr a.
 a rc.“gv  am   pr  rrular   arc aarr, r    k m rmrr doJ  wraw  carara maalaa a a 43 al wrkra lal maal aa,” hal Ac r huma R skrCarl Mmar a.i a alu la nvmbr 22 Malacaña , Amra a a Aqu wa  u a    ca.hwvr, Mmar a Amra  cmm  rlv  u.“Wa wa     rvwrm  doJ a Malacaa lalam w [Aqu] wul l cmu w a u rucm a ara   am. i  al raa [] c  lcall acml rm  u afr mak acal clara   la a w  wul lav u  l  rc matr,” Mmar a  a am.o Fbruar 6, vr 300 lca lr ra a arm  Mr,Rzal a arr  43 al wrkr w wr cuc amcal ra a a m. mlar accu  al wrkr  cuc a bmb-mak mara b mmbr   armrbl ru nw pl’ Arm.T lc a mlar u a arc warra r a cra Mar C ra  a arm. n C wa u  cmu, r wa  l aar   al ra.T Mr 43 av b ar mr a  m w.
 Aqu a  ca rr cur  rla  Mr 43 a“   a uc   xcuv[arm].”“W ar  ak m  vla ara   excuv a Jucal brac  vrm ,” aMmar. T doJ ca l a m wraw car l aa al wrkr   Mr Ralral Cur (MRC),  xla. ak c,  MRC wll ll  arv  a m cdoJ l , Mmar a. “i doJ, ru  publc prcur , wll wraw  car,  ac uuall v ra w b  cur,” a.“[nararaa] maalaa a lalmaal aa a [Mr43]. A akamaal araa aakka am ara maaawa  r  r  rr  doJ  wraw  car aa m,” aMmar.
Sigaw para sa katarungan
Tumuak patunnMnda an ma aaad n mdya kaama an a’t-ankt n punan nn Nym 23 upan untan anunan anay n Maundana Maac. Tnatayan58 kata an napaan a tnauan pnakamaaan kan paaa a kaapatan-panta a kaayayan n ana.Nanawaan an ma up a admntayn Aqun napanautn an ahat n naa kd n maam na kmn.
 AirNel T. AbArrA AT AbigAil C. CAsTillo

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