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Kule ish 18 2

Kule ish 18 2

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This is the pdf version of the Philippine Collegian issue 18, which was released on November 24, 2010.
This is the pdf version of the Philippine Collegian issue 18, which was released on November 24, 2010.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Philippine Collegian 10-11 on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Opisyal na lingguhang pahayagan ng mga mag-aaral ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas - Diliman24 Nobyembre 2010, Miyerkules, Ika-88 Taon Blg. 18
Philippine Collegian
 Miyerkules, 24 Nobyembre2010
 veryday, we enter the hal-lowed halls o the university and believe we get our educa-tion—nurtured and ed withinormation needed in the proessions we have chosen. We accept our posi-tions as receivers in the transaction o knowledge, a setup integrated in ourconsciousness as natural and normal. Aer all, we
something invaluablerom the university. With these notions in mind, we ndit hard to skip classes, to leave the class-room or trivial reasons. We eel boundto our seats out o gratitude or oureducation.Blinded by our gratitude, it takes agreat orce to jolt us out o our acceptedrealities and see our everyday in a new light: we keep the learning institutionsrunning by our mere presence. Tecessation o school, then, is possiblethrough student upheaval. I every stu-dent reuses to go to his or her classes,the school is as good as an empty struc-ture bere o purpose.
Te concept o halting classes can be likened to the stoppage o produc-tion by workers, commonly called astrike. Holding a strike in actories haddevastating eects on production andthus reduced, i not completely oblit-erated, the prot made by capitalists.Te logic governing strikes is oundedon the basic relations between actory owner and laborers; the capitalists takeadvantage o the work input o laborersto accumulate prot.Tough there appears to be historicevidence o a strike by Egyptian arti-sans around 1152 BC, the term strike was rst used when English merchant
Halting classesis an opportu-nity to imagine possibilities of a new reality—a reality that breaks away from the dog-mas of the cur-rent order.
 Empty the Halls
sailors debilitated a ship in 1768 in pro-test o harsh working and living condi-tions. Since then, the term strike hasreerred to an organized stoppage o  work or production by laborers, a tacticemployed by workers to orce their em-ployers to address their demands and work grievances.When production is put to rest,the whole economic base is disturbed while the political atmosphere is stifed with tension. Tere are no goods to be sold in the market, the governmentcannot extract tax rom purchases andthe public is drawn to the problemsaced by the ordinary laborer.Indeed, strikes have become in-strumental in alleviating the worker’splight. It comes as no surprise thatstrikes are regulated, even orbidden,in some o the world’s leading coun-tries in the manuacturing businesssuch as China and the Unites States o  America. Inevitably, other sectors haveadopted the worker’s deant display o collective collection, calibrated to at-tain their own causes.
Students who hold strikes oencome rom state-supported schools.In these cases, strikes are oen held todemand larger state unding or protestdiminishing budget or social servicessuch as education. As in a labor strike, a student strikeaims to cripple school operations andrender schools useless. Te organizedstoppage o the production o knowl-edge within the hallowed halls o theuniversity is not an exercise o anarchy or simple student disobedience, ratherit is a symbolic act meant to taunt thestate and demonstrate the power o thestudents.Tough the students seem to be atthe receiving end in the education sys-tem, they are actually orces needed by the state to propagate certain ideolo-gies. In other words, under the tutelageo state apparatuses, students becomecarriers o the status quo. In the Phil-ippines, the status quo or tertiary education has been dely described by the government as controlled by theprivate sector. Tus, state universitiesand colleges (SUCs) are slowly trans-ormed to imitate private universities.Te initial step in this program is thereduction o unding or SUCs.Moreover, as the education systemproduces subservient employees out o its students, a strike actually becomes a venue or students to subvert the state’splans or them. Te strike, aer all, isnot only a disruption in the productiono knowledge and docile employees; italso serves as a break or students toexamine the system that has swallowedthem all their lives. Halting classes isan opportunity to imagine possibilitieso a new reality—a reality that breaksaway rom the dogmas o the currentorder.In an essay, John Berger notes thatmass actions such are rehearsals ordrastic societal changes where the ma- jority will steal political power romthe ruling ew. For a student strike, therehearsal goes deeper by another layer.Te students, who are actually mem- bers o the labor orce in transition,already practice organizing themselvesagainst oppression. In the process, they re-educate themselves and discoverthat gratitude does not drive them to be compliant; it is the years o educa-tion itsel.Te impact o a strike lies on thedamage it deals on the daily grind o actories or schools. O course, thesuccess o mass actions is largely deter-mined by the number o people who join the action. Te ormula, is simple:the magnitude o success is proportion-al to the number o protesters.In a strike, the dynamics o powerand the everyday lie are reversedthrough collective action. Certainly, astrike is a desirable alternative to themonotony o oppression and state ne-glect.
Pauline Gidget R. Estella
Dianne Marah E. Sayaman
patnugot sa Balita
Marjohara S. Tucay 
patnugot sa grapiks
 Janno Rae T. Gonzales, Nicolo Renzo T. Villarete, Chris Martin T. Imperial
tagapamahala ng pinansiya
Mila Ana Estrella S. Polinar
Ruth Danielle Aliposa, Patricia Joyce Basmayor, Archie Oclos
Amelyn J. Daga
Paul John Alix
Gary Gabales, Ricky Icawat, Amelito Jaena, Glenario Omamalin
Trinidad Basilan, Gina Villas
Silid 401 Bulwagang Vinzons, Unibersidadng Pilipinas Diliman, Lungsod Quezon
981-8500 lokal 4522
www. kule1011.deviantart.com
Solidaridad: UP System-wide Alliance of Student Publications and Writers Organizations, College Editors Guild of the Philippines
Philippine ColleGian
Opisyal na Lingguhang Pahayagan ng mga mag-aaral ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas - Diliman
e did our par. We wasedno ime in opposing heproposed cus on he bud-ge or educaion. We kepon reminding he govern-men o is obligaions, occupying hesrees o display our dissaisacion wihhe regime’s lis o prioriies. irelessly, weurged he lawmakers and he Presiden olend us an ear and heed our demands.Bu he House o Represenaives didno even ake noe o our calls, and passedhe budge wihou amending he iemor higher educaion. Presiden Benigno Aquino III was as unrelening as ever, de-spie he seemingly endless sring o pro-es acions agains his proposed budge. We warned o a hisorical show o su-den ourage i he adminisraion doesno bend is will o serve he people. Now,he rehearsals are over. Tere is no sop-ping he srike in his universiy.Srikes have oen been dismissedas unnecessary disrupion o peace,order and producion, and as suchare oen vilied by he srucures hamainain he saus quo. However, a imeslike hese, a disrupion is jus, especially  when Aquino’s acions speak o deliberaesae neglec raher han jus ignorance.For insance, Aquino has been incon-sisen wih his explanaions or he bud-ge cu. He claimed ha here was in ac a budge hike i he budge or basic educa-ion is included, even hough he had ear-lier admited in a saemen ha here wasindeed a cu in he budge or educaion.His inconsisency could mean only hreehings: eiher he is indecisive in materso naional concern, he has ourageously erred in saing he acs behind his ac-ions, or simply ha he was lying a onepoin or anoher. As i he inconsisency was no enough, Aquino even made excuses or he P1.39 billion cu or UP. He said ha he univer-siy has is own means o income genera-ion, ciing he UP-Ayala echnoHub.Te essence o a sae universiy is ac-ually easy o undersand, and he ailureo he adminisraion o grasp a noion sosimply dees logic. As a sae universiy,UP should be mosly – i no ully – subsi-dized by he governmen. I is unlawul orsuch a universiy o susain isel hroughuiion rom sudens, because UP’s man-dae is o caer o hose who canno aordhe price o qualiy educaion in privaeschools. Aquino apparenly nds i difcul oaccep his premise. He does no see how many sudens sruggle o nish school asincreased uiion bridges he gap beweenhe budge needed by he universiy andhe amoun approved by he governmen.I seems ha he sruggle is all oo una-miliar or him o even exis.Te oenses, however, did no end wihhis illogical and decepive explanaions. Jus recenly, he ordered he Senae o ap-prove he budge wihou changes. By us-ing he pressure o his execuive powers,he is atemping o deea hepurpose o ree debae in heplenary, rying o shu o all criicisms agains he “re-orm budge” ha berays is own name,rying o reduce he proess across all sec-ors ino a silence o submission.Bu Aquino should know beter hano remain unyielding o he demands hahe sudens have long aken o he me-dia, he halls o Congress, and even o hedoors o Malacanang. No orm o populisposuring or atemp o discredi he pro-es acions could preven he ineviabledisrupion, or he srike is only a logicalresponse o he ani-suden policies ham-mered ou by he adminisraion. A srike is a hisorical means o show ha he people have had enough. Al-hough a srike is oen viewed as a rans-gression, i is an indispensible par o social change, a way in which people as-ser or heir righs by creaing a space orproes ha canno be respassed. In ac,in UP hisory, he srike o he DilimanCommune is oen gloried as a monu-menal display o he universiy’s radiiono miliancy. Trough he Diliman Com-mune, he sudens are able o engage agovernmen ha simply does no lisen.Many rejec walking ou o classes asan ap response o sae neglec. Unoru-naely or some, academics opple every reason o engage in a mass acion direcedo deend heir righs. Bu ignoring heclamor or his own righs is anamoun oprolonging he chronic educaion crisis. A his poin, reusal o srike is conseno more years o dwindling sae subsidy. We have every reason o close o UP,unil he governmen yields o our de-mands. We reserve he righ o srike. Andhis ime, we have no qualms in showinghe orce o sudens unied agains saeabandonmen.
Right to strike
Tungkol sa Pabalat
Dibuho at Disenyo ninaNico Villarete at Jano GonzalesMarianne Rios
Philippine Collegian
 Miyerkules, 24 Nobyembre 2010
Gino N. Chang
ore han 5,000 su-d i  Plycicuiviy   Pilippi (PuP) wlkd  i cl  nvmb 19 ddcld  wklg d ik,mkig  bgiig   i  iwid mbilizi gi impdig c i  bdg  ivii d cllg (suC). d dpd  mig   cl wi  “W  ik” b d ld pgm ddci dici      dci c.Fcly, mply d v igkig iviy icil icldigPuP Pid D Gv jid  d’ p mc.I  nvmb 18 p cc,Gv id  “lly pp” ik d  cll  ig bidy. ixdy ik ci  ii dy d will d  nvmb26.  PuP mbilizi i i i i  ik mg suC icldiguP, elgi amg rdigzIi  clgy d Pilippinml uiviy. iwid ik wpmpd by  dcd suC bdg  2011   h  rpiv (hor) ppvd wi mdm l nvmb8, ccdig   nil ui  sd   Pilippi (nusP).I  horppvd bdg, ly P23.4 billi w llcd  ll 112suC,  1.7 pc  P400millidc m  c P23.8 billi bdg. ppd 2011 il bdg will ill dg dlibi i s d  Cg BicmlCmmi b  pid igi i lw.“W d  cl  p s i   v   bdg. sd, cly, mply,dmii, d  kldld bild  bd d widpibl iy i  cmp  ppl’ ig  dci,”  nusPm d.
ud  ppd 2011 bdg,PuP i   civ P672 milli,l   q   P2 billidd by  iviy  mii
Keith Richard D. Mariano
he BoarD oF reGens(Bor) ppd  lci   x uP pidd  i iig m   sd rg Ci C  mmb   bd.T Bor mvd  pidillci m nvmb 19 Dcmb 3  big imd by uP Bgi dmiii  nvmb17  C  b dimid m i. sic C i  lg  d, i iligibl  ld  pii ipld i  Cdid rl  sd rg slci (Crsrs).C w pmly dimid gtig  ilig mk i i ld l m. “My gig kklg lg k cdmic [dil  i ] gigpgi ki g lb p kp  dky [p] idi kpigiii iy,” id C. a  Bor   lc  x uPpid l Fidy, C immdily ccdd d  bd ddcd mi  sr, Jqliel,  ll i  pii.sci 7, aicl IX   Crsrsipl  p vccy   sr pii,  cd lc   idmi ll k v  sr.“hidi lg ppwdg[mbk] g pw ll gyg piipili g d  uPPid dil mdidici gpikmlkig c  ibidd—g dy,” id el.T sr i  l piv  
UP and other SUCs to follow suit 
Over 5,000PUP studentskick off nat’lstrike againstbudget cuts
 c   cilii dpi, id PuP sd rgsyl alpd. alg  PuP bdg icdm P640 milli i y  P672milli,  ic w mly d  implmi   sly sddizi Lw III, wic ikdp  bdg  Pl svic by m  P60 milli, xplid akby spkp CiBñz. a cl lk   PuP bdg wld vl   bdg mic d  pigxp v dcd by P14milli, Bñz ddd.Bdg c will “c uiviy  impv  cdii  cilii   xp   d,c  i  m  ii d  ic” id alpd, ciig pvi mp  i  PuPii m P12  P200 p i. ic, wv, did  pg  PuP d md Cmmii  hig edcioic  p gi  ppdic l Mc 24.“Dcd  bdgy glc vk i ll   iviy. Dcpicilii d vwkd b dcmpd cly mmb m   l   gvmgivig  iici d,” id alpd.
Mwil, i  nvmb 18mlicl mmi, d, cly d mply i uP Dilim (uPD)cd   uP cmmiy  will ld  ik  nvmb 25 d26. ppd bdg ly pv aqi “  ii  lillig i pmi dig cmpig pid,” id Flix Piñ,pid  all uP Wk uiuPDilim.“nwg  g mg dygi idi p i kiig gdmiiyg aqi. Wl gmkpipigil  ik,” Piñ ddd.F  uP sym,  gvm ly lld P5.53 billi  2011,l   id   P18.53 billi  iviy ppd.  P5.5 billi uP bdg i 20 pc 
BOR postpones prexy selectiondue to SR dismissal
ll uP d   Bor.“lgg gki g Bor idi mig pmili g bgg uPpid g wlg pivg mg dy,” s rgCldld Cb id.T Bor  v llcd  bdg P50,000   pcil mig  Gl ambly  sd Ccil, bdy  lc  w sr, ic  cd  id mi  pii d  qliy  pii.
Tg immdily dd by  Bor, el w  immdily idcd  sr d  cii i c cdmic .Dig  Bor mig,  bd d  cll  piv m ofc   uiviy rgi(our)  cm  el i iddlld i  iviy d i ligibl ld  pii.I  nvmb 22 lt,  our cid  el i lld   dg d  i m. a  p im, el  y k    w sr.el id  v   dpiv i il i lcig x uP pid     wl d ig   d pd.
 Wi el plcig C  sr, 11mmb bd i w cmpl dc p g wi  pidillci  Dcmb 3, el id. a p,  Bd i cmpd uP Pid emlid rm;Cmmii  hig edciCi Pici Lic; s dh  rpiv Cmmit hig edci Ci s. edgd ag d rp. J edgd ag;Fcly rg Jdy giwl; s rg Cldld Cb; almirg Gldy igc d sr  Jqli el.Mlcñg, mwil,  cly ppid  w g, ridCi Jic ry P, sigiry d Mgdl albcci, J..o Dcmb 3,  Bor willlc mg  lv mi:Clci al, Pick ali azz, L Bi, epzCbl, sgi C, Bjmi Dik,M. s Dik, rl Pgl, ald Pcl, Vigii di dLi ry Vlc.T uP Pid i  ci cdmic fc, d   cly d  ci xciv fc  iviy, d will b vig   m ix y.“W d  uP pid w will d   iviy – iygdg pk g kpg mg dy, ll  gygmiidi g pgppby g gby uP  i g mg dy bilg pgkkki p mpg kkmp  ply pg bibw  bdg p  uP,” idel.
Bagong hamon
Napahaya n suporta para sa ma sektor n UP s datn Supreme Court Chef Justce at Maacananappontee Reynato Puno bao tumuno sa espesya na puon n Board of Reents (BOR) upan pum n baon panuo nunbersdad noon ka-19 n Nobyembre. Bunsod n pakakatana sa student reent mua sa BOR, pnapaban an botohann ma rehente kaban an ma baon Maacanan appontees na sna Ezabeth Suon-Reyna at Madaeno Abarracn Jr.

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