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Real Time Interactive Simulation (videogame programming)

Real Time Interactive Simulation (videogame programming)

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Published by DigiPenEuropeBilbao

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: DigiPenEuropeBilbao on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Real-Time Interactive Simulation (R.T.I.S.)degree program offers an undergraduate degreethat focuses on the technology behind the devel-opment of video games, including the develop-ment of game engines, graphics, physics engines,
articial intelligence, and networking. Students
learn the fundamentals of coding, using the Cand C++ languages, and then directly apply thesefundamentals in project-based classes to createvideo games.
AppliedtechnicAl skills
Classes are geared towards helping studentsmaster the fundamentals of coding a real-timeinteractive simulation. Students then build uponthese fundamentals to gain the technical exper-tise and critical thinking skills that allow them tomake an immediate contribution to any team orcompany. Instruction is based on the WindowsPC platform, but students are focused on solvingproblems without the use of standard tool sets orshortcutting application development tools. Stu-dents directly apply their programming knowledgeand problem-solving skills to develop multiplegame projects. This foundational approach al-lows DigiPen graduates to work in virtually anygame development environment of game engines,game content and tool set for 2D or 3D games,regardless of the target platform.
Barf sRa-tiravsa
cr s
industRy Fusedwith AcAdemiA
With a faculty drawn from both the videogame industry and academia, the R.T.I.S.program provides well-prepared graduatesto employers within the game industry andbeyond. A number of industry leading com-panies are members of DigiPen’s AdvisoryCommittee that helps to ensure that DigiPen’sR.T.I.S. program meets the rigor and relevance
for a life-long career in the eld.
 With a degree in R.T.I.S. fromDigiPen you could be a...
Content Engineer/ProgrammerSoftware Engineer/Programmer
Network Coder
ScripterTools/Audio EngineerUser Interface ProgrammerQuality Assurance EngineerApplication EngineerGraphics Programmer
Articial Intelligence Programmer
Production AssistantTechnical DesignerGame Play EngineerSoftware Test EngineerGas Powered GamesPop Cap GamesAmaze EntertainmentAirtight GamesBig Fish GamesConcrete GamesDreamworks InteractiveRainbow StudiosValve5th Cell MediaBungie StudiosElectronic ArtsLiquid Entertainment
Nintendo Software Technology
Warner Brothers Interactive EntertainmentZipper InteractiveSnowblind StudiosSony Online EntertainmentSucker Punch ProductionsMonolithCat Daddy GamesBig Huge GamesPandemic StudiosMicrosoft
MidwayHandheld GamesZombie StudiosPipeworks Software, IncVolition, Inc.Surreal SoftwareObsidian Entertainment, Inc.
Places R.T.I.S. Graduates have worked...
Applied Academics usedby Game Project Courses:
Graphics Programming
Articial Intelligence
Software EngineeringMathematics
PhysicsProject ManagementUser Interface ProgrammingTool Development
Recommended couRse sequence chARt
Course Course TitleCore Credits
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    1
MAT 140Linear Algebra & GeometryX 4CS 102 Computer EnvironmentX4CS 120High-Level Programming I The C Programming LanguageX3CS 120LHigh-Level Programming I Lab X 1GAM 100Project IntroductionX3
ENG 110
Composition 3ART 210Art Appreciation 2
Semester Total20*
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    2
MAT 150 orMAT 180Calculus & Analytic Geometry I or Vector Calculus IX4CS 170High-Level Programming II The C++ Programming Language X3CS 170LHigh-Level Programming II Lab X1CS 230Game Implementation TechniquesX3GAM 150Project IX3
ENG 150
Mythology for Game Designers 3SOS 150 orSOS 180Society & Technology or Gender & Ethnic Stereotypes in Media & Games 3
Semester Total20*
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    3
MAT 200 orMAT 230Calculus & Analytic Geometry II or Vector Calculus IIX4CS 200Computer Graphics IX3CS 225Advanced C/C++X3CS 180Operating System I, Man-Machine InterfaceX3GAM 200Project IIX4PHY 200Motion DynamicsX3
Semester Total20
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    4
PHY 250Waves, Optics, & Aerodynamics 3CS 250Computer Graphics IIX3CS 260
Computer Networks I, Interprocess Communication
X3CS 280Data StructuresX3GAM 250Project IIX4MAT 250Linear AlgebraX3
Semester Total19
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    5
CS 300Advanced Computer Graphics I X3CS 315Low-Level ProgrammingX3CS 330Algorithm AnalysisX3MAT 258Discrete MathematicsX3GAT 3003D Computer Animation Production I 3GAM 300Project IIIX5
Semester Total20
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    6
MAT 300Curves and SurfacesX3CS 350Advanced Computer Graphics IIX3CS 365Software EngineeringX3ElectiveAny 200-level or higher CS course not required or PHY 350X3GAM 350Project IIIX5ElectiveAn elective of the students choice from any department at DigiPen 3
Semester Total20
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    7
Select one: ANI 125, ART 400, FLM 115, FLM 151, FLM 275, or ART 410
One English elective chosen from any ENG course, ENG 116 and above
2-4ElectiveAny 200-level or higher CS course not required or PHY 350X3Elective One Math elective chosen among MAT 256 or any MAT course greater than 300X3GAM 400Project IVX5ElectiveAn elective of the students choice from any department at DigiPen 3
Semester Total18-21
    S   e   m   e   s   t   e   r    8
One English elective chosen from any ENG course, ENG 116 and above
2-4ElectiveAny 200-level or higher CS course not required or PHY 350X3ElectiveAny 200-level or higher CS course not required or PHY 350X3GAM 450Project IV X5ElectiveAn elective of the students choice from any department at DigiPen 3
Semester Total16-18Degree Total154 min.
Note: Please see the Course Catalog for an explanation of core courses and course descriptions.

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