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Published by Sanjeev Kumar

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Published by: Sanjeev Kumar on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quantitative Techniques in Management -ADL-07-Ver1
Assignment - A
Question 1. Define Quantitative Techniques. Name the two major divisions in which youcan divide these techniques. Explain the modus oprendii of each and givenames of a few techniques under each category.Answer:
“Quantitative analysis/operation research provides a systemic approach to decision – making.” Decision‐making is an all‐pervasive feature of management. Asystematic approach to decision – making is necessary because today's business and theenvironment is which it functions are for more complex than is past, and the cost of makingerrors may be too high – present day. Management cannot rely solely on a trial and error approach. Thus, the decision - makers in the business world today must understand scientificmethodology of making decisions.
Note: Visit for complete and best solution:DistPub.comQuestion 2. a. Show for the following function f(x) = x + 1/x has its Min value greaterthat its Max value.Question 2. b. An enquiry into the faculty budgets of middle class families gave thefollowing information given below.
Expenses onFoodClothingFuelRentMiscellaneous%age of Expenditure3515102020Price in 1999 (Rs.)7045208040Price in 2000 (Rs.)9050257030
Compute the price index usinga) weighted A. M. of price relatives &b) weighted G.M. Of price relativesQuestion 3. a. Calculate the Mean, Median and Standard Deviation of the followingdata
Wages Up to (Rs.)153045607590105120 No. of Workers123065107157202222230
Question 3. b. Also calculatea) Coefficient of correlationb) Interquartile Range (Q3-Q1)c) Skewness
Question 4. a. Two brands of tyres are tested with the following results.
Life (in thousands of Kms)Brand ABrand B20-258625-30152030-35123235-40183040-45131245-5090
Which brand of tyre would you use on the fleet of trucks and why?Question 4. b. Answer the following questions.
1. The income of a person in a particular week is Rs.50 per day. Find mean deviation of his income for the week.2. The median and variance of a distribution are 35 & 2.56 per day. Find median andvariance if each observation is multiplied by 3.3. The mode and standard deviation of a distribution are 55 and 4.33 respectively.Find mode and standard deviation if 8 is added to each observation.4. The mean and standard deviation of a distribution are 15 & w respectively. Find meanand standard distribution if each observation is multiplied by 5.5. a. Define the following Matrix with an example of each.a. Row Mat rixb. Column Matrixc. Zero or Null Matrixd. Square Matrixe. Diagonal Matrixf. Scalar Matrixg. Unit or Identity Matrixh. Upper Triangular Matrixi. Lower Triangular Matrix j. Comparable Matrixk. Equal Matrix5. b. Solve the following equations using MATRIX method.-2x + y + 3z = 9x + y + x = 6x - y + z = 2
Assignment - B
Question 1. Two women customers are randomly selected in a super ma rket and areasked to taste 7 different types of juices and rank them in order of preferencefrom 7(best) to 1(least desirable). The results are as follows.
1. Calculate the Rank Correlation and Coefficient.
2. Is the relationship significant?Question 2. a. Fit a straight line trend by the method of least square to the followingdata.
b. Estimate the likely production for the year 2000.
c. When will the production be double that of year 1993?Question 3. a. The income of a group of 10,000 persons was found to be normallydistributed with mean Rs.750PM and standard deviation =Rs.50 show that of this group 95% had income exceeding Rs.668 and only 5% had incomeexceeding RS.832.Question 3. b. In a locality, out of 5000 people residing, 1200 are above 30 years of ageand 3000 are females. Out of the 1200 who are above 30, 200 are females.Suppose, after a person is chosen you are told that the person is a female. Whatis the probability that she is above 30 years of age?
Case Study
For determining IQ of students, standard tests were conducted and scores recorded. Therecorded scores of 25 students are given below105145130150110127138112141140125131117101139104134128146141133125111116129
Questions to be answered:

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