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The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain: Best Practices in Warehouse Management

The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain: Best Practices in Warehouse Management

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Published by Christel Novella
The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain, Best Practices in Warehouse Management
The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain, Best Practices in Warehouse Management

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Published by: Christel Novella on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Synchronized DistributionSupply Chain: Best Practices inWarehouse Management
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Executive summary
The warehouse is at the center o your business,a key area through which nearly everything inyour business must pass — rom packages ina parcel post environment to raw materials andnished goods in a manuacturing plant to awealth o products in a distribution center. Whenmobility is extended throughout your warehouse,a new level o eciency, accuracy and visibilitycan be achieved. Paper processes are replacedby real-time computerized orms on mobilecomputers; bar code scanning enables checks anddouble checks that the right item is being picked,packed and shipped; and RFID provides automatictracking o materials without human intervention.With warehouse mobility also comes the collectiono a richer data set in real time, providing a real-timeview o inventory in the warehouse, order status,and more. And when availability o this inormationis extended to other areas o your business, the ullvalue o warehouse mobility is realized. The datacollected in this key ocal point o your business hasthe power to enable signicant cost and operationaleciencies throughout the enterprise — in the yardand on the production line as well as in dispatch,sales and service.This white paper will examine how warehousemobility can serve as the oundation o anenterprise-wide mobility, creating a morecollaborative inormation architecture that notonly enables a leaner warehouse operation —but a leaner, more protable enterprise as well.
The negative business impacto the manual warehouse
Regardless o whether you are a manuacturer ordistributor, the warehouse is a critical hub in yourbusiness. Through this central depot, everythingmust pass — rom raw materials waiting to bemanuactured into nished goods to productwaiting or shipment downstream to a distributioncenter, retailer or end-customer. When the manywarehouse processes are paper-based and workersare not connected in real-time to your warehousemanagement system (WMS), inormation is manuallycollected with pen and paper, and entered into thecomputer at a later date. These manually-drivenprocedures in the warehouse cause a number o higherlevel operational issues in the warehouse, including:High levels o errors in inormation due to thedouble-touch o data (handwritten ollowed bydata entry).
1 WHITE PAPER: The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain: Best Practices in Warehouse Management

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