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Published by eurolex

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Published by: eurolex on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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29.4.2000 EN C 122/35Official Journal of the European Communities
(Germany), represented by U. Schrömbges and L. Harings,Rechtsanwälte, Hamburg, with an address for service inLuxembourg at the Chambers of Arendt and Medernach,
of 14 February 2000
8-10 Rue Mathias Hardt, v Commission of the EuropeanCommunities(Agents:M. NiejahrandG. Braun)application,
in Case T-325/99: Generale Conserve Spa v Commission
first, for suspension of operation of Commission Regulation
of the European Communities and Italian Republic
)(EEC) No 2799/1999 of 17 December 1999 laying downdetails of rules for applying Regulation (EEC) No 1255/1999
(Manifest lack of jurisdiction)
asregardsthegrantofaidforskimmedmilkandskimmed-milkpowder intended for animal feed and the sale of suchskimmed-milk powder (OJ 1999 L 340, p. 3) and, second,(2000/C 122/51)for a declaration that Regulation (EEC) No 1105/68 of theCommission of 27 July 1968 on detailed rules for granting aidfor skimmed-milk for use as feed (OJ, English Special Edition,
(Language of the case: Italian)
1968 (II), p. 379), as last amended by Commission Regulation(EC) No 1802/95 of 25 July 1995 amending the regulationsIn Case T-325/99: Generale Conserve Spa, established atthat fixed, prior to 1 February 1995, certain prices andAssogo, Italy, represented by C. Cigolini, G. Durazzo andamounts in the market in milk and milk products of which theM. Hengel, against Commission of the European Communitiesvalue in ecus was adapted as a result of the abolition of theand Italian Republic — application for annulment of Com-correction factor for agricultural conversion rates (OJ 1995mission Decision C(1999) 1596 def. of 17 June 1999 findingL 174, p. 27) is to continue to apply until the Court has giventhat steps should be taken for the post-clearance recovery of its ruling on the substance of the case — the President of theimport duties which the applicant was not required to pay inCourt of First Instance made an order on 15 February 2000,respect of imports of tuna fish from Turkey — the Court of the operative part of which is as follows:First Instance (Fourth Chamber), composed of V. Tiili, Presi-dent, R.M. Moura Ramos and P. Mengozzi, Judges; H. Jung,1.
The application for interim measures is dismissed.
Registrar, made an order on 14 February 2000, the operativepart of which is as follows:2.
The costs are reserved.
The action is partially dismissed, in so far as it was broughtagainst the Italian Republic.
The applicant shall bear its own costs, in so far as the action wasbrought against the Italian Republic.
Action brought on 20 January 2000 by Athanasios N.
) OJ C 63 of 4.3.2000.
Pitsiorlas against the Council of the European Union andthe European Central Bank(Case T-3/00)
(2000/C 122/53)
(Language of the case: Greek)
of 15 February 2000
An action against the Council of the European Union and theEuropean Central Bank (ECB) was brought before the Court of 
in Case T-1/00 R: Gustav Hölzl and Others v Commission
First Instance on 20 January 2000 by Athanasios N. Pitsiorlas,
of the European Communities
residing in Thessaloniki, 8 Odos N. Koudouriotou (Greece),represented by Dimitris Papafilippou, Barrister.
(Proceedings for interim relief — Admissibility of the main action)
The applicant asks the Court of First Instance to:(2000/C 122/52)uphold the action in its entirety;order the production of evidence to clarify the circum-
(Language of the case: German)
stances in which the decisions of the two Community institutions were adopted;In Case T-1/00 R: Gustav Hölzl, residing at Damme (Germany),Günter Wiegert, residing at Velen (Germany), Firma Molkerei annul the negative decisions of the Council of 30 July 1999 and of the ECB of 8 November and 6 July 1999Wagenfeld Karl Niemann GmbH & Co. KG, established atWagenfeld (Germany), Josef Brüninghoff, residing at Bocholt entirely depriving the applicant of the right of access tothe Basle/Nyborg Agreement;(Germany) and Lüdger Nienhaus, residing at Borken-Gemen

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