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Family Botanic Guide-2

Family Botanic Guide-2

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Published by Moseyspeed

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Published by: Moseyspeed on Nov 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Southwest School of Botanical Medicinehttp://www.swsbm.com
Indigestion is the most common disease with which civilised people areafflicted, and it assumes so many forms that it is almost impossible todescribe it. The stomach being the centre of sympathy, all the otherorgans suffer more or less from its disorders. It generally commences ina slow and gradual manner, giving the first warning of its approach byan uneasy sensation in the stomach, especially after eating,accompanied with cos-tiveness or relaxation in the bowels, cold handsand feet, sometimes thirst, nausea, and vomiting. These are succeededby a long train of symptoms, such as nervousness, flatulency,heartburn, tenderness at the region of the stomach, chillness, flushes of heat, rising of wind in the throat, distension of the bowels, languor,despondency, palpitation of the heart, headache, imperfect vision, andburning sensation in the hands and feet; the patient becomes restless,feeble, and he complains not infrequently of pains darting from thestomach to the back; the tongue is red in some cases, in others pale andglossy, sometimes with a white or yellow coat.The causes that produce these effects are various. The most frequentcauses are intemperance in eating, the use of spirituous liquors, tobacco,&c., very hot or very cold drinks, despondency, sedentary habits, theneglect of exercising the muscles by out-door exercise. To avoid the evilsof indigestion take as much bodily exercise and out-door recreation aspossible. It is quite a mistake to consider the labour of the day asequivalent to exercise. Work, of any kind, is a mere routine process,carried on with but little variety of circumstances, and a mere change oscene and air is beneficial. To derive the greatest amount of benefitfrom exercise, it should be combined with amusement, and thus Golf,Tennis, Cricket, and the old-fashioned game of Bowls will be foundamongst the best to help on the healthy digestion of food.Athletic sports and out-door exercises, of every description, are no lessconducive to the happiness than they are necessary to the perfecthealth of the young of both sexes. If your business confine you fromnine till eight, or six till five, there is still time left for walking exercisewhen the labour of the day is over. There are thousands of people whose
The Southwest School of Botanical Medicinehttp://www.swsbm.com
only complaint is want of walking exercise. The pale face, bloodless lips,and sunken eyes of many a young girl might be restored to health byan hour or two's morning walk. Our time should be divided somewhat inthis way : Eight hours' rest, ten hours' application to our engagements,and six hours to health and recreation. This is a good division wherepracticable. The use of dumb-bells is good, lifting light weights,suspending the body by the hands, swinging, swimming, skipping, etc.In short, whether you be male or female, old or young, move about andtake exercise in the best way you can, and as much in the open air aspossible. Walking is one of the best methods of bringing the muscles intohealthy action, and so inducing the blood to circulate with greater forceand rapidity. Absence from mental toil, cheerful company, exercise, acountry excursion, and relaxation of mind, will soon accomplish a cure,when all the prescriptions of physicians and medicines in the worldwould prove unsuccessful without it. The effect of mental excitement, ordisquietude, in producing Dyspepsia, is greater than is generallysupposed. It is well known that persons in good health, of sounddigestive organs, who take plenty of exercise, and are free from anxietyof mind, may eat almost anything, and in quantities which would doserious injury under different circumstances. If, as there is every reasonto believe, the gastric juice, or secretion, is naturally proportioned to thereal wants of the system at the time. It is very easy to understand whyit is most copious after moderate and regular living, and least so afterintemperance. When a moderate meal is eaten, a sufficiency of gastric juice is speedily secreted for its solution, digestion goes on rapidly, thecoats of the stomach retain their usual healthy appearance, and afteran interval of repose, a fresh supply of gastric juice is ready to be pouredout when wanted for the digestion of the succeeding meal. But whenfood is eaten to excess, the portion left undissolved by the gastric juicebegins to ferment, and by its physical and chemical properties acts as alocal irritant, just as any foreign body would do, and produces aninflammatory action on the inner coats of the stomach, whichnecessarily interferes with the gastric secretion, and thereby impairs thepower of digestion.From the relation which is believed to exist between the quantity of gastric juice the stomach can secrete, and the actual wants of the systemat the time, it follows that the power of digestion varies considerablyunder different circumstances, even in the same individual. In youth,for example, and during convalescence from illness, and after muchexercise, when copious materials are required for both nutrition andgrowth, the gastric secretion seems to be very abundant, and hence the
The Southwest School of Botanical Medicinehttp://www.swsbm.com

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