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China by Dr A True Ott PhD

China by Dr A True Ott PhD

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Published by kingofswords
Wanna know about China? Here's a great place to start.
Wanna know about China? Here's a great place to start.

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Published by: kingofswords on Nov 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 17, 2008
Friend or Foe?
By A. True Ott
Two days ago, my wife and I returned from a week-long Alaska cruise which
began and ended in Seattle. Before we left the dock in Seattle, I couldn’t help
but be amazed at the thousands of sea-containers being unloaded from largebarges flying Chinese flags. Each of the sea-containers were marked COSCO(Chinese Offshore Shipping Company) or China Shipping. I guess what amazedme most was that I saw no other foreign ships or containers. It was all China,China, China, at least on the specific dock across from our cruise ship, Holland
America Line’s Westerdam.
This summer, the Olympics will be held in Bejing. The number eight is verysymbolic and sacred to the Chinese people, I understand. It is no coincidence,therefore, that the opening ceremonies are scheduled to begin precisely at 8:08pm, August, 8, 2008 (8-08-08). (Five sequential eights in Chinese numerologyequals pinnacle of destiny.)In talking to certain individuals in the oil and gas industry, they tell me that theprimary reason we are seeing such high fuel prices worldwide is the fact that
CHINA is buying all the world’s reserve
s of refined gasoline, and especiallydiesel as fast as it can be refined --- thus greatly increasing the worldwidedemand. WHY does China feel the need to stockpile such a strategic commodityin such a manner? Moreover, should America be concerned?It should come as no surprise that American retail giants such as Wal-Martrely HEAVILY on inexpensive Chinese factory goods to make their high profit
margins. Of course, the American public is never told that these “goods” are so
cheap (and profitable to Sam Walton et, al.) because there is virtually no laborcosts. Why are there virtually no labor costs to the Chinese government who hadthese deals brokered by the LDS Church controlled U.S.-China BusinessCouncil? Simply because the labor is supplied by Chinese prison gulags
where literally tens of millions of people are imprisoned and forced to work in thestate-run factories. The only Chinese profiting from wild American consumerismis the Communist Party Bosses. Fascism is indeed alive and well. As billions ofAmerican dollars continue to flow daily to China
it behooves one to look closerat just how the communist bosses are spending their profits.In order to expedite the flow of cheap trinkets to American shores, the ClintonAdministration saw to it that China owned the strategic Panama Canal and itsshipping lanes. Next, the Chinese have been purchasing strategic steel-manufacturing plants from the U.S., and as a result, steel is now beingmanufactured en masse on the Chinese mainland. Just one such example isUtah-
based Geneva Steel’s refinery in Lindon, Utah. Once a very in
tegral cog in
heavy equipment parts manufacturing, this once-profitable American refinery isnow producing steel for and in behalf of the communist dragon, China.But wait, we Americans have nothing to fear from this totalitarian, godlessregime do
we? It really doesn’t matter that tens of thousands of Americans died
from Chinese guns on the Korean peninsula
in a “conflict” that has only a flimsy
ceasefire agreement as a basis for the end of hostilities, does it? The Chineseare our friends and partners in the New World Order of Peace, right?Before answering these questions, one should consider deeply the 2006
speech by one Chi Haotian, China’s current minister of defense (the Donald
Rumsfeld of China) and Vice-
Chairman of China’s Central M
ilitary Commission.In the following
text of his speech, given to China’s
military leadership, Haotian
spoke openly about China’s need for “more living space” (ala Adolph Hitler’s
propaganda) and then stated bluntly that the United States, Canada, andAustralia are the only places large enough to accommodate future Chineseneeds. Amazingly and chillingly, he notes the need for a quick, effective
“biological attack” upon the U.S. to depopulate it as a prelude to conquest, and
plainly states that China is working on genetic bio-weapons to kill everyone
except “yellow people”. He actually boasts
proudly of a recent survey conductedby the Chinese military wherein the Chinese public declared that 80% of them
would be willing to “shoot and kill women, children and prisoners of war” as part
of such an effort against the U.S. Even more startling was his open admission ofan ongoing deliberate deception of the U.S. with China portraying itself as a
“peaceful business partner” while
in reality actually planning to
kill “one or twohundred million Americans.”
Of course, the esteemed Comrade Haotian also notes that, thanks to hugeprofits from trade income from Chinese exports, the financing has been provided
to “vastly expand Chinese military might” in prepara
tion for an all-out attack uponthe U.S.
which he seems to indicate will occur within “five to ten years.” 
Also, as you read the text of the speech, also consider the thousands of pet
dogs poisoned, and killed by “tainted” dog food from China, and of 
course, thehigh-lead paint placed on Chinese-manufactured toys marketed to Americanchildren. Consider also that China has quietly purchased over $1.3 TRILLION inU.S. Treasury Bonds over the last two decades --- enough T-bills to literally buyout Wall-
street. The Chinese organized crime syndicate, called the “Triad” is
united with the Jewish mob at the highest international levels. Consider thatChina is the single largest producer of pure HEROIN in the world today, (knownon the streets of America a
s “China White”). Consider that recent reports inCalifornia and Texas show that that the “Triad” is responsible for at least 100,000
illegal immigrants entering America annually, and one can get a hint of what theirhidden agenda is truly about.So to summarize:
1. China's Defense Minister announced in his speech (attached) that "100-200million Americans" would die from a Chinese biological "attack" in the nearfuture. Of course, this would be covert and hidden --- such a "pandemic" wouldof necessity create panic and financial collapse - where martial law wouldvery likely be declared. Under martial law, all constitutional rights of citizens, allright of habeas corpus, are suspended.2. Mike Leavitt and Dubya Bush (whose grandaddy Prescott Bush was heavilyinvested in I.G.Farben which eventually merged into the International PharmaGiant Sanofi-Pasteur) have been very busy the last 3-4 years "preparing"America for a "massive bird-flu (H5N1) pandemic" that would likely kill 100-200million Americans. Does this seem oddly coincidental?3. April 17, 2007 - Leavitt's FDA issues an approval letter to pharma giantSanofi-Pastuer authorizing them exclusively to produce an avian-flu specificvaccine.http://www.fda.gov/cber/approvltr/h5n1san041707L.htmThis is highly suspicious to me, considering there have only been 300 cases ofH5N1 "avian-flu" WORLDWIDE -- why would Sanofi-Pastuer and the BushAdministration/Mike Leavitt develop such a vaccine, WITHOUT HUMAN TRIALS(see attached FDI letter to Sanofi) unless there was indeed a hidden agenda??4. On 26 November, 2007, Sanofi expands its influenza vaccine manufacturingfacility in: You guessed it --- mainland China. (See In-pharma Newsletterbelow.) It's goal is to produce 100 million H5N1 bird-flu vaccines a year startingin 2008. (Again, why so many at such a high cost when only 300 worldwidecases 'confirmed'.) And why China? Could it be that the "cost of human trials"not to mention production is so very low or is there another agenda entirely??
Leavitt orders 100 million “Vaccines” from Sanofi
-Pasteur --- target date forfulfillment of the order
August, 2008. (See details atwww.birdflu.gov)5. Mutations of the traditional influenza virus cannot naturally become deadlyvirulent. It takes laboratory assistance and addition of toxic ADJUVANTS in aprepared VACCINE to accomplish this task. In short, the only way for a"pandemic" to occur is if it is pre-planned and lab-induced as a "biologicalweapon".6. A perfect opportunity to begin the American pandemic would be to infectAmerican and Canadian athletes at the Olympic Games. What better way tointroduce the "vaccine" (i.e. the massive infectious agent) to 150 millionAmericans than by having its world-class athletes infected??? (How wouldAmerica react if the entire basketball team became ill with the "bird-flu"?)7. The HHS "plan" for the American pandemic calls for all law enforcementofficials, health care workers, and public servants in ALL 50 STATES to receivethe 1ST VACCINES at the first sign of outbreak. In other words, the very people

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