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Worship Guide 11.28.10

Worship Guide 11.28.10

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Published by Stan Cardwell

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Published by: Stan Cardwell on Nov 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Vine 
of Bel Air United Methodist Church
11:00 Worship in McComas Hall
to The Vine! We’re glad you’re here. We are building something new at BAUMC and as we do,there are both plenty of questions and plenty of opportunities. On this page you’ll find both —
a series of answers to our most asked
questions and a list of ways you can help make this worship community your own. Because we are new, we’re still a little rou
gh aroundthe edges
—we aren’t “perfect” but then again, who is? We are a work in progress and that’s a good thing. So if you’re not perf 
ect and
know God’s not done with you yet, then you’ve found the right place! Come join us as we journey together to become the kind
of Christ-followers we were created to be.
Get connected to the Vine! (John 15)
Some things you should know . . .
The Vine team thought you might have some questions about how the service works so here's our best stab at answering them.
where's the order of worship?
ith everything on the screen, there's no need to be distracted by "what's next?" Live in themoment and let others guide you in worship - everything you need to worship will be provided. This week will even be a little differ-ent than last week and next week will be different from this one.
the early bird gets the donut.
e want everyone to have adonut on us, but we also decided to put the donuts away during wor-ship time (hard to clap your hands and hold a donut) so COME EARLYso you won't miss the pre-worship gathering, the cool openings, your chance to serve, or the donuts!
coffee anytime!
have a cup anytime. we serve only fair trade coffee(pick up a brochure) so coffee farmers receive a fair price (livablewage) for our American coffee habit. Please consider "pay it forward"- your coffee donation helps purchase the next person's cup of joe,which eventually gets back to the coffee farmers.
e value having our kids worship with us. We want fami-lies to be together. So your grade school age children will worshipwith you before being dismissed for Kingdom Kidz (or they can staywith you if you prefer). Register at the Kidz table. For security reasons, your "kidz" can be picked up in room 101 after the service. Pick up aKingdom Kidz brochure for more info.
prayer is foundational to everything we hope to accomplishat The Vine. It centers us and connects us to God and one another.You are invited during times of corporate song or contemplative mo-ments to light a candle at our prayer stations (candles represent our prayers for those we love.) At the station, you can also fill out aprayer request knowing that others will also pray for your requests throughout the week (or ask for confidential prayer that only thepastors see). We also offer prayer after the service for any who need peace, healing or direction. Just look for prayer team mem-
bers stationed near the left wall. If God is nudging you into conversation, don’t hesitate to respond! Listen. Respond. Rep
ent. Re-
flect. An encounter with God is why we’re here.
the United Methodist Church offers an open table to all who hunger for more of Jesus Christ in their lives. You are
welcome to partake of this “sacrament" (sacred mystery). We believe Jesus Christ is spiritually present in this meal, so it'
s not to betaken lightly nor without contemplation, reflection, and examination. But that doesn't mean we have to be perfect or have our "acttogether" to receive (who is or who has?). The meal is a gift from God and a celebration of God's mercy, so come! Some practicalthoughts . . . We will (most often) be serving by "intinction" - receiving the bread and dipping into the cup. Our servers practicesafe hygiene (washing up). We also offer gluten free elements for those with allergies and individual sealed packets for those whomust avoid any potentially harmful micro-organisms. Parents may choose to serve their children this meal. If unsure, please talkwith the pastor after the service.
The mission of The Vine isto love people into a relationship with Jesus Christand to share all God has given us with our world
.We are a ragtag collection
of surrendered and trans-formed people who love God and others, captivatedby the idea that this is not about us, but all aboutJesus. We are gripped by His story and His heart forour community.
We are seed-throwers and faith-cultivators, fruit-bearers and grace-givers, risk-takers and dream-sowers, young and old, rich and poor, diverse yetunified. We link arms with anyone who connects tothe story of Jesus and long for everyone to be con-nected to Jesus, the True Vine.visit
to find out more.
Our Mission
to love and to share

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