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Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen

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Published by Cody Covington
Hunger Games project
Hunger Games project

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Published by: Cody Covington on Nov 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Katniss Everdeen, played by Ellen PaigeI chose Ellen Paige because I love her...haha but also because she is a greatactress. Her personality, I feel, matched Katniss Everdeen's. She is cute, but notincredibly beautiful, which is the way I pictured Katniss. I feel like, she could playthe sarcasm in Katniss very well. She is young, and super skinny which wouldmake it easy for her to look underfed. Even though she is mostly into comedy, Ifeel like she would love to be a part of this movie.Peeta Mellark, played by William Moseley The entire time I read this book, every time Peeta's character did anything, this guy(Peter from Narnia) popped into my mind. He is blonde, young, also skinny (easy tolook like he is from the poor District). He just looks like the baker's son (the boy withthe bread, as Katniss refers to him.) I don't know, he just resembles what I had inmy mind the whole time. Turns out a lot of people in the world agree with me.Haha.Cinna:, played by
Peter Facinelli
Cinna is a confidant for Katniss. Peter Facinelli (Carlisle from Twilight) fits thischaracter absolutely. He has the look of femininity, where his features are pretty,you know? He seems like he would make a good stylist. He also seems really calmand cool, like Cinna in the book. Cinna is supposed to be the actual "human" of thestory, since everyone else is so into killing. He is actually kind and gentle. Peterseems like he could play that role with ease, seeing that Carlisle was the most gentlevampite ever. HahaEffie Trinket, played by Amy PoehlerBhahahaha. I just think it would be hillarious. Effie was a paranoid, flustered woman.I feel like Amy could pull that off and be comic relief. Plus she's blonde and coulddefinitely act as a prude.
Haymitch Abernathy, played by Hugh LaurieOld. Can play like he is drunk. I'd like him to gain some weight. But I don't really care.Haymitch seems like Doctor House sometimes....so maybe that's why.Rue, played by Abigail BreslinHonsetly I just needed to find a young girl. She's cute, I wanted Rue to have superbushy curly hair, so maybe they can do that. Every time Rue came to mind, Ithought of this character from a Japanese show, SailorMoon. Rini is her name.Gale Hawthorne, played by Aaron JohnsonI chose Aaron Johnson because he needed to be "bony" (skinny). And I really didn'tthik of anyone so I watched youtube videos of other peoples' pickings and he wasone of the choices. I thought he fit perfectly.Caesar Flickerman, played by James MadsenCaesar was a very "show-host" guy. James Madsen played the host in Hairspray, andI feel like he did a really good job in that. I think he would have a fun time dressingup in make-up and being a goofy guy.
1.conflict, setting, theme, protagonist, antagonist, point of view, any symbolism or irony, andforeshadowing.
Conflict: Katniss has to fight for her life in the Hunger Games, constantly having to decidehow to strategize. She is angry at the Capitol, but cannot fight them directly. Thegovernment could put her in family in danger at any time.Setting: Katniss lives in District 12, in the country Panem. Panem consists of 12 districts andthe Capitol. There used to be a District 13, but that was destroyed by the Capitol years ago. The country is on North America, and this takes place in the far future. Each district is incharge of a job.
District 1- luxury goods for the Capitol
District 2- MedicineDistrict 3- Machinery/FactoriesDistrict 4- FishingDistrict 5- LivestockDistrict 6- Scientific ResearchDistrict 7- LumberDistrict 8- Weaving/ Clothes-makingDistrict 9- HuntersDistrict 10- Mathematical ResearchDistrict 11- AgricultureDistrict 12- CoalDistrict 13- (now terminated) Nuclear Power
 Theme: The government (Capitol) is corrupt. They are oppressive to the districts, and District13 rebelled. The Capitol now punishes all of Panem by holding Hunger Games every year toprove to the people that the Capitol controls them and they have no say.
Protagonist: The main character is Katniss Everdeen. Her mother and sister live with her in District12, where her father was killed in a mining accident. The story is in first-person, from her point of view. She is a humble girl, raised to hunt with her best friend Gale.Antagonist: In the Games, Cato is the main antagonist because he is after Katniss so that he can win.Overall, the Capitol is the main enemy. The Capitol controls everyone with its power and is corrupt. Itis made up of leaders who also evaluate each Tribute in the Hunger Games.Symbolism: Katniss and Rue's friendship. This is proof/a symbol that not all people in Panem like thekilling of the Hunger Games. Even though the Capitol encourages people to watch it and enjoy it, Ruegenuine friendship shows that the Capitol does not actually force. People still have free will.Caesar Flickerman's change of make-up: shows that Caesar is never really himself. He is alwaysbehind a mask, acting for the Capitol to please the audiences. We don't know his true motives, andhe might not even care.Irony: Peeta actually having feelings for Katniss even though it was supposed to be an act. He alsobegan to show hatred towards her before the games began.Katniss running towards the Cornucopia even though Haymitch told her not to. I guess I expected herto be rebellious, but I thought she trusted Haymitch enough to obey him. It's actually a good thingshe grabbed the orange backpack because she needed it.

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