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Naruto Summaries Volume 8

Naruto Summaries Volume 8



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Published by Michael
Naruto Manga Volume 8 All Chapters
Naruto Manga Volume 8 All Chapters

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Published by: Michael on Aug 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 64: "Hokage’s Message" –
Now in the right place atthe right time, the team opens the scrolls and Iruka issummoned, explaining the riddle is related to their strengthsand weaknesses. Anko meets with the Hokage, alerting him tothe presence of Orochimaru as he fixes her up from the battle. Itis then announced that due to too many passes, a preliminaryexam must take place.
Chapter 65: "Life-RiskingBattles" –
Introduces Hayate.With all the winnersassembled, the Hokageexplains the true purpose of the Chuunin Exam. Although asubstitute for war, battles willallow lethal force to show off ashinobi’s power. Hayate thenexplains that a quick one-on-one tournament will be held tocut the number of winners inhalf. Kabuto quits at the finalhurdle.
Chapter 66: "Sakura'sRequest" –
Kabuto leaves tosave his own life, but is stillhiding his true mission of being Orochimaru’s spy.Sasuke’s Cursed Seal begins totrouble him. Sakura begs himto quit in case he ends uphurt, but Sasuke bluntlyrefuses. The examiners knowof the seal, with Ankoespecially worried, but Kakashireassures her. The first fight isthen decided; Sasuke VS Yoroi.
Chapter 67: "OpposingAbility" –
Kakashi warnsSasuke to avoid using
Sharingan. Sasuke gains theupper hand with taijutsu alone,until Yoroi reveals his ability todirectly absorb Chakra!Orochimaru, disguised as aSound Jounin, watches hopingSasuke will use the seal.Sasuke pulls out his trumpcard, mimicking Lee’s KonohaKage Buyou starting kick.However, Sasuke thenpromises somethingcompletely different…
Chapter 68: "The UchihaBlood" –
Even with hisnagging injuries and the seal’sthreat looming, Sasuke defeatsYoroi with his own adaptationof Lee’s Initial Lotus, theShishi Rendan (Lion Combo).Everyone is amazed, especiallyOrochimaru. Sasuke advances,but Kakashi decides tosuppress the Cursed Seal first.The next fight is announcedthen; Shino and Zaku.
Chapter 69: "The TerrifyingVisitor" –
While Shino andZaku fight, Kakashi applies asuppressor to the seal, basedon Sasuke’s willpower.Unaware to him until he makeshis presence known,Orochimaru has been watchinghim and reveals his purpose of being there is for Sasuke, withthe Sound Trio meaningnothing to him. Zaku ends upruined as Shino’s tactics cause
him to permanently lose hisforearms.
Chapter 70: "The One WhoWill Die Is..." –
Kakashithreatens Orochimaru with theRaikiri, but Orochimaru leavescalmly and laughing. Kakashirealises he is nowhere nearOrochimaru’s level. Another of Orochimaru’s spies, Tsurugi,battles Kankurou in themeantime. Although Tsurugi’sconstriction seems to killKankurou, he doesn’t realisehe was tricked until he lays onthe floor breathless fromKankurou’s secret weapon, thewar puppet Karasu. A shockerthen comes with the nextmatch-up.
Chapter 71: "A Wall TooHigh" –
Sakura and Ino areplaced against each other,igniting their rivalry again.Despite their close friendshipin the past and currentpersonal issues with eachother, both girls decide to firstand foremost fight seriously asninjas instead of squabblingrivals.
Chapter 72: "Rivalry" –
Thekunoichi are evenly matched,with Ino even slicing her owngorgeous long hair off to showher seriousness. However, Ino

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