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The Quest for Better Breasts-docs

The Quest for Better Breasts-docs

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Published by simon804

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Published by: simon804 on Nov 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Quest for Better Breasts…
A Girls Guide to Breast Augmentation
Once upon a time… women lived with the breasts they developed naturally, whether they were happy with themor not. Short of wearing a padded bra, there was notmuch they could do to make up for a deciency in thatdepartment.
 ose days are over.
Before After 
Copyright Australian Skin Clinics 2010
The Quest for Better Breasts…
Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic proceduresand it can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman's breasts.Surgicalbreast augmentation using implants, make it possible for women to choose virtuallyany cup size they desire. Yet online breast augmentation chat rooms are full of postsfrom women suffering either from "boob greed" who wish they had gone bigger, or “boob over-load” who wished they had not gone quite so large! Think about TV per-sonalities such as Jordan (who had large then larger implants, before having her breasts reduced again) and Posh (who started out with round implants and now hassofter, more natural looking tear shaped ones).For many women, the decision to have a breast augmentation is the easiest part ofthe process, but at Australian Skin Clinics we want you to understand every aspect ofthe decision you are making so that you can make an informed choice about your surgery. In this booklet we aim to inform you about Breast Augmentation and provideyou with the questions you need to ask when considering surgery.We live in a breast-obsessed society, where there is an assumption that bigger isbetter. But is it? That depends on your individual taste, your body frame and the"look" you want to achieve.Many different types of implants are available. These canbe filled with silicone gel or saline, can be round or shaped, smooth or coated. The most suitable type will varyfrom patient to patient, depending on factors such asbreast shape, amount of loose skin, etc. In general roundimplants give more upper fullness, and stronger cleavage,whilst shaped implants create a more natural lookingbreast fullness.If you are planning breast surgery, you should take thetime to be sure about your decision. Research and plan-ning on your part will go a long way to making sure thatwhen your breast augmentation experience is over, you
Deb Farnworth-Wood
Clinic Owner 
will be happy with the results. An experiencedpractitioner specialising in breast augmentationwill be invaluable in helping you decide the bestsize for your frame and assist you to understanda number of other factors that need to be takeninto consideration when selecting your implantsize.
It’s All About You
It is crucial that this surgery is for YOU. Choose asize that makes YOU happy, not your spouse,partner, family member or best friend. After all,you are the one who will be living with thisdecision. You must however, listen to advicefrom your breast specialist as he/she will also beconsidering your body’s natural shape and theamount of loose skin you have to place theimplant behind. Ultimately these will affect howthe implant looks, feels and sits.
Beware of Well Meaning Friends
It is strange how many unqualified people think they know just what you need! Unless your familyand friends are doctors that specialise in breastimplants, tell them to ‘zip it’ and seek professional advice.

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