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Published by rAM
mantra navagraha
mantra navagraha

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Published by: rAM on Nov 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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00 nv[ ghSto+m900
jp;kusums'k;x'k;6ypey'mh;¥uitm90  tmoir'svRp;pµ`'[p5toåiSm idv;krm900!00
1.I pay homage to the Sun, the brightshining One, the maker of the day, enemyof darkness, destroyer of evils, resembling aChinese rose, descendent of Kashyapa.
 di/x≤tuW;r;.'=7rod;5R vsM.vm90 nm;im xixn'som'xM.omu Rku4.U W5m900@00
2.I pay homage to the Moon, Soma, whoserves as an ornament on Shiva's crown,who was born from the ocean of milk andwhose color is that of curd, conch, orsnow.
/r57g.Rs'.U  t'iv¥uTk;iNtsm[p.m90 m;r'xi†hSt't'm©l'[p5m;Myhm900#00
3.I pay homage to Mangala, thehandsome youth with weapon in hand,born from mother earth, whose lusterresembles the lightning in the sky.
i[py©ukilk;6y;m'Âpe5;[pitm'bu/m90 søMy'søMygu5ope t't'bu/'[p5m;Myhm900$00
4.I pay homage to Budha, son of theMoon, resembling the dark green bud of the priyangu flower, unrivaled in beauty,of calm and collected disposition.
 de v;n;'c AW75;'c gu®ÿk;çns'in.m90  bui÷.U  t'i+lok¸x't'nm;im bO  hSpitm900%00
5.I pay homage to Brhaspati, the guru of gods and rishis, who shines with goldenluster, the embodiment of cosmicintelligence, the guiding light of the threeworlds.
ihmkéNdmO 5;l;.'dwTy;n;'prm'gu®m90 svRx;S+[pv†r'.;gR v'[p5m;Myhm900^00
6.I pay homage to Shukra, descendant oBhrigu, the supreme guru of the demons,the greatest expounder of all shastras,whose complexion resembles the whitelotus, the jasmine flower, or snow.
n7l;Ônsm;.;s'rivpu+'ym;[ gjm90 z;y;m;tR∞2sM.U  t't'nm;im xnrm900&00
7.I pay homage to Shani, the slow-moving, son of the Sun, born from Chayaand Martanda, Yama's elder brother, who isof dark complexion like the blue eyeointment.
a/Rk;y'mh;v7y]cN[ d;idTyivmdRnm90 is'ihk;g.RsM.U  t't'r;hu'[p5m;Myhm900*00
8.I pay homage to Rahu, the half-bodiedone, offspring of Simhika, possessing greatstrength, the sworn enemy of the Sun andMoon.
pl;xpu„ps'k;x't;rk;[ ghmStkm90  rø[d'rø[ d;Tmkÿ`or't' tu'[p5m;Myhm900(00
9.I pay homage to Ketu, one of theeleven Rudras, chief among planets andstars, resembling the palasha flower, and of dreadful appearance.

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