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Very Rare:
Bar the Common Passage
Glyph of Scrying
Glyph of Enlightenment
Secure the Sacred Domain
Cause Sleep
Mass Slumber
Enchanted Slumber
Dream Mastery
Ran’s Touch
Forseti’s Silence
Hel’s Kiss
Tomb of Buri
Hello, Goodbye
Thaumaturgical Identification
Ritual Madness
Disciplinary Affectation
Ritual Name Rarity Location Level
Alter Blood
Blood Into Water
Bring Forth the Light Within
Bureaucratic Condemnation
Ex Libris (Fire Trap)
Extreme Care
Incantation of the Shepherd
Luminous Vitae
Obscure the Malice
Rite of the Vanishing Blemish
True Sight
Walkin’s Purity of the Flesh
Warding Circle versus Ghouls (and others)
Beacon of the Self
Deny the Sun's Weight
Graves' Defiance
Knowledge of the Childe’s Peril
Lighting Rod
Rend the Mind
Sanguine Assistant
Serenity of the Heart's Blood
Shaft of Belated Quintessence
Sight of the Dead
Splinter Servant
Summon Mischievous Spirit
Active Defense
Craft Spirit Bloodstone
Enchant Talisman
Diamond's Doom
Escape to a True Friend
Ghost in the system
Import Item
Mirror Attunement
One Mind of the Covens
Pavis of Dark Dementia
Teleport to a Safe Haven
Verdant Blade, The
Vires Acquirit Eundo
Wizard's Gift
Bone of Eternal Thirst
Bone of the Kindred
Drawing upon the Bond
Chain of the Blood Line
Divorcing the Soul
Impede the Gifts of Caine
Weapon of the Kindred Soul/Blade of the Forbidden Flower
Invulnerable Weakness
First Taste
The Jones
Fatal Compulsion
Beauty Fades
Trust Withers
Love Dies
Hope Dissolves
Thrones Crumble
Hand of Ptah
Hand of Khnum
Hand of Anubis
Hand of Thoth
Hand of Heka
A sending of Serpents
Darkness of Duat
Suffocation of the Tomb
The Narrow House
Consignment to Duat
Basic Ushabti Laborer
Gift of Khnum
Whisper of the Sands
Tongue of the Tempter
Voice of the Prophet
Lord of Storms
Dark Invocation
Serpentine Sense
Venom Curse
Touch of Typhon
Form of the Hydra
Dreams of Duat
Inscribe the Book of Set
Milk of Set
Effect Level
Opening the Mouth
Seal the Gates of Blood
Typhon’s Brew
Dismemberment of Osiris
Linked Soul Elixir
Prepare Canopic Jars
Scorpion Sending
Severing Sand
Summon Sebau
Dismembering the God
Warding Cippus
Hybrid Mummy
Milk of Set Variant: Snake Oil
Courtesan’s Smile
Milk of Set Variant: Blood of the Aeons
Celebration of the Defeat of Osiris
Touch of Life
Strength of Root and Stone
Breath of Life
Favor of the Orishas
Gift of Ashé
Sheltering Hand
Fortune’s Blessing
Fortune’s Curse
Fortune’s Favor
Smiting Hand
Scent of the Beast
Hide from Hunter’s Eyes
Marking the Prey
Guiding Spirit
Mantle of the Beast
Singing Charm
Craft Garde
Craft Gris-Gris
Grandfather’s Gift
Curse Candle
Ori Sight
Candle of Rage
Shackles of Blood
Threads of the Past
Weave of the Future
Certain Fate
Past Lives
Master of Samsara
Armor of Diamond Serenity
Rakta-Maya Rituals
Water Walking
Traits spent Magnification
Ash of Agni’s Curse
Destiny’s Call
Leper’s Curse
Milk of Puutanaa
Warded Womb
Transcendentally Satisfying Body-Filling
Loom of Vishnu
Another’s Burden
Obsidian Shattered
Burden Another
Mirror of the Gods
Shroud of Day
Brother’s Eyes
Strength of the Vanquished
Organ Attribute category
What Path(s) should I learn as a Priest/Citizen/Warrior?
Dreamscape (Second Intermediate)
Scent of deception
Skin of the Chameleon
Unassuming Pose
Whiff of Khalif
Ghost body
Map the Skies
Read the Heaven’s Plans
Call Down the Hunter’s Moon
Trace the Soul’s Favor
Ripples on the Sea of Stars
Bind the Accusing Tongue
Eye of the Translator
Gift of Mithra’s Bull
Pebble From the Mountain
Serenading the Kami
Touch the Earth
Widow’s Spite
Words of Undoing
Approach the Veil
Blood of the Chameleon
Directing Ahriman’s Lance
Haven's Passage
Messenger of the Wind
Rite of Marduk Triumphant
Rite of Marduk Slain and Risen
From Marduk’s Throat
50-foot radius
Quarter mile
1-mile radius
5-mile radius
Unearthly Stamina
Soil of Death
Root of Vitality
Dracula's Restless Soul
Physical Traits Area of Effect
Rouse the Molten Rock
Gates of Magma
Heat Wave
Volcanic Blast
Winds of Guilt
Biting Winds
Winds of Lethargy
Traveling the Winds
Body of Zephyr
Pools of Illusion
Watery Solace
Water Walk
Watery Minions
Doom Tides
A Taste for Blood
Blood Rage
Blood of Potency
Cauldron of Blood
The Obscure Paths
Reawakening the Dead Water
Ritual of Death's Embrace
Mephistophelean Minx
Service For Souls
Withering Agony
Conjure Lesser Demon
Raze the Lelek
Ties That Bind
Beyond the Wall of Death
Incubus Visage
Merging of the Souls
Earth's Embrace
The Inmost Tug
Conjure Greater Demon
Elemental Savior
Gaze of the Gorgon
Create Revenant Line
Create Blood Brothers
There are three different types of necromancer:
There are two different types of necromancy:
Common Variations:
Weak Shroud Variants: (CB-G 58)
Weak Shroud Variants: (CB-G 58-59)
Weak Shround Variants (CB-G 58):
Weak Shroud Variant (CB:G 59):
Warding the Family
Wisdom of Bone
Calling the Restless Spirit
Illusion of Peaceful Death
Preserve Corpse
Summon Guardian Spirit
Haunted House
Haunting Breeze
The Haunting
Spirit Contract
Curse of Clytaemnestra
Mass Grave
Shadowland Passage
Spirit Of Torment
Occult/ Spirit Lore Duration
Torment the Shattered Spirit
Leap into the Shadowlands
Spirit Bringer Staff
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Thaum Packet Addendum Final)

Thaum Packet Addendum Final)

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Published by: Gar Lewis on Nov 26, 2010
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