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Published by eurolex

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Published by: eurolex on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Growth and Audiovisual: i2i Audiovisual — 2003Measures to encourage access to external funding from banks and financial organisations forindependent European production companiesCall for proposals DG EAC/21/2003
(2003/C 162/13)I.
This call for proposals is based on the preparatory action‘Growth and Audiovisual: i2i Audiovisual’ in the 2003general budget of the European Union — preparatory actionwithin the meaning of the Interinstitutional Agreement of 6May 1999 between the European Parliament, the Council andthe Commission on budgetary discipline and improvement of the budgetary procedure (OJ C 172, 18.6.1999, p. 1).II.
This call for proposals is open to independent Europeanproduction companies in the Member States of the EuropeanUnion.The support is intended in particular for independent Europeanproduction companies with credit for financing their tradedebts (discount) for their projects:either from a partner establishment of the EIB group (
),or from another bank or financial institution, in which casethe company concerned must have received developmentsupport (Slate Funding) under the MEDIA Plus programme.Countries with a low audiovisual production capacity The producer will have to have concluded a funding agreementfor the trade debts to realise the project:either from a partner establishment of the EIB group (
),or from another bank or financial institution, in which casethe company concerned must have received developmentsupport (Slate Funding and/or simple project) under theMEDIA Plus programme.Independent European production companies that haveobtained funding under the MEDIA Plus developmentprogramme, whose project is entering the pre-production/production phase and with credit for financing the tradedebts for their project will have priority.The object of the support is to encourage access to externalfunding which may be available from banks and financial insti-tutions for independent European production companies. Theaims of the support are, in particular, to:— cut the cost of audiovisual insurance cover for theproduction of films and audiovisual works:
Module 1
support for the item ‘Insurance’ in a production budget;— reduce the cost of the performance guarantee for theproduction of a film or audiovisual work:
Module 2
support for the item ‘Performance guarantee’ in aproduction budget;reduce the cost of a loan to cover trade debts for theproduction of a work:
Module 3
— support for the item‘Loan charges’ in a production budget;The ‘Production of a work’ comprises the preparation phase,the production phase and the post-production phase up untildelivery of the negative.III.
The budget earmarked for this call for proposals is EUR 2,4million.IV.
The Education and Culture Directorate-General, Unit C3 Support for the film and audiovisual industry (MEDIA) isresponsible for the implementation of the Preparatory Action‘Growth and Audiovisual: i2i Audiovisual’.
C 162/28 Official Journal of the European Union 11.7.2003
) The EIB group's partners in the i2i audiovisual initiative are shownon the EIB's website (www.eib.org,) and the Annex to the guidelinesfor call for proposals EAC/21/03.

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