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Syllabus Kindergarten

Syllabus Kindergarten

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Published by tamishakimble

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Published by: tamishakimble on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Theme: Family Language ArtsTeacher: Mrs. Kimblecontact: room A-2kimble.tamisha@newton.k12.ga.us
Students will understand who make up their family.
Students will be able to apply sight words to write sentences.
Students will apply use of new sight words in everyday conversation.
Students will read sentences with high frequency words.
Students will be able to distinguish words that start with the letters
, and
.Standards:ELAKR1 The student demonstrates knowledge of concepts of print. The studentb. Demonstrates that print has meaning and represents spoken language in writtenform.c. Tracks text read from left to right and top to bottom.d. Distinguishes among written letters, words, and sentences.e. Recognizes that sentences in print are made up of separate words.
ELAKR2 The student demonstrates the ability to identify and orally manipulatewords and individual sounds within those spoken words. The studentb. Identifies component sounds (phonemes and combination of phonemes) in spokenwords.
ELAKR3 The student demonstrates the relationship between letters and lettercombinations of written words and the sounds of spoken words. The student
e. Applies learned phonics skills when reading words and sentences in stories.
ELAKR5 The student acquires and uses grade-level words to communicateeffectively. The studenta. Listens to a variety of texts and uses new vocabulary in oral language.
Tell the truth:
Please, Please, PleasePlease let the student do the work. Parents can and are encouraged to assist.
Need: Computer with internet access
If you need help just ask!
we can use computers at school if you don'thave one at home
Schedule:October 4th:
1.sight words
Schedule:October 11:
Onset and rime/blending
October 5th:
Letter sound and recognition
October 6th:
Phonemic AwarenessOnset and Rime
October 7th:
October 8th:
Tracking print assessment**Daily in class activities on Promethean board for whole group. 
October 12:
Story retell
October 13:
Story comprehension
October 14:
Phonemic Awareness
October 15:site word assessment
 **Daily in class activities on Promethean Board withwhole group.Assessment:Students will be assessed using GKIDS rubric for Formal assessments and teacher observationsfor informal assessment. All assessments will be recorded in teacher data records.Students will be assessed on sight word recognition.
Students will have to recognize sight words when shown at random.
Students in the green group will have to give an example of how to use words and theywill have to write a sentence using the sight words.
Students in the blue group will have to recognize the words at random.**Assessment over sight words will be teacher observations and recorded on student datasheets.Beginning sound awareness (phonemic awareness)Students will have a pretest and a post test over letter sounds. They will play games such as bingo, worksheets, and the Promethean board to show awareness for pre/post testing.

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