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Published by eurolex

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Published by: eurolex on Nov 27, 2010
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Call for proposals — Implementation of budget heading B3-2007 for 2003 ‘Preparatory actions forcooperation on cultural matters’
(2003/C 217/03)This call for applications concerns cultural projects and eventsbeginning in 2003 and presented by cultural operators fromthe Member States of the European Union. This documentexplains how to submit an application for Community funding.The Commission department responsible for implementationand management of this action is unit C/2 of the Educationand Culture Directorate-General.
This call for proposals follows the European Parliament's legis-lative resolution of 5 September 2001, which called for thestrengthening of cooperation in the cultural field (
).A special budget heading entitled ‘Preparatory actions for coop-eration on cultural matters’ was introduced following thisresolution. The Community budget for 2003 provides thatthis heading is intended to finance actions aimed at developingcultural cooperation.This call is open to operators from a Member State of theEuropean Union.Bodies from candidate countries may participate in the projectas ‘associated partners’ and not as ‘co-organisers’. Their partici-pation is strongly encouraged.
The total budget available for this call for proposals is EUR 1.6million for 2003. This means that funding can be provided forapproximately 8 cooperation projects.
For the implementation of budget heading B3-2007, theCommission has established various lines of action, based onongoing discussions with the cultural operators and theirrepresentatives, and with the representatives of the otherEuropean institutions.
There are four themes under this call:
cooperation between Member Statesstructured cooperation between operatorscultural industrieseducation and cultureThe actions funded under this call for proposals will involvesome form of experimentation. They could serve as a basis forfuture actions.All proposals must have as a goal transnational Europeancooperation. They must address the European level, contributeto the creation and/or strengthening of European networks andcooperation platforms, provide for a wide dissemination of results and facilitate the exchange of experiences and goodpractice. Consequently, good documentation of all projectdata (description of application contexts, profile of participants,positive and negative results of different tools and pedagogicalapproaches, etc.) is essential.Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the administrativeand personnel costs may not exceed 20 % of the total projectcosts and must be kept to a minimum.1.
Cooperation between Member States — Guidelines
This theme concerns projects aimed at improving the adminis-trations' understanding of European cultural cooperation in theMember States.
General objectives: 
to promote synergies and lasting cultural cooperation inEurope— to encourage the exchange of information and goodpractices between European cultural administrations— to promote a better common understanding of culturalpolicies in Europe
Specific objectives: 
to permit a better understanding of cultural cooperation inthe Member States' administrationsto encourage the implementation of networks of coop-eration between the Member States for the exchange of information and good practices in the field of culturalpolicy 
Description of the activities
Funding will be awarded to two training actions aimed atimproving the national, regional or local authorities' under-standing of the mechanisms and structures of cultural coop-eration in Europe, and at facilitating an exchange of skills andexperience.
12.9.2003 Official Journal of the European Union C 217/7
) OJ C 72 E of 21.3.2002.
The following activities will be considered eligible under thiscall for proposals: pilot projects, seminars, exchanges of expertsand other appropriate actions aimed at improving knowledgeand facilitating an innovative exchange of expertise andexperience in the field of cultural policy.These actions must be based on cooperation between at leastthree bodies with recognised expertise in the field of trainingor European cultural cooperation.The actions funded must be of benefit to authorities in at leastfive Member States of the European Union. Priority will begiven to projects which encourage the networking of organi-sations or individuals taking part in the training (multipliereffect).This call concerns actions beginning before 31 December 2003and ending before 30 November 2004. The aid requested foreach project may not be over EUR 100 000 and may notexceed 70 % of the total eligible budget for the project.2.
Direct cooperation between cultural operators incountries participating in the cultural programmes —Guidelines
This theme is directed at the cultural operators andprofessional organisations in the cultural field in the MemberStates.
The aim of this action, in response to the concerns expressedby the cultural sector (in particular at the Forum on CulturalCooperation on 21 and 22 November 2001), is to explore thepossibilities for supporting structured, long-term cooperationactions.The question of support for cooperation between operatorsbased on ‘cultural cooperation platforms’ has been raised onseveral occasions in the course of various discussions. Theseplatforms are seen as a means of developing concrete culturalcooperation actions between cultural operators.The aim of this action is therefore to study the means of strengthening the effectiveness of Community actions in thefield of cultural cooperation by means of support for coop-eration in the form of ‘cultural cooperation platforms’.
General objectives: 
— to promote the idea of coherence and unity in theEuropean cultural area, while at the same time highlightingits diversity — to encourage the mobility of works and artists within theEuropean Union
Specific objectives: 
to encourage structured and lasting cooperation betweenEuropean operatorsto strengthen the multiplier effects of Community action inthe field of cultural cooperationto test new methods for implementing cultural cooperationprojects
Description of the activities
Funding will be awarded to two cooperation platforms. Theactions envisaged will aim to encourage structured andlasting cooperation based on efficient management andexpertise in terms of content, through ‘umbrella structures’.
This call concerns all cultural disciplines.
Nature of the platform
For the purposes of this call, a platform is considered to bea structured cooperation, aimed at carrying out severalactions and comprising a partnership of at least
co-organisers (including the project leader) from at least
participating countries. These partners may includenetworks or professional organisations.The platforms must be based on a common document in alegal form recognised in one of the participating countriesand signed by all co-organisers (including the projectleader). This document must clearly describe the projectobjectives, the initiatives that will be implemented inorder to achieve these objectives, the role of eachco-organiser in the design and implementation of theproject and their financial participation in the project.Each of the members of the platform must be established ina Member State of the European Union. Bodies establishedin a country not belonging to the European Union may participate in the project as ‘associated partners’. Theirinvolvement is strongly encouraged.— The project will be awarded to the platform which is themost representative of the sector and involving the largestnumber of European operators.
Operation and role of a platform
— A platform must be an ‘umbrella structure’ bringingtogether different kinds of organisations, driven by acommon interest, characteristic or objective.It must be recognised for its expertise in its field of activity.— It must be able to launch ‘sub-projects’ and manage themefficiently and to put the results to use. Cooperation may therefore vary depending on the different nature of theprojects launched by the platform.It must have a vast network of partners which it can call onto implement ‘sub-projects’.It plays an intermediary role between the cultural sectorand the national and European institutions.The actions of the sub-projects supported by the platform willaim to:aid creation and productionencourage the dissemination of works
C 217/8 Official Journal of the European Union 12.9.2003
promote the mobility of professionalsdevelop training activities.This call concerns actions beginning before 31 December 2003and ending before 30 November 2004. Funding will beawarded to two projects under this call.The amount requested for each project may not be overEUR 250 000 and may not exceed 70 % of the total eligiblebudget for the project.3.
Cultural industries — Guidelines
This theme concerns projects aimed at developing cooperationbetween European operators in the cultural industry. Morespecifically, projects will concern cooperation within thebranches of music and publishing.
N.B.: This call does not concern the cinema and audiovisualindustries which are already covered by a specific Communityprogramme: the MEDIA programme.
In its resolution of 25 June 2002 (
) on a new work plan onEuropean cooperation in the field of culture, the Councilundertook to analyse the means of encouraging the devel-opment of the cultural and creative industries in theCommunity. The cultural industries contribute to the livelinessof European cultural production and its diversity, both withinEurope and elsewhere. They are a factor in exchange andcultural diversity. They also contribute to economic growth,employment and social cohesion.The Commission has also had a number of opportunities tohear what the professionals have to say about the specificneeds of the cultural industries (
).This is the background to this section of the call, whichconcerns actions to support the music and publishingindustries.
General objectives: 
to encourage the promotion of European productions inthe field of music and publishing both within theEuropean Union and outside— to promote the idea of coherence and unity in theEuropean cultural area, while at the same time highlightingits diversity 
Specific objectives: 
to encourage synergies between the professional organi-sations and the public authorities in the Member Statesto promote synergies and lasting cooperation between thedifferent European operatorsto encourage better mutual understanding of this sector'sproductionsto strengthen cooperation between the Member States ineach sector— to contribute to the dynamism of the enterprises in eachsector— to facilitate the establishment of lasting cooperationbetween European operators and operators in thirdcountriesto encourage the cooperation of the European operators inorder to ensure promotion of their sector outside theEuropean Union
Description of the activities
Funding will be awarded to two structured cooperationplatforms involving the largest number of professional organi-sations, state or semi-state authorities and operators in themusic or publishing sectors.Each of the platforms will be multinational, comprising at least
of the above bodies, from at least
countries participating inthe programme. Each of the members of the platform must beestablished in a Member State of the European Union.Bodies established in a candidate country may participate inthe project as ‘associated partners’. Their participation isstrongly encouraged.The project will be assigned to the platforms which are mostrepresentative of the sector and involve the largest number of European operators.The actions supported will aim to:encourage cooperation between European operatorsinvolve national professional initiatives with a view tocooperation at European levelpromote cultural diversity within Europe by encouragingthe mobility of works and artistspromote the dissemination of European culturalproductions outside the European Union.This call concerns actions beginning before 31 December 2003and ending before 30 November 2004. The amount requestedfor each project may not be over EUR 350 000 and may notexceed 70 % of the total eligible budget for the project.4.
Education and Culture — Guidelines
This theme concerns cultural operators in the Member States of the European Union.
12.9.2003 Official Journal of the European Union C 217/9
) OJ C 162, 6.7.2002.(
) Forum on Cultural Cooperation on 21-22 November 2001, seminaron Music in Europe on 13 October 2001, seminar on EuropeanLiterature on 10-11 April 2003, etc.

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