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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Published by Johar Menezes

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Published by: Johar Menezes on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corporate Social Responsibility
Stakeholder ConceptWho are the Stakeholders of Business?
Shareholders and Promoters
Suppliers and Partners (incl Contractors, Agents etc)
Most Admired Business
“Balancing and Exceeding the Expectations of all it’sStakeholders.”Effectiveness of BusinessAchievement of Objectives.Efficiency in BusinessAchievement of Results with the least amount of Resources.Systems ApproachAlignment & integration
The NDB Concept
Managing Change:
Jack Welsh Theory
Organizational Renewal & Revitalisation:
Continuous Process brought by internal incumbents
Emerging WavesFactor Yesterday Today
EconomyProtectedOpenCharacteristic Monopolistic CompetitiveMarketSellers BuyersPlayersFew SeveralKind of PlayersNationalGlobalPrice LevelHigh DroppingConsumerNo choiceMultiple ChoiceTechnology Low HighQualityAverageHighDeliveryWeeks/Months/YearsOff the shelPricingHigh Cut-throatNeedsLimitedEnhancedResponseSluggishQuickRelationCurt RespectApproachMass PersonalisedStyleArrogantUnderstanding
Changing Characteristics of Corporates
OldNewGoal OrientedVision orientedPrice focusedValue focusedProduct qualityTotal qualityProduct drivenCustomer drivenShareholder focusedStake holder focusedFinance orientedSpeed orientedEfficient, StableInnovative, entrepreneurialHierarchicalFlat, empoweredMachine basedInformation basedFunctional Cross functionalRigid, CommittedFlexible, learningLocal/regional/NationalGlobal
C S R makes Business Sense“The earth has enough resources to meet the needs of people but will never have enoughto serve their greed.”Mahatma Gandhi
Triple Bottom Line Concept
Corporate Behaviour 
CSR as Core value of the Business
Natural Resources for Business
Core Competency of Business
Millennium development goals
CSR Makes Business Sense
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business strategy that works. In a world where brandvalue and reputation are increasingly seen as a company’s most valuable assets, CSR can buildthe loyalty and trust that ensure a bright sustainable future. In our complex, global society,corporations are becoming increasingly visible. They are not judged on their results but on their behavior too, and this can be an opportunity. By integrating CSR into your business as corevalue, you are not only making a significant contribution to a better society, but just as importantlyyou are recognized for doing so. And this has obvious benefits for the companyIf one is to be successful in 21st century, one must simultaneously excel in all three elements of sustainable development: Economic Prosperity, CSR and Environmental Stewardship. The rightway to approach social responsibility is not in rules and regulations but in a high level ethical codethat could be built into an organization’s value system.CSR is an approach that helps us to getaway from the old idea that economic, social and environmental goals are always and invariablyin conflict. What we need to work out is how progress on any one of thosefronts can support progress on the others.We want to see business, the voluntary sector, and public bodies all working together, not doingso grudgingly, but because each sees it as advancing its own key interests to do so, as well asadvancing the interests of others.
Benefits of CSR are :1.Enhanced Brand Image and Reputation2.Increased Trust and Customer Loyalty3.Sustainable DevelopmentThe Millennium Development Goals
as defined by UN
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 
Achieve universal primary education
Promote gender equality and empower women
Reduce child mortality
Improve maternal health
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Ensure environmental sustainability
Develop a global partnership for development
Stop Child Labour 
Key Communities
Need AssessmentParticipatory rural Appraisal (PRA)Social Impact Analysis
Thrust Areas

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