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MQM – A terrorist outfit and the next Mukti Bahini in the making!!

MQM – A terrorist outfit and the next Mukti Bahini in the making!!

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Published by Zuhayer Tahir
MQM – A terrorist outfit and the next Mukti Bahini in the making!!
MQM – A terrorist outfit and the next Mukti Bahini in the making!!

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Published by: Zuhayer Tahir on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MQM – A terroristoutfit and the nextMukti Bahini in themaking!!A wake up call forPakistan!
A complete fact sheet based on Indian, western andAmerican original sources to expose MQM andAltaf Hussain who are hell bent on destroyingPakistan.
MQM plan to destroy Pakistan
The Indian Express (September 22) carries an article on the edit page by
Saeed Naqvi thatgraphically describes a meeting of top Sindhi, Baluchi and Pakhtoon leaders in London's Action Hallrecently demanding azadi (freedom) from Pakistan. And they are not ordinary hirelings of RAW as thePakistani administration would claim, but the most high-profile leaders like MQM's Altaf Hussain,Ataullah Mengal of Baluchistan, Mahmood Khan Achakzai of Pakhtoonistan and Syed Imdad MohammedShah of Sindh
. Naqvi says it (the meeting) was the ‘second burial of the two-nation theory’, the firstbeing the creation of Bangladesh.
This is Indian media website. This is an incredible interview of an innocentKashmiri held by Indian RAW. One of the charges on his friends was thatthey provided lists of MQM men hiding in India to Pakistan!!!!!! MQMmen hiding in India and that is a State secret in India for which people areprosecuted!!!
The third case involved a sub-inspector of the Uttar Pradesh police from the Local IntelligenceUnit. His name is Wazi Akhtar Zaidi and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) said that he supplied a list of MQM activists based in Uttar Pradesh to Pakistan. They were never able to find any proof but whatthey did 'find' is a map of the Meerut Cantonment area in his house and on the basis of that he hasbeen put into Tihar. He has had no hearing”
Anti Pakistan Statement by Altaf Hussain on ISI during visit toIndia
 by Arun Rajnath November 7, 2004
Altaf Hussain Says Idea of Pakistan Was Dead at Its Inception
Leader of the Sindh-based political party MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain stunned his audience at an internationalconference on Friday declaring that the "idea of Pakistan was dead at its inception. "The NDTV quoted him as saying: "The division of the subcontinent was the biggest blunder...it was notthe division of land, it was the division of blood. "He wants India to open its doors to every Mohajir, the Muslim refugees who went to Pakistan after the partition. "I appeal to the politicians here to forgive the people who left and let them return, " saidHussain.
Talking about Pakistan, Hussain said: "The scenario is so depressing that leadership of the day openlyadmits that the country would fall apart if the army did not run its affairs. What does it tell you? To me itsignifies a telling blow to the very idea of Pakistan, a homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent, andthe two-nation theory, which continues to wreck untold miseries on the people of this region for the pastfive decades."Muslims are fighting and killing each other on the basis of tribal and linguistic affinity, sectarian strife isworse than ever before. Mosques and madrassas are but flourishing businesses. The less educated the PeshImam, the more popular and affluent he is likely to be. The advocates of Jihad, a medieval concept to tamethe infidel, are wantonly killing followers of the faith as they visit places of worship."Perhaps the idea of Pakistan was dead at its inception, when the majority of Muslims chose to stay back after partition, a truism reiterated in the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. If you need further evidence, look at the plight of 300,000 stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh for three decades in their passage to the chosenland. Unwanted by both Bangladesh and Pakistan, led by an unknown destiny, " he said.The NDTV report described Hussain as the clear star on the second and final day of the Hindustan TimesLeadership Initiative conclave in Delhi. It said in an emotional speech lasting about an hour, Hussainspoke about human rights abuses against Mohajirs in Pakistan, betrayal by former prime ministers NawazSharif and Benazir Bhutto and the need to find a peaceful solution to the issue of Kashmir."The choice before us in Pakistan today is not Musharraf or democracy but between army and even morearmy, " he said. NDTV said Hussain, who started life as a taxi driver in New York, has his own take on how to start afreshon Indo-Pak relations."When you reach a dead end, your car cannot move ahead. What option do you have? Reverse the gear onthe car and go back to where we started...when we were one country, " said Hussain. Explaining why hewas part of a military government, Altaf Hussain said his party was not comfortable with the politicalarrangement. "Why then, you may well ask, are we a part of the Government, which perpetuates armyrule by undermining democracy and its institutions. We have paid a heavy price for pursuing our politicalobjectives in a country where democracy is controlled. Given the circumstances which prevail, our desireto serve the helpless deprived and exploited peoples of Pakistan have indeed led us into politicalarrangements which we are neither comfortable in nor would deem desirable in better circumstances, " hesaid”
Speaking the voice of Indian foreign office, Altaf demands what Indiansdream!!
Convert LoC into IB: MQM chief 
6 November 2004
The Daily Excelsior  Daily Excelsior Correspondent 
 New Delhi:
Favouring conversion of Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir intoInternational Border,
Muttahida Quami Movement chief Altaf Hussain today said India andPakistan should engage in a dialogue on others issues related to development and uplift of people.'LoC can well be used as the basis to begin negotiations by virtue of being a ground reality, whichhas existed for the past three decades. I am saying, use this as a basis or option to begin talks untilsuch a time that a practical alternative is found,' he said in his speech at the Hindustan Times

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