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"Flames of Eternity" Chapter Five By EmmaLee Bertagnole S.C Lang

"Flames of Eternity" Chapter Five By EmmaLee Bertagnole S.C Lang

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Published by Scott Lang

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Published by: Scott Lang on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Flames of Eternity" Chapter Five By EmmaLeeBertagnole & S.C. Lang
The next few hours was spent frantically plotting and planningwhat I would do when I finally had Lansing in my grasp. Revenge wouldbe mine for every second of trouble that insubordinate bastard causedme over the past twelve hours. In less than a day, he had hugged myrequest, ordered the arrest of a respected citizen of Randor, andthen, to make matters worse, had executed that man. The very devilhimself must have taken possession of my usually level-headed War-General, it was the only acceptable explanation.However, he was my only connection to Selena, and she was my onlyconnection to the
Flames of Eternity 
. So peeling his skin from hisbones like a piece of fruit would just have to wait.At last, I heard the muted trample of footsteps pounding downthe hallway. I tried to remain calm as the servant opened the doorand thus officially accepted ownership of Lansing on my behalf. Ireally wanted another goblet of Ammen’s strong ale, but I needed myhead church-bell clear for this encounter. Drink would just blur thenecessity of what must be done.The sight of Lansing nearly made me gasp in horror.Heavy purple bruises surrounded both eyes, and dried blood wasplastered under his nose and from the corners of his mouth. His blondhair was matted and speckled with blood, and his complexion was pasty.His red tunic was in tatters, and his hands were shackled together. Icouldn’t bear seeing him this way. True, what I wanted to do to himwas much worse, but he was my brother, my lifelong friend, I had aright to want him bloodied and beaten. But this, this was too much.I wanted to wrap my arms around him and hold him until his pain wasbehind him. “Bathe him,” I commanded, trying to keep my voice authoritative. “Anddress him in clean clothes. This man is Lansing of Barrington Kingdom,he is my number one War-General and a man of considerable power andprestige, and he will don the appearance of one. And unshackle himimmediately.”“Yes, my lord.”The servants released Lansing with a practiced skill, and herubbed his wrists and looked at me with appreciative eyes. Theservants took him by the arms and turned to lead him into the bathing
room. “Leave him,” I said. “The man has reached adulthood. I’m morethan certain he can bathe and dress himself. You have completed yourservice in grand manner, well done. You are hereby dismissed. Thankyou. Your attention to detail shall not go unnoticed.”The servants seemed hesitant for a moment, then the leader of thebunch bowed to me respectfully and left. Lansing stood there unmovinguntil the slam of the door echoed throughout the main room of mychambers. Even beaten as he was, he still pulled an enormous amount ofpride to him. He nodded at me with steel eyes. “Thank you, my lord.“Do not thank me in haste, War-General. Once you are cleaned-up weshall have a talk. And I can assure you, you will not enjoy it. Youhave brought me much disrespect, and you’ve endangered not only yourlife, but on the Kingdom of Barrington and my title. Such insolencewill not go unpunished. Is that understood?”Any other man would have dropped his head in shame, but Lansingwas not any other man. He stood there, wrapped in his damnable pride,and held my hard stare. “Yes, my lord.”I turned my back on him thus letting Lansing know he wasdismissed. I heard him walk into the bathing room. Servants would bearriving shortly with giant pitchers of hot water for his bath. Ineeded to formulate a new plan; beating Lansing into a bloody pulpwas no longer an option. Randor’s Elite Guards had already taken careof that for me. As the scurrying sounds of the servants filled thechamber with soft sounds, I tried to think of the best way to get theinformation I needed from him.With a slowly spreading smile, the perfect idea came to me,ironically enough, I had Overlord Ammen to thank for my plan.Lansing emerged from into the main room, with wet hair and a freshred tunic. I was seated in the grandest chair I could find while aplain three-legged stool was placed a few feet in front of me. Next tomy chair was a small round table, with a fresh pitcher of water anda candle burning on it. No other light filled the room. I refused tostand up, which would’ve been the respectful thing to do, or to evenlook at him. That added to the insult. “Sit down, Lansing. Now.”My War-General did as he was commanded. I was infuriated withhow calm and self-possessed he was, even in the face of my wrath heradiated with an inner peace that I had never been able to find. Astrong part of me wanted to just draw my sword and run him throughon the spot. Yet, that would not get me what I really wanted;information. “Seems you’ve had quite the adventure tonight, Lansing,”I held my hand up to cut off the words that wished to escape fromhis mouth. “I don’t care a whit about the useless man who’s head youchopped off. No, what I want to hear is why you were seen at themarket place in the company of a witch. Yes, I should think I’d liketo hear about that very much.”
“My lord,” Lansing said with narrowing eyes. “I assure you,whatever information you were given is false. I was never in thepresence of one with magic.”“Are you certain of that?”“Yes, my lord. Quite.”I nodded sadly. “I see.” I sighed loudly. “The name of the demonwoman you were with is Selena. She’s known by many in Randor as amaster of the dark arts. She stops at nothing to get what she wants,and what does she want, you ask. Husbands. She marries men such asyourself, Lansing, then, she steals their souls to increase her powersin witchcraft.”“My lord, such cannot be. She is just a girl --”“So,” I said loudly cutting him off in mid-sentence, “You admitthat you were with her, then?”“It’s true that I was with one named Selena, my lord, but she’s --”“Enough! I will not brook any more insolence from you. The womanis a witch who only wishes to steal your soul, you foolish idiot. Youare not to see her again. Is that understood?”“My lord, your information is most inaccurate. Selena is a lovingsoul, why, her only concern is taking care of the girl who’s father’shead I took tonight. The bastard beat her nearly to death, you see,and when Selena found out, her only concern was rushing to her sidebefore the lass died.”“Lansing, do not insult me with such tales. Why, it’s clear thather evil magic has already taken hold of your spirit, for you’rebabbling like the brook back home.”“My lord, I swear upon my life that what I say is true. The lass’name is Lilly. Selena is lodging the injured lass in her home. All shedid was show concern and a strong desire to nurse this Lilly back tohealth.“If I may, my lord. I was there. I saw the look in Selena’s eyes.She was worried for the well-being of this lass. Called her her bestfriend. She even offered to surrender herself to the Overlord as soonas she knew her lass was out of danger.”“You say this lass’ name is Lilly?”He nodded. “Yes, my lord.”“And this Lilly is being lodged in Selena’s house?”“Yes, my lord. Until her health is returned.”Well this was sure interesting news. A plan was forming in mymind as I listened to Lansing rapid ramblings. I wanted Selena. Notjust because she was my request, but also because I suspected she wasrelated to the stones somehow. Selena had demonstrated a weakness, herdevotion to this Lilly. The plan was simple and crude, but guaranteedto work; take Lilly wait for Selena to come around to collect her,

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I love this, keep up the great work!!! You're both terrific writers :))
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