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Published by Imran Iqbal

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Published by: Imran Iqbal on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Upright Posture Shearing Platforms
Funded by Australian WoolInnovation (AWI) and developedin close consultation with shearersand contractors,the UprightPosture Shearing Platform (UPSP)program aims to provide a lower cost,flexible,more productive andsafer alternative to conventionalshearing,making shearing moreattractive as a profession.
 AWI has invested around $2.5 million so far on the UPSP program,funding sixalternatives and innovative UPSP designs.This amount includes direct funding to theUPSP developers,as well as indirecttechnical support.Furthermore,UPSPdevelopershave assisted by co-fundingmany ofthe development costs.
UPSP technology provides a solution to theOH&S issues facing shearers on a dailybasis by:directly addressing ‘catch and drag’whichis the cause ofmost shearing injuries;andeliminating the need for bending downwhile shearing so reducing the physicaleffort required.In turn this prevents fatigueand prolongs the shearer’sworking life.
Wherethe Program is up to
The UPSP development program has nowconcluded with the development ofa mobilemulti-stand Peak Hill Industries ShearEzy.Presently,AWI is involved with a series of adoption and extension events and field daysthat are aimed at introducing growers andshearing contractors to the UPSP concept.
Who will use UPSPs?
The systems are suitable for woolgrowerswho wish to install a UPSP in their wool shedand shear their own sheep,as well as for small and large scale contractors supplyingshearing services using mobile trailers.It is not even necessary for every user tohavetheir own wool shed as UPSPs can beused on a level outside area or in a simplemulti purpose shed.
Case study:Peak HillIndustries’ShearEzy
What is the ShearEzy system?
The ShearEzy system,designed by Peak HillIndustries consists ofashearing platform withan integrated loader,loading races and optionaltransport trailer.It can operate as a single unitas well as a multiple stand unit when one or more are put together.
The rotation ofthe leg restraints and thehinged movements ofthe two wings allowthe shearer to mechanically manipulate thesheep to each desired position through theshearing process.Optimal flat surfaces areprovided for the shearer which enables longcontinuous blows around most ofthe bodyofthe sheep.Shearing different sheep types and sizesrequires minimal adjustment.The fleeces fallonto the electric driven wool conveyor beltdirectlyunder the sheepand is transferredintact to a knee height tray at the rear ofthemachine for easy pickup bythe wool handler.
phone 1800 070 099 
at a glance...
The UPSP program is aimed ataddressing the productivity,shearer supply,shearing costs and OH&Schallenges ofconventional shearingmethods.The program is a key part ofAWI’sbroader wool harvesting strategy.This coversnewtechnology,improvements to existing technologyand shearer training.With the elimination of‘catch anddrag’as well as shearers performingtheir work upright,rather thanbending over,shearing should befaster,more efficient and thereshould be a reduction in injuries.
ShearEzy multiple stand version - set up in a shearing shed.

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