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Space Project

Space Project

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Published by api-45543055

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Published by: api-45543055 on Nov 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My name is Stephen White, a graphic design student from Sunderland University. I’m currently doing a project entitle Space andExploration. I was wondering if you could answer the following questions?What does space mean to you? Whether that means time away from education/family/work, or an area away from the world.A Place that is your own. How does space make you feel and what emotion does it provoke within you?Thanks For Reading the Book.
Space is a very curious thing to me, it is: real, imaginary and somehow paradoxical. It is the domain, realm and reality in which Iexist; though I’m not sure space has any physical form or presence. Places cannot exist without space, yet a space is not always aplace, but places need space within them. A place is never in the same space for more than a moment, yet the place can maintain thesame characteristics and seemingly the same spaces within them.Space on my own, means time on my own in my own places: I can be on my own without being in an empty space. Everyday I Longfor more order within my places: I love the places I am in, but the spaces within them seem small and crowded. I feel the space ismine, yet other people with no consideration get in my way, steal my space and take-over my places (Thinking of how I feel everyday with dozy tourists not being aware of the space around them and the presence and intentions of other people).I like the fact that in the everyday world only one ‘Thing’ can occupy a space, somehow giving it importance regardless of theeveryday value of a thing. It could be a plant pot, person, ower or a pebble: yet the fact it exists at all and takes up space in realityis somehow amazing.I’m not sure what a space is and I can’t dene any one meaning for it.
Simon LondonOperations Manager
Space to me is time away from everything, chilling on my own and having a good think about everything thats been going onrecently, no distractions , no interruptions. Reection on life and what its been doing. Or just laying back or sitting somewhere quietwatching the world go past and letting my mind wander from thing to thing.
Max EldridgeStudent
A word beloved of Boutique Hotels. Boutique Hotels are cliched, Pretentious and uncomfortable.
Philippa PerryAuthor
My own space makes me feel secure. Knowing theres somewhere I can retreat to when I just need ve minutes to myself just makesme feel better.
James FinbowProject Manager

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