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Low Charging System Output Diagnostic Check Sheet

Low Charging System Output Diagnostic Check Sheet

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Published by RepairPal

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Published by: RepairPal on Nov 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Low Charging System Output Diagnosis Check Sheet
Brand/Make_________________ Model_______________________ Year___________ Engine________________Transmission_______________Mileage__________________ 
1. Technician verifies the customer complaint that the Charging System has low out put and is providing less than 14.1 volts at idle with all electrical loads off. Based on these criteria, theTechnician checks for any Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’S) and/or software updates that applyto the symptom. Note: This issue may be a known pattern failure that has been addressed by the factory engineerswho have compiled a specific repair procedure that involves updated parts and/or software.Low Charging System Output Verified: Yes:_____ No: _____ Battery Voltage: ______________ Bulletins:______________________________________________________________________ 2. Technician records all storedPowertrain Control Modulediagnostic codesPCM Codes: ___________________________________________________________________ In addition to retrieving the diagnostic code(s) the technician performs a complete systems scan of 
all the vehicle computers
to determine if other computer systems are contributing to themalfunctioning Charging System.Example: On some vehicles the Body Control Computer is involved with the operation of theCharging System and may be contributing to the customer complaint.Other Vehicle Codes: ____________________________________________________________ 3. Technician documents all of the Freeze Frame Information for all of the stored codes. Note: Freeze Frame is a data 'movie', very much like an aircraft ‘in flight’ recorder, that saves thePower Train operating conditions when the Check Engine or other system code was triggered.Freeze Frame Data: _____________________________________________________________ 4. Technician inspects the battery and determines whether it is 4 or more years old.Battery Inspection Results: ____________________________ Age of Battery:_______________ I
Tech Info: If the battery is more than 4 years old, technician replaces the battery with a proper replacement battery. If the battery is less than 4 years old and if necessary, the technician chargesthe battery with a suitable battery charger until the open terminal is at least 12.6 volts with thecharger turned off.5. Technician repairs any and all Charging System related codes and re-inspects the ChargingSystem output with a fully charged, good Battery and a Charging System clear of fault codes.Charging System Output Voltage: ______________________________________________ Tech Info: If the vehicle charging system is above 14.1 volts at idle with all electrical loads off, thecharging system issue may have may have been caused by fault codes or a low or old battery.6. While the vehicle is still idling the technician turns on the heater blower motor, headlights,wipers and inspects the battery voltage.Inspection Results:____________ Battery Voltage at least 13.8: Yes: ________ No:____________ Tech Info: If the vehicle charging system is above 13.8 volts at idle with electrical loads, thecharging system issue may have been caused by fault codes or a low or old battery.7. While the vehicle is idling, Technician checks the voltage output from the B+ terminal on the back of the Alternator and performs a voltage drop on the negative battery cable. Note: This is to verify that the small charging system cable to the battery and the negative batterycable are capable of carrying delivering sufficient electrical current.B+ Terminal Voltage: ___________ Negative Battery Cable Voltage Drop: __________________ Tech Info: If the B+ terminal voltage and positive battery terminal voltage differs by more than .2volts and/or the negative battery cable voltage drop is more than .2 of a volt, replace each cable andconnector as necessary and re-inspect until the difference is less than .2 of a volt.8. If equipped, verify that the Charging System Light illuminates with the key, engine off and thengoes out when the engine is started.Charging System Bulb Checks OK: Yes: ____________________ No: _____________________ Tech Info: If the charging system fails the bulb check, repair and re-test the system.9. Technician views the scan data for the Charging System and verifies that the PCM and or BCMare commanding the Alternator to maintain 14.1 volts at idle with the electrical loads off.PCM/BCM Alternator Command Verified: Yes: ________________ No: ____________________ Tech Info: If the Charging System command is verified and the field wire is delivering it to theAlternator, replace the Alternator. Other wise repair the wiring or if good, replace the PCM. Verifyeither repair by re-inspecting the Charging System output as outlined above.II

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