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Relevance of Biological Computers in tics

Relevance of Biological Computers in tics

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Published by Ezhil Arasi

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ezhil Arasi on Nov 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INTRODUCTION:The biological computer is an implantable devicethat is mainly used for tasks like monitoring the body’sactivities or inducing therapeutic effects, all at the molecular orcellular level. It is the smallest biological computing device.The biological computer is made up of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid – an important part in the synthesis of protein from aminoacids), DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid- nucleic acid moleculethat contains the important genetic information that is used bythe body for the construction of cells; it’s the blue print for allliving organisms and proteins.In 2001, a group of Israel scientists created aprototype biological computer-with enzymes as the“hardware” and DNA as the “software”- that may somedaytravel around a human body for the detection and /ortreatment of disease. This computer is able to runapproximately on billion operations per second with 99.8%accuracy. Astonishingly, one billion of these biologicalcomputers could fit inside a drop of water! This computer wassuccessfully programmed to identify- in a test tube- changes inthe balance of molecules in a body that indicate the presence of certain cancers, to diagnose the type of cancer, and to react byproducing a drug molecule to fight the cancer cells.A lot of research works are going in this emerging field.One day in the future, they hope to create a “doctor in a cell”,which will be able to operate inside a living body, spot diseaseand apply the necessary treatment before external symptomseven appear.
HOW A BIOLOGICAL COMPUTER WORKS?Biological computers are made inside a patient’s body.The researchers or doctors merely provide the patient’s bodywith all of the necessary information or a “blueprint” alongwhich lines the biological computer would be “manufactured”.Once the “computer’s” genetic blueprint has been provided,the human body will start to build it on its own using thebody’s natural biological processes and the cells found in thebody.Reading signals produced by cell activity is not yetpossible due to technological limitations. However, through theuse of a tiny implantable biological computer, these cellularsignals could easily be detected, translated and understoodusing existing medical laboratory equipment. Through Booleanlogic equations, a doctor or researcher can easily use thebiological computer to identify all types of cellular activity anddetermine whether a particular activity is harmful or not. Thecellular activities that the biological computer could detect caneven include those of mutated genes and all other activities of the genes found in cells.To demonstrate the concept of biological computer,Professor Shapiro has built a 30-cnetimetre –high plasticmodel of his mechanical computer. He hopes that the advent of improved techniques for making and assembling molecules willmean the day when his computer could be made is not far off.Is it were built form biological molecules it would measureabout 25 millionths of a millimeter in length, roughly the sizeof a cell component called ribosome.Applications:
The implantable biological computer is a device whichcould be used in various medical applications where

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