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VB Dot Net

VB Dot Net

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Published by Vikas Thote

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Published by: Vikas Thote on Nov 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vijay Mukhi
(vmukhi@vsnl.com) is one of the pioneers of the Indian InfotechIndustry. For years, he has been the first to teach the emerging technologies in Indiathus ensuring that India always has people trained in technologies that the worldrequires. Vijay has written over 80 books on computers and programming over thelast eight years on subjects ranging from C, C++ (The Odyssey Series) to Animationand Networking to Java to C#. Vijay abhors complexities and hence his booksshowcase the most difficult concepts explained through small programs, therebygiving a good understanding. Microsoft's .Net technologies is what Vijay is nowfocusing on and he aims at writing volumes on it. His knowledge on .Net Technologies is clearly visible in his seven books where he explains the differentconcepts relating to Visual Studio.Net in the most simplified form. 
Deepak N. Ramchand
(tulipapparels@vsnl.com) is an enterprising apparelexporter, a creative designer by choice. Deepak, being very ambitious in life andspecializing in the field of fashion technology, aims to create his own mark andpresence in the area he adopts. In the application of computer technology to hisknowledge of fashion creativity, this is his first stepping stone. 
Sonal Mukhi
(svmukhi@yahoo.com) is a freelance programmer having a widespreadexposure to computer techniques and languages. Sonal has done groundbreakingwork on various Internet Technologies like Java, ActiveX, Perl, C# and more. She hasco-authored a few books on computer programming too.
  The .NET Framework, encompassing a great new product called Visual Studio.NET, istipped to spur a revolution in the software industry. This is because, the .NetFramework and Visual Stodio.Net have been designed with the Internet as theirepicentre. Visual Basic has been the most widely accepted programming language in the world,and also enjoys the distinction of having the largest band of loyal programmers. Thus, Microsoft was left with no choice but to integrate this product into the .NETFramework in the form of VB.NET. In order to accommodate the large troupe of existing VB developers within this framework, Microsoft has introduced a number of contemporary features to VB.NET, and greatly ameliorated its web design facilities.VB.NET is also regarded as the easiest entry-point into the .Net world, that providessuccour to those who are terrified of biting the bullet of the Brave New World of technology. Microsoft has retained the heart and soul of the original VB product, whilesimultaneously embellishing it with the latest developments available in softwaretechnology. This forms the genesis of VB.NET. As a result, Visual Basic.NET isprimarily an extension of the Visual Basic programming language, which is shippedwith the Visual Basic product. However, it is a significant upgrade or improvementover VB and is far more flexible and powerful.  This book is for the dilettante, and aimed at anyone who is interested in learningVB.NET. The approach that has been followed here is that simple applications arebuilt first, and then, the code is deciphered to unveil the internal workings of theproduct. However, in order to thoroughly appreciate the internal execution of the programs,there are certain significant concepts of the language that need to be discerned first.We have ferreted out the relevant concepts and presented them in the mostelementary manner.  This book converges predominantly around the language aspect, to provideenhanced insights to the programmer into the innovative and improved features of VB.Net. We are of the opinion that on learning the language, large applications canbe designed with effortless ease.  This book is also endowed with a generous sprinkling of error messages, since webelieve that by studying the cause of the errors that are generated by programminglanguages, programmers are bound to become more astute. We have ensured that your interest does not evaporate, by making the book asentertaining and informative as possible. We have done our best to bring our aim of making you a good VB.NET programmer, to fruition. 

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