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The X Chronicles Newspaper Nov 2010

The X Chronicles Newspaper Nov 2010

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Published by cardinal761831

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Published by: cardinal761831 on Nov 29, 2010
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Vol. 15, No 11 A RAM MEDIA COMPANY PUBLICATION November 2010
Planet Earth’s
Paranormal / Parapsychology Newspaper
No Evidence Found In2010 To Support ClaimsOf The Paranormal:From UFOs - Ghosts!
By Rob McConnell
Hamilton, Ontario: As we approach the end of yet another year, people reflect on the year thatwas and anticipate the events of the New Year tocome, and I am no different.So, I thought I would share the year 2010 as I saw it.1. As in years before, there is no physical evidence that UFOs andExtraterrestrials really do exist remains withoutevidence in 2010;2. The claims that a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 withextraterrestrials onboard who where allegedlyrecovered and transported to a secretgovernment site remains without evidence in2010;3. The claims that there are Mother Ships orbiting planet Earth - hundreds of mileslong according to some, have not been photographed or evidence by anyone - again,remains without evidence in 2010;4. The famed Planet-X which certainmembers of the Doomsday Society has not beenfound and cannot be substantiated by membersof the astronomical society - professional or amateur - government or civilian agency or member of academia - remains withoutevidence in 2010;5. The lost continent of Atlantis has not been found and remains without evidence in2010;6. Solid proof that extraterrestrials areabducting citizens of planet Earth with the fullknowledge of the governments of the world hasnot been proven and remains without evidencein 2010;7. There are those who claim that theTerrorist Attacks on September 11 2001 in NewYork City, Washington DC and Pennsylvaniawere perpetrated by the Government of theUnited States and yet these claims remainswithout evidence in 2010;8. Sightings of Bigfoot (Sasquatch)continued and yet, as in years before, theexistence of the creature remains withoutevidence in 2010;9. The governments of the world have been successfully since the 1940’s and possibly before then, covering up the fact thatExtraterrestrials in USAF are here. Once again,there is no proof to substantiate any of theseclaims and these claims remain withoutevidence in 2010;10. The belief that orbs which can beseen in digital photographs are intelligententities, or as some believe, spirits (fashionedafter a scene in The Wizard of Oz) has onceagain in 2010 void of any evidence;11. Those who believe that our modernday technology is a direct result of alien reverseengineering have provided absolutely noevidence in 2010 to support their claims;12. With all the so-called “paranormalreality” TV shows that are now on TV, there hasnot been one ounce of evidence documented to prove that ghosts really do exist;13. The famed Lochness Monster stillremains an unsolved mystery with very fewsighting reported in 2010;14. The Phoenix Lights sighting of analleged UFO on March 13 1997 remainswithout evidence in 2010 that it was indeed aUFO from another planet, dimension or universe;15. The UFO incident in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia on October 4, 1967 remainswithout evidence in 2010 that it was indeed aUFO from another planet, dimension or universe;16. The January 8, 2008 UFO inStephensville, Texas remains without evidencein 2010 that it was indeed a UFO from another  planet, dimension or universe;17. The November 7, 2006 allegedsighting of a UFO over Chicago’s O’HareAirport by a very small number of people in oneof the busiest air traffic areas in the UnitedStates remains without evidence in 2010 that itwas indeed a UFO from another planet,dimension or universe;18. The world wide Crop Circle phenomena has dwindled considerably in 2010with those who believe they are messages fromExtraterrestrials still not able to provide anyevidence whatsoever to substantiate their claims- Crop Circles too remain without evidence in2010.
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No Physcial Evidence of the Paranormal
In This Edition of The ‘X’ ChroniclesNewspaper
(Print/Online/CD ROM/e-Book Version)NOVEMBER 2010
These are just
of the storiesand articles in this edition of THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER 
Page 01: 2010: No Paranormal Evidence FoundPage 03: Whispers, Chains, GhostsPage 05: Big Brother Is WatchingPage 06: Hitler Devised UFOPage 07: Ann Eller Re-ExaminedPage 08: Dorito UFO Spotted Over UK Page 09: Billy Meier Beats NASA to PunchPage 10: UFO? Missile? Contrail?Page 11: Is There A 666/2012 Connection?Page 12: ‘X’ Zone Launch on NNTV DelayedPage 13: Dr Nance MacLeod - 2011 EventsPage 14: My God, I’m Hit!Page 15: North American UnionPage 16: Biologist Explains ChupacabraPage 17: Tales of Witchcraft in MaritimesPage 18: 10 Alien Encounters DebunkedPage 19: Alien PredatorsPage 25: Common Myths About DiabetesPage 26: Life After ReligionPage 27: From Websites to Peace of MindPage 28: Bizarre NewsPage 29: 2012: The Year of ChangesPage 30: Dodging the Nuclear 9/11Page 31: Astrology for December 2010Page 32: Planet XPage 33: In Flanders Field, The Poppies Blow.Page 34: Muslim, Christian and JewPage 35: Visions of the Future - Sims Card ManPage 36: ‘X’ Zone BannermaniaPage 39: Snippets from the TrenchesPage 41: Visions of RealityPage 42: NASA, Fakes and Cover-upsPage 43: Psychic Said She Was DupedPage 44: The Exodus RevelationPage 45: UFO MatrixPage 46: Sorry! There Is No AfterlifePage 47: Secrets of an ImmortalPage 48: Afterworld.info
The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is published by RAMMedia Company. The contents of this material are (C)Copyright 2010 by RAM Media Company and may not be copied or reprinted in whole or in part without theexpress written consent of the publisher. All opinions,comments or statements of fact expressed by RobMcConnell's guests are strictly their own and are not to beconstrued as those of or in any manner endorsed by RAMMedia Company, Rob McConnell, The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show, itsaffiliated stations or employees or advertisers. RAMMedia Company assumes no responsibility for claimsmade by its advertisers, contributors or stories from other sources and do not endorse any product and or servicementioned herein. To advertise in The ‘X’ Chronicles, please contact us at (905) 575-1222 or send an email toadvertising@xchronicles-newspaper.com.
No Evidence Found In2010 To Support ClaimsOf The Paranormal:From UFOs - Ghosts!
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All these years, and it’s always the samestory : All hype - NO proof!You would think with all the moderntechnology that is available that surely by now,someone would have found the evidence thatwould satisfy believers and skeptics alike, andyet, nothing. No pieces of a UFO... no video of a cropcircle being created by an unknown force... no photos that cannot be disputed of anextraterrestrial...no body of a deceased member of the Bigfoot / Sasquatch clan... nothing!Since starting The ‘X’ Zone RadioShow, I have interviewed more than 3, 197guests and still - no proof - hard core physicalevidence!How can this be?Is it possible that the paranormal is being used as an escape for the stress and pressures of todays pace of living - analternative realm of mental reality?Is it possible that the paranormal is being used as the justification for our failures -a way that we humans shield ourselves againstfailure and a mentally draining life?Is there a connection between the foodswe eat and visions of the paranormal and paranormal activity?Is it possible that the answers to the paranormal lay within the unchartered regionsof the human psyche?Is it possible that the paranormalhappens when two parallel universes interact for that brief moment in time?Is it possible that the paranormal is justa figment of the human imagination?There has to be an answer!Are we looking for a complicatedsolution to the mystery of the paranormal or could the answer be as simple as the paranormalreally does not exist, except in the minds andhearts of the true believers and those who wantto belong and believe?Well, as we approach the New Year, Iagain feel myself being filled with optimismthat the year 2011 may be the year that the allelusive proof... the smoking gun will be found.For The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Showand The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, I am, RobMcConnell. []
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Showwith Rob McConnell
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard Monday - Fridayfrom 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern, and then the show isrepeated in its entirety from 2 AM - 6 AM on the‘X’ ZONE BROADCAST NETWORK and THR TALKSTAR RADIO NETWORK. We also deliver The ‘X’ Zone Radio and TV Show to broadcastersand satellite programmers via a secure andencrypted FTP server.
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HAVE YOU SEEN A UFO?NOW YOU CAN REPORT YOUR SIGHTING TOwww.X U F O R C.comYour report will be investigated byprofessional investigators with police,military and intelligence training.All information will be treated asCONFIDENTIAL
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Whispers, Chains, Rustle Sounds, Ghosts
Whispers, Chains, RustleSounds, GHOSTS!
By: Elizabeth Joyce
What is an Apparition but thesupernormal manifestation of people, animals,objects, ghosts and spirits. Most apparitions areof living people or animals who are too distantto be perceived by the normal senses.Apparitions of the dead are also called Ghosts.Despite extensive study since the latenineteenth century, scientists know very littleabout the nature of apparitions.Most apparition experiences featurenoises, unusual smells such as roses, dirt, or food cooking, extreme cold, and thedisplacement of objects. Other phenomenainclude visual images, tactile sensations, suchas a feather brushing down your arm, voicesand apparent psycho kinetic movement of objects, and sometimes a faraway voice or scream. Visual images are seen only in a small percentage of reported cases. However, acamera will often pick up the outline of anApparition.Living people can astral travel and visitother people and other places by accessing andusing their Universal Body or Etheric Double.A study of Apparitions published in 1956 byAmerican psychic researcher Hornell Hart andcollaborators showed no significant differences between characteristics of apparitions of theliving and the dead. They appear to be the same.Some apparitions seem corporeal, while othersare luminous, transparent or ill defined.Apparitions can move through solid matter andappear/disappear abruptly. They cast shadowsand can always be reflected in mirrors. Somemay have jerky and limited movements, whileothers are lifelike in movement and speech.Apparitions invariably are clothed.Ghosts will appear in their period costumes -hence the tradition of Halloween Costumes.Apparitions of the living appear in the moment.Whatever they are wearing will be “seen” assuch by the viewer. Many call this theappearance of a “double.”A pilot told me a story about how his“double “ appeared to his father. The pilot wasat sea in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.He was wounded and on his way back fromOkinawa to Hawaii on a hospital ship when theJapanese forces bombed the ship. All were lostexcept three men, who were in a life raft. Thefather lived in Maine and “knew” his son was introuble. He called the Pentagon, who assuredhim his son was safe. The son’s double came tohis father several times a day for five daysasking for help. The son told his father telepathically that he was on a raft and dying.The father kept calling the Pentagon with acomplete description of the event and madesuch a fuss that they sent out a search plane. The plane found the raft and the three were savedonly because of telepathy and astral projection!This experience of telepathic responsefrom disincarnate beings and other humans byusing their Universal Body or double, is thenext evolvement for mankind. Within twentyyears, telepathic response will be consideredquite normal.I had been trying to conceive a child for two years, and had four miscarriages. It seems Iwas carrying the RH Factor, or negative bloodwhile my husband had RH Positive blood. Theunborn child would naturally abort the womb before six months time, as it could not acceptthe mother's blood with the father's blood genes.I became depressed, tine and undernourishedwith strain and worry. One evening in earlysummer Mother Mary, or an Angel, appeared tome. She came in the form of a beautiful blondehaired woman in a blue/white light and spokewith me telepathically. I heard "You have justconceived a son. His name will be Jeffrey. Hewill become a doctor and at age 35 he hassomething great to give mankind. he will havered hair!" I was overwhelmed, as we haddesired a son, and had always I had kiddedabout the red hair. Both sides of the family hadred headed children and I stated that I did notwant a "carrot top".The pregnancy was confirmed withinthe month and nine months later my son was born in thirty-one minutes, almost a hospitalrecord! Jeffrey is now a doctor. He does laser eye surgery. What's coming? What happenedthat evening over Thirty years ago? Was it adream or my imagination? One thing wascertain, this child would be born. I carried thattruth within my heart for nine months and never doubted it. The feeling of certainty gave me aninner strength and joy, and although the son hadhis father's blood type, he was perfectly normaland healthy.More than 80 percent of apparition casesthat have been studied have manifested for areason, usually during a crisis of some sort. Tocommunicate a death, provide a warning,comfort the grieving, cry for help or to conveyneeded information. Some haunting apparitionsseem to regularly appear where emotionalevents have occurred, such as murders or  battles, while other hauntings seem to be rather aimless.
Apparitions can be divided into atleast seven different types:
Crisis Apparitions:
usually visualimages that appear in waking visions or dreamsat the moment of crisis, such as to communicatedying or death. Typically, but not always, theyappear to individuals who have close emotionalties to the person who is the source of theapparition. i.e. sister, cousin, parent. When myfather died, he came to me, as did my mother and both of my Uncles.
Apparitions of the Dead:
manifestations of the deceased, usually withinhours after death, to comfort the grieving or tocommunicate information, conclude unfinished business, or to announce a role as their newGuardian Angel. Shirley MacLane wrote in her  book, Out On A Limb, an experience she hadwith Peter Sellers when he passed away. Shewas at a party in Los Angeles and he was inParis. He had a sudden, severe heart attack andappeared to her at the party to say good-by.
Collective Apparitions:
manifestationsof either the living or the dead that appear simultaneously to multiple witnesses.Approximately one third of reported apparitionsare witnessed collectively. Also, a psychicknowing can be experienced in many parts of the world, as was the Twin Towers bombing andthe Pan Am bombing over Scotland. The nextone is the feeling that President Obama may notcomplete his term of office. Usually this will betelepathic information regarding a world event.
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