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The Ethnobotany of Shamnism X

The Ethnobotany of Shamnism X

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Published by nqtu1798

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Published by: nqtu1798 on Nov 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Ethnobotany of Shamanism
This is great tripper material, perfect for someone like myself. I have listened to this before a little while ago and I remember it really blew me away. I am very excited to bedoing this one again because of all the powerful information that is so clear-cut and pertinent to our situation here. He gets out a lot of really important topics and key pointsfor this whole agenda. I am very interested in this material and I will pay close attentionto all the details. I will go at my own pace and not demand that I need get this done byany specific amount of time. Thank for this opportunity life!7/4/08Begin.Because this is a small group and probably self-selected for high interest in these subjectswhy as much as possible you should direct me towards whatever your special concernsare so that of each person, whatever their slant, there is a reasonable pay-back ininformation and there may be areas where I am disappointing or unhelpful but usuallythen I can point you towards somebody else or some source.The first thing this afternoon I’ll bring some books to show you10 or 15 source booksthat would help you in researching any aspect of this whether you are interested in itacademically or for personal spiritual growth or whatever.It’s very important to be informed, this is an area where its very hard to bluff it becauseon one level its a branch of medical science. What we’re talking about is folk  pharmacology
and you really should understand certain things about pharmacology,certain things about physiology
because your life may come to depend on it in somesituations, it’s not casual.You want to be able to assess risk and make intelligent choices. So what I usually do inthese kinds of situations is go around the circle and try to get a feeling for the backgrounds, the interests, and the concerns for whoever is here.Then tailor what is said afterwards to the needs of the group, so why don’t we just dothat, you can tell us your name and then your particular concern or what you hope to getout of this. Something which will give me a basis, then, for structuring what will comeafterwards. Why don’t we go around in good shamanic fashion, counter-clockwise.(Each individual is describing their field, interest, reason for being there, and aspirations.)COME BACK LATER AND MAKE THE ADDITION OF THE ATTENDEES’COMMENTARY
I love the ID networks by I find it very hard to force myself to use one. It’s like riding ina taxi, its like I am so aware of the money but it’s a silly thing because I use electricity inmy house and I don’t feel like I am riding in a taxi but I got on to the source, and on thesource you can word search the membership for interestand I typed out “drugs” (laughter) and it came back and said there were 850 people onthere who had written that drugs were interesting. Then I wrote “ok, drugs without sexand rock and roll” and it came back…4 people (laughter)It didn’t solve all of my affinity for this problem.(MUCH MORE COMMENTARY)This is a really intense issue for people, telling someone that you think they should take a psychedelic compound for purposes of spiritual growth
is usually going to set off some kind of very strong reaction.
Or “You’re saying I’m screwed up” or “You’re trying to poison me”or “You’re screwed up or you wouldn’t be saying this” these kinds of things.Recently I have to review Marshal Mcluhan’s letters so I had to review all these lettersthat he wrote and one of the things he wrote about was how nervous people got when hetried to discuss the effects of media, the unconscious effects of media.He said that people who were raised in the tradition of the phonetic alphabet weretremendously nervous about having their machinery of reality examined.I think the drug thing is
even more
this kind of issue.In the 60’s when I went home thinking I would convert my family into taking LSD it wasvery clear to me as I argued with them about it that the reason they didn’t want to take it
was that
they knew damn good and well that they were crazy
,and they didn’t want to mess with it. You know the last thing on earth they would want todo would be probe and explore the mind.They had that all nailed down just fine, thank you.But we will talk about this. Good well I’m glad you’re here.We’ll talk about diet, and MAO and all that.
I’ll say just a little bit about my own interests about all this, or how I got into it. I don’tknow, I mean one creates a false history when you look back into time to try and explainhow you got to where you are, or at least I do.Trying now to understand how I got to be involved the psychedelic experience, it seemsto me that what it really requires is a love of the peculiar, of the weird, the bizarre, thefreaky and unimaginable. I don’t give great credence to astrology, but I am a doubleScorpio so I’m told that this kind of thing pre-disposes one for 12
house activity.Several times in my life I seem to have gone through these revelations where things seemto change so profoundly that
I could hardly recognize who I had been before
.I noticed this around the time I was 7 or 8 happening, the first time. Nature and theimagination seemed to be the precursors to the involvement in the psychedelic experienceso I was a rock-hound, a butterfly collector, a rocket builder, a connoisseur of explosivesand all of this sort of thing while my peers were off playing little league baseball I was back in the hills digging out trilobites and tracking down moths and stuff like that.Then science fiction was a tremendous stimulus to my imagination because it seemed tosay, you know, anything you can imagine is fair game. Anything you can conceive of can be treated as a reality.I was also raised in a Catholic household so my whole thing was to bring cynicalresistance to the spirit. I was an atheist, a Marxist, an existentialist, a rational material…you know a pain in the neck basically.In all of that somehow I began reading Aldous Huxley, the social novels
 Antic Hey
Chrome Yellow
, the comedies of manners of British academic society.I was like 12 but I always drove myself to read really beyond my level. This lead me to
The Doors of Perception
, which I had read
 Brave New World 
, which was an anti-drugdystopia you know a nightmarish world of plastic never-grow-old people who taketranquilizers any time there’s a hint any of deep emotion or any kind of anxiety. Themotto was “A gram is better than a damn!” and you could just for a quarter, anywhere,get one of these pills and they would put you right back into being happy andcooperative.And so Huxley who was a very concerned person, very interested in the fate of 20
century society. Went from this dystopic vision of drugs to the doors of perception andheaven and hell in which he describes experiments with mescaline and totally turned himaround and convinced him that these medieval mystics that he was so fond of, Meister Eckhart, and San Juan de la Cruz and so forth were actually describing the same realitythat he, and William Blake, that he was getting into.

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