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The Words That Persist

The Words That Persist

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Published by Dixie Jane Smith

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Published by: Dixie Jane Smith on Nov 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dixie Smith Smith1Dr. Jan RiemanEnglish 1103October 18, 2010
The Words That Persist 
Before I actually sat down and assessed my writing log, I thought, Im going to seeseveral cyber writings (mainly text messages), some class notes, and a couple of writingassignments- school stuff. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out I utilize my pen and paper, or otherpaper-substitute material, way more than I assumed. It was a surprise, but an interestingone.It was just such a surprise when I counted up how many text messages I had sent over the past week- a whopping thirty-one. For real? Thats it? I mean, Id guessed Id havea least somewhere near fifty. I first thought that I wish Verizon had a smaller, thus cheaper,texting plan. But then I decided to take the high road andthink a little bit deeper. So Icontinued perusing my list: seventeen pages of notes, ten emails, two papers, and about ahundred Art History note cards to study by (thats my Art History professor for you),nothing really unexpected yet. However, it was as I drew closer to the end of my list that things got interesting. One written note to Daddy, reminding him of the upcoming collegepayment I need him to write a check for. Fifteen scribbled notes on my hand to remind meof various issues that I needed to deal with. A grocery list on the back of another receipt;how ironic. The building and room number for a professor I needed to pick-up a moviefrom, which is pretty ironic also now that I think about it because that particular note wasjotted down on the back of a movie stub. And the list went on, reciting all of the littlemeaningless notes that I cant manage without.

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