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Car Collector Chronicles 12-10

Car Collector Chronicles 12-10

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Published by Dave Yaros
Dec 2010 edition (12/2010, 5 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: That Time of Year, Neat Site, Automobilia

PICS: 1995 Nash Cross Country, 1987 AMC Eagle, 1906 REO Runabout, 1931 REO Royale, 1908 Studebaker Limo, 1966 Studebaker Lark
Dec 2010 edition (12/2010, 5 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: That Time of Year, Neat Site, Automobilia

PICS: 1995 Nash Cross Country, 1987 AMC Eagle, 1906 REO Runabout, 1931 REO Royale, 1908 Studebaker Limo, 1966 Studebaker Lark

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Published by: Dave Yaros on Nov 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume III, Issue 12
brown cardboard box in which theywere shipped. On the box I writewith a black felt marker,
on eachand every surface
, the car it is forand what is in the box. The “eachand every surface” thing is important.Why? Because no matter how theContinued–P. 2Well, we are wrapping upanother calendar year. Theholiday season is soon to beupon us. If there is any doubtabout that, just check out thet.v. commercials. Christmas hasbeen hawked since October!What do car collectors wantfor Xmas? If I could have any-thing I wanted, it would be
Space for cars, parts,books/manuals; u-name-it. Un-fortunately, absent moving orundertaking renovations, theability to get more space is non-existent..In the hopes it may provehelpful, I will detail what I havedone to make use of the limitedspace available to me. First andforemost is to get organized.The problem of lack of enoughspace is severely compoundedwhen everything is strewn allover.I have a veritable slew of manuals and documents relatingto my Allant
de Villeand Olds. To end having tosearch all over for the printeddoc I need, I built a bookcase inmy garage. It is anything butfancy. However, it works bykeeping all my materials handy,and in one place; right next tomy workbench.To organize these materials Ihave purchased hard cover 3-post binders; the kind you oftensee at parts stores. They arerugged and lay flat when open. Ihave at least one for each of mythree rides. The materials inthe binders are further organ-ized via alphabetical tabs. Itdoes make it a lot easier to findwhat I need, when I need it.Small parts (ignition, electrical,lenses, whatnot), are stored inplastic storage bins. If is it smallenough to fit, into a bin it goes.Each car gets as many bins asneeded.I keep many spare parts in the
That Time of Year 
on the Web
Find GDYNets on the web:
http://ccc.activeboard.comCar Collector Chronicles-scribdSaved 62 -1962 Olds web sitehttp://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -
1955 CadillacCoup
de Ville web site
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy in-formation.
A website de-voted to a myriad of interests.Foremost is extensive informa-tion on the “Steel City” of Gary,IN. There are also offerings onsteel making, U.S. Steel-GaryWorks, U.S. Marine Corps, M14assault rifle, of course Oldsmo-bile, and the tragic story of themurder of Gary, IN Police Lt.George Yaros.
December 2010Ca
Happy Holidays!
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car Collecting Today
Classic Rides
Reports From the Field
(1902- )
é (1987-1993)
That Time of Year
GDYNetsOn the Web
Neat Site!
Coming Next Is-sue
Photo Page
-The Forum EMail:
box ends up being placed, one knows what is in it without having toopen it. Ridiculously simple, true. But, it is a real time saver that wardsoff frustration and exasperation.
I am speaking from real-world experi-ence here! 
 My computer stores the many car related records and information thatI do not need to hold in my hand. The only space they occupy is on myhard drive. Should I need the reassurance of a piece of paper, I alwayshave the option to print out the material.If you are like me, and vehicle space is limited, I find it helpful whenworking on a car to move the daily driver out of the car barn. The emptystall gives me “walking around” space. By doing so I am not forced toconstantly have to navigate around a vehicle to get to a tool, the work-bench, or whatever. It makes things go a lot quicker, and dissipates thefeeling of being in cramped, close quarters.The last point I will make is that taking steps too create the illusion of space is a good thing. This can best be accomplished through a surplusof overhead lighting. Not being in the car barn at this moment, I believethe number of dual-tube, 4-foot, fluorescent ceiling light units I have is13. When they are on, there are no dark corners in the garage. Conse-quently, one does not feel as though they are working in an under-ground cave. I can say with certainty that there simply is no such thingas too much light.Hopefully, the above may contain a tip that makes your work environ-ment more user friendly?
Annual Index
In a separate publication, you will find the 2010 Annual Index. It’s pur-pose is to assist you in locating anything/everything published in
® this year.
Neat Site!
I ran across a really neat web site for owners of GM rides from 1980and later. You enter your VIN, and if it is in the database, it will give youtons of info about your car.Our ’92 Allanté, for reasons I have yet to determine, has no build date
Car Collector Chronicles
Page 2
My computer stores themany car related records and informationthat I do not need to hold inmy hand. Theonly spacethey occupy ison my hard drive.” 
sticker on the door. One of the items I was able to retrieve from this sitewas the date our car rolled off the assembly line; Wednesday,11/13/1991. The site also told me how many cars with our particular color and options were manufactured by Cadillac in 1992. It turns outthat ours is 1-of-153 similarly equipped.The site also provides part diagrams and numbers. This feature isreally handy in trying to track down an elusive item.The one drawback is, no cars before 1980 are in the database. Also,not every GM VIN from 1980 on is in the database. I do not know whogathered all this info and did the necessary programming to make thedatabase readily searchable? The named techy for the site is one Ja-son Humphrey. Whoever it was, they are to be commended!The site is owned and operated by Comp Nine, a Georgia based autoparts supplier. The link for the site ishttp://www.compnine.com/vid.php.If your car fits the database parameters, do grab your VIN and check itout!
I recently acquired a few trinkets of automobile memorabilia that giverise to this topic. I like employee badges. I think it is neat to havesomething that was actually in the plant, and used by an autoworker daily. Employee badges fill that bill.My recent acquisitions include employee badges from American Mo-tors, REO Motors and Studebaker. I also have a badge from theOldsmobile plant in Lansing, MI. These are all actual employee badges,from back in the day, not repops. Of course, all these companies haveceased operations.Of the three, AMC had the shortest lifespan. It was formed in 1954,with the merger of Nash and Hudson. It ceased operations in 1987. Itsfinal model was the AMC Eagle. It built cars at a plant fairly close tome, in Kenosha, WI. (The plant was sold to Chrysler, and is nowclosed.) I once owned an AMC car. In fact, it was the very first brandnew car I ever bought.After graduating from law school I took the plunge and bought a brandspanking new 1973 Gremlin. Prior to that my ride had been an aging1963 Ford Falcon Futura convertible. I really did not own the Gremlinlong enough to form an impression. Unfortunately, I totaled the car in1975, and took a beating from my insurance company, which subse-quently refused to issue me another policy!
The site alsotold me how many carswith our  particular color and options weremanufactured by Cadillac in1992. It turnsout that oursis 1-of-153similarly equipped.” 
Car Collector Chronicles
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