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Vertual Reality Kidnapped-Chapter 1

Vertual Reality Kidnapped-Chapter 1

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Published by splicer101
Children are being kidnapped by strange silver boxes and computer games and are being placed in a vertual reality simulator!!!
Children are being kidnapped by strange silver boxes and computer games and are being placed in a vertual reality simulator!!!

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Published by: splicer101 on Oct 30, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter oneThe Silver BoxI think I’ve done itCome and see meS.This was the mysterious letter that Jacob had just received. Jacobs was aneighteen year old young man. Jacob did not have the slightest idea of who S. was.He was siting on his bed when his mother walked in.“What’s that” she asked.“A letter but I don’t know who from,” Jacob replied.“It’s probably for your sister did you check with her”.“Year but it’s got my name on it. And besides she doesn’t live hear anymore”.“Strange, very strange,” said his mother and walked out laughing.The next morning Jacobs mum walked in and murmured “I’ve got another letter foryou”.Jacob took the letter. It was addressed to Jacob Hoven at 140 Trisher Street.Jacob opened the letter. It consisted of three words.Come over quicklyS.Jacob was puzzled why did this person named S. want him so bad. He looked at theback of the letter and realised for the first time that the letter didn’t have thesenders address on the back. Jacob rang up everybody he knew and asked them ifthey knew anyone that had the initials S. but no one did. You’d think thatsomething like this would be easy to forget, but for Jacob it wasn’t. He went tosleep that night dreaming of weird people saying ‘I’ve done it Jacob I’ve doneit’.The next day when Jacob was eating his breakfast the doorbellrang. He heard a rustle, someone say “ouch”, and then a “thank-you”. Than the doorclosed and his dad reappeared.“Who was that,” Jacobs mum asked?“Oh just the mail lady,” replied his dad. Jacobs mum scrolled. “You’ve got apackage Jacob,” said his dad.Jacob took the package from his father’s hands and was surprised to see the letterS. on it. It was a big package about the size of a small TV. Jacob ripped the thinbrown paper away and revealed a cardboard box. He opened the box up and insidethere was a shiny silver steel box. Jacob piked it up and suddenly he felt veryweird. The box was light and yet at the same time heavy. He turned it over andrevealed a letter. It read:JacobThis is the prototype, plug it in and come and see me.S.That night Jacob was sitting on his bead holding the shiny silver box. ‘This isthe prototype, plug it in and come and see me’. Jacob couldn’t get these words outof his head. He looked at it. There was no cord on it. It was just smooth andshiny. He yarned. Just then his dad walked past. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping Jacob,you’ve got work tomorrow”.“So do you,” Jacob replied.“Ha”, blurted his dad and walked off.Finally Jacob put the box down and went to pull his covers down. As he reached his

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