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The Hollow Earth by Raymond Benard

The Hollow Earth by Raymond Benard

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Published by Joel Bowers

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Published by: Joel Bowers on Dec 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Greatest Geographical Discovery in HistoryMade by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the PolesThe True Origin of the Flying SaucersBy Dr. Raymond Bernard A.B., M.A. Ph.D.Distributed by Fieldcrest Publishing Co., Inc. 210 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. New Edition, 1964DEDICATEDTo the Future Explorers of the New World that exists beyond North and SouthPoles in the hollow interior of the Earth. Who will Repeat Admiral Byrd's historicFlight for 1,700 Miles beyond the North Pole and that of his Expedition for 2,300Miles beyond the South Pole, entering a New Unknown Territory not shown onany map, covering an immense land area whose total size is larger than North America, consisting of forests, mountains, lakes, vegetation and animal life.The aviator who will be the first to reach this New Territory, unknown until Admiral Byrd first discovered it, will go down in history as a New Columbus andgreater than Columbus, for while Columbus discovered a new continent, he willdiscover a New World.* * *PUBLISHER'S FOREWORDStatements in this publication are recitals of scientific findings, known facts of physiology and references to ancient writings as they are found.There are numerous authorities who have stated that flying saucers and otherstrange phenomena exist which scientists will not, or dare not admit. Few in theU.S. dare to state the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any subject(even if he knew the truth). This is especially true of the `educated' scientist andmen high and mighty. Governments would topple - money and credit wouldvanish. There would be utter chaos and high-ranking individuals would be ruinedsocially and economically. Truth is such a rare quality, a stranger so seldom metin this civilization of fraud, that it is never received freely, but must fight its wayinto the world. There is not a public school which teaches the truth aboutReligion, Health, the Money-System, Politics of How to Buy and Sell etc.We assume no responsibility for any opinions expressed (or implied) by the
author. We have no authority to comment upon the opinions of the author.Books and folios are sold to be accepted or rejected, and the purpose of thesewritings is to dissipate darkness and to stir the minds of the people. Those whorun may read - there are thousands of books which are far more enlighteningthan the `spoon-fed' news from the daily scandal sheet.In November 1957, a world famous physician and scientist died in a U.S. federalpenitentiary where he had been imprisoned for resisting an unlawful injunctiondesigned to stop his vital research, steal his discoveries, and kill the discoverer.That man was Wilhelm Reich, M.D. This was the culmination of more than 10years of harassment and persecution at the hands of carefully concealedconspirators who used U.S. Federal Agencies and Courts to defraud the people of this earth and prevent them from knowing and utilizing crucial discoveries inphysics, medicine, and sociology which could help bring about happiness andpeace for all mankind which good men and women everywhere seek and work towards.His "device" mentioned (in the injunction) was his "orgone energy accumulator",an invention of his which was hailed by the late Theodore P. Wolfe, M.D., as thegreatest single discovery in the history of medicine." The FDA completely evadedand avoided and banned (and burned) the published and documentedverification of scores of reputable physicians and scientists THROUGHOUT THEWORLD, who duplicated, verified and published corroboration of the discoveriesof Wilhelm Reich. These books claimed no cures of any kind. FDA said theyconstituted labeling (misbranding or mislabeling). His public experimentalfindings were revolutionary. They threatened at once, the existing commercialinterests, especially the Drug Industry, the Power Companies, etc. The squeezewas on to kill this discovery, kill it dead: - just as Krebiozen and other cancercures have been killed.Therefore, we will not enter into any correspondence regarding this book - northe author. Whether you accept or reject the contents of this book is yourprivilege. No one cares. If it awakens a responsive cord - then we have otherbooks which may open new knowledge for you (not taught in public schools northrough the public mediums). The Publishers* * *UFOs and GOVERNMENTAL SECRECY Recently Frank Edwards, courageously outspoken radio and televisioncommentator, was quoted as saying: "Orders of secrecy (re UFOs) come fromthe top. The Air Force is simply the `fall guy.'"Edwards, an outstanding pioneer in the field of Ufology, has long carried on a
crusade to expose official censorship and the withholding of facts relating toUFOs from the public. As a friend and acquaintance of Edwards for many years, Ifeel that he knows whereof he speaks; and I concur with the above-expressedopinion.Recent revelations from various sources have served to substantially confirm hisconclusion. It is with this thought in mind that the facts have been broughttogether for the reader's information and consideration.For years many UFO investigators have felt that the Air Force was in possessionof facts relating to UFOs which they were withholding from the public for reasonsknown only to themselves. Various opinions to this effect have appeared in printin recent years. A few of the most authoritative are quoted below.In 1958, Bulkley Griffin, of the New Bedford, Mass. Standard-Times Washingtonbureau, wrote an excellent series of articles for that paper, one of which wasentitled: "Pentagon's Censorship on UFOs is Effective." The following is aquotation from that article:"It has been asked what right has a military organization to monopolize controlof the UFO situation and seriously interfere with the public's knowledgeregarding it.To this the Air Force has its own answer. Regulation 200-2 starts: `The Air Forceinvestigation and analysis of UFOs over the United States are directly related toits responsibility for the defense of the United States.' Later (in 200-2) the UFOsare listed as a `possible threat to the security of the United States.'But why the broad and persistent Air Force secrecy on UFOs? This essentialquestion lacks a definite answer. The CIA, to an unknown extent, and the FBI, inindividual cases, have taken an interest in the situation. Neither outfit is famedfor unloading facts upon the public. The National Security Council operates in likefashion.The staff of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has donesome study on the UFO-Air Force matter, and has decided not to investigate, andto hold no hearings open or closed. This is a victory for the Air Force, which isearnestly and discretely fighting any Congressional probe."Late in 1958 another equally fine series of articles, by John Lester, appeared inthe Newark Star Ledger. The following is a pertinent excerpt: "A news storyrevealing that government personnel are tracking mysterious objects was hailedyesterday as `one of the most important developments in the flying saucerproblem.'

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