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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
How This Guide is Organized
Document Conventions
Where to Find Web-based Guides
Contacting Allied Telesyn
Sales or Corporate Information
Section I
Chapter 1
Local Management Session
Telnet Management Session
Web Browser Management Session
SNMP Management Session
Section II
Local and Telnet Management
Chapter 2
Starting a Local or Telnet Management Session
Starting a Local Management Session
Figure 1 Connecting a Terminal or PC to the RS232 Terminal Port
Enhanced Stacking
Quitting from a Local Session
Starting a Telnet Management Session
Chapter 3
Basic Switch Parameters
When Does an AT-8024 or AT-8024GB Switch Need an IP Address?
AT-8024GB Switch
How Do You Assign an IP Address?
Configuring an IP Address and Switch Name
Figure 3 Administration Menu
Activating the BOOTP and DHCP Services
Figure 4 System Configuration Menu
Configuring SNMP Community Strings and Trap IP Addresses
Figure 5 Advanced Configuration Window
Figure 6 SNMP Configuration Window
Activating the AT-S39 Software Default Values
Resetting a Switch
Configuring the AT-S39 Software Security Features
Viewing the AT-S39 Version Number and Switch MAC Address
❑AT-S39 version number
Figure 7 Diagnostics Window
Chapter 4
Enhanced Stacking
Enhanced Stacking Overview
Figure 8 Enhanced Stacking Example
Setting a Switch’s Enhanced Stacking Status
Selecting a Switch in an Enhanced Stack
Returning to the Master Switch
Port Parameters
Displaying Port Status
Figure 11 Port Menu
Figure 12 Port Status Window
Configuring Port Parameters
9 - MDI/MDIX Mode
Displaying GBIC Information
Figure 14 GBIC Information Window
Figure 15 GBIC Information Window
Chapter 6
Port Security
Port Security Overview
Configuring Port Security
Figure 16 Port Security Menu
Configuring the Limited Security Mode
Figure 18 Set MAC Limit Menu
Chapter 7
Port Trunking
Port Trunking Overview
Figure 19 Port Trunk Example 1
Creating a Port Trunk
Figure 22 Port Trunk Status Window
Deleting a Port Trunk
Chapter 8
Port Mirroring
Port Mirroring Overview
Creating a Port Mirror
Figure 23 Port Trunking Menu
Deleting a Port Mirror
Chapter 9
Spanning Tree Protocol
STP Overview
Selecting a Root Bridge
Handling Topology Changes
Communicating Between Bridges
Configuring a Bridge’s STP Settings
Figure 24 Spanning Tree Menu
Configuring STP Port Settings
Figure 25 Config STP Port Settings Window
Config STP Port Settings
Chapter 10
VLAN Overview
Port-based VLAN Overview
Drawbacks to Port-based VLANs
Port-based Example 1
Figure 26 Port-based VLAN - Example 1
Port-based Example 2
Tagged VLAN Overview
Tagged VLAN Example
Basic VLAN Mode Overview
Creating a Port-based or Tagged VLAN
Figure 29 VLAN Menu
Figure 30 Virtual LAN Definitions Menu
Figure 31 Create a VLAN Window
Example of Creating a Port-based VLAN
Example of Creating a Tagged VLAN
Figure 32 Modifying a VLAN Menu
Displaying VLAN Information
Figure 34 Delete a VLAN Menu
Deleting All VLANs
Changing a PVID Value
Figure 35 Port VLANs and Priorities Window
Figure 36 Port VLANs and Priorities Window
Setting a Switch’s VLAN Mode
Enabling or Disabling All VLANs
Figure 37 Virtual LAN Support Menu
Enabling or Disabling Ingress Filtering
Figure 39 Ingress Filtering Window
Chapter 11
MAC Address Table
MAC Address Overview
Displaying MAC Addresses
Figure 40 MAC Address Table Menu
Figure 41 Show All MAC Addresses Window
Viewing MAC Addresses by Port
Identifying a Port Number by MAC Address
Viewing the MAC Addresses of a VLAN
Deleting All Dynamic MAC Addresses
Adding Static MAC Addresses
Deleting Static MAC Addresses
Changing the Aging Time
Chapter 12
Class of Service
Class of Service Overview
Configuring CoS
Chapter 13
IGMP Snooping
IGMP Snooping Overview
Activating IGMP Snooping
Figure 42 IGMP Snooping Configuration Window
3 - Host/Router Timeout Interval
Displaying a List of Host Nodes
Figure 43 View Multicast Hosts List Window
Displaying a List of Multicast Routers
Figure 44 View Multicast Routers List Window
Chapter 14
Broadcast Frame Control
Broadcast Frame Control Overview
Configuring the Interval Timer
Figure 45 Broadcast Storm Control Window
Configuring the Maximum Broadcast Frame Count
Chapter 15
Ethernet Statistics
Displaying Port Statistics
Figure 46 Ethernet Statistics Menu
Figure 47 Port Statistics Menu
Figure 48 Display Port Statistics Window
Displaying Switch Statistics
Figure 49 Display Module Statistics Window
Chapter 16
Management Software Updates
Obtaining Software Updates
Downloading New Management Software from a Local Management Session
Figure 50 Xmodem Downloads & Uploads Menu
Downloading a New Management Software Image Using TFTP
Uploading a Configuration File
Section III
Web Browser Management
Chapter 17
Starting a Web Browser Management Session
Starting a Web Browser Management Session
Figure 51 Entering a Switch’s IP Address in the URL Field
Figure 52 Home Page
Chapter 18
Figure 53 General Tab
Viewing System Information
Configuring the SNMP Parameters and Trap IP Addresses
Figure 55 SNMP Tab
Chapter 19
Figure 56 Port Setting Configuration Tab
Figure 57 Settings for Port Window
Displaying Port Status and Statistics
Figure 58 Port Monitoring Page
Figure 59 Port Status Window
Figure 60 Port Statistics Window
Chapter 20
Displaying the Port Security Level
Chapter 21
Port Trunks
Creating or Deleting a Port Trunk
Figure 62 Port Trunking Window
Chapter 22
Creating or Deleting a Port Mirror
Figure 63 Port Mirroring Window
Chapter 23
Figure 64 Spanning Tree Window - Configuration
Displaying a Bridge’s STP Settings
Chapter 24
Virtual LANs
Creating a VLAN
Figure 67 Add VLAN Window
Modifying a VLAN
Deleting a VLAN
Displaying VLANs
Setting the Switch’s VLAN Mode
Changing a PVID
Chapter 25
Viewing the MAC Address Table
Figure 70 Forwarding Database Tab
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Configuring IGMP Snooping
Figure 71 IGMP Tab
Chapter 28
Setting the Maximum Number of Broadcast Frames
Appendix A
AT-S39 Default Settings
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