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K-2 Nutrition Paper

K-2 Nutrition Paper

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Published by terrikickboxer

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Published by: terrikickboxer on Dec 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: _______________________ Class:____
We have been playing games and are learning about nutrition inour Heart Adventure unit which meets State Goals 19-24. Ask yourparents to help you answer the questions:This is what I ate and drank for breakfast this morning:1.___________________________ 4. ___________________2.___________________________ 5. ___________________3.__________________________ 6. ____________________This is what I ate and drank for lunch this afternoon-1.___________________________ 4. ___________________2.___________________________ 5. ___________________3.__________________________ 6. ___________________This is what I ate for dinner tonight-1.___________________________ 4. ___________________2.___________________________ 5. ___________________3.__________________________ 6. ___________________This is what I ate and drank for snack today:1._________________________ 3. _____________________2. ______________________________ 4. ______________________5.____________________________ 6.______________________
Write down how many servings of the healthy food groups that you atetoday
Meat and beans (protein): ________ Doctors recommend 2-3 servings each day(Remember that a lot of people do not eat meat, but you can get your protein fromeggs, black and brown beans, seeds, nuts, and tofu. )Breads/cereal/grains: _______ Doctors recommend 6-11 servings each dayFruits and 100% juice: __________ Doctors recommend 3-5 servings per dayVegetables ________ Doctors recommend 3-4 servings each dayDairy: __________ Doctors recommend 2-3 servings each day1.
Did you eat meet all of the daily requirements ( what doctors say that you shouldeat from each food group to be healthy? Yes No2. Was this a normal eating day for you? Yes No3. How many foods did you have with sugar? __________ (drinks with less than25% juice, candy, cookies, frosting, snack cakes, pies, ...)4. How many of your foods were high in fat? __________ (foods from the meatgroup(except grilled skinless turkey or chicken or grilled or raw seafood), dairy,things that are fried, chips, baked goods like cakes, pies, cookies, mayo, saladdressing or butter...) You need some fats in your diet. The healthiest fats comefrom grilled or baked fish, certain nuts, olives and avocados.5. How many foods did you have that are considered “junk foods”? ________(Foods that are mostly fat or sugar and contain little or no nutritional value). It isokay to eat some junk foods as long as we don’t eat too many and we eat mostlyhealthy foods.6.What is one thin g that you can do to eat healthier?(Example: choose avegetable at lunch every day, drink skim milk or juice instead of soda, etc.)

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