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Revised Looking Back

Revised Looking Back

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Published by Claire Kane

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Published by: Claire Kane on Dec 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kane 1
Claire KaneDr. ReimanEnglish 110310 October 2010Self-AssessmentIn this assignment I was able to look back and realize how much we have actuallydone in such a short amount of time and really see that I have learned something.Sometimes you go so fast that you really do not have the opportunity to stop and see whatyou are doing differently in your reading and writing styles and sometimes even how youinterpret ideas and concepts. Although I was not a fan of this assignment at first, I amnow glad I did it because I now see what I have done was not just busy work, but Ilearned something and have grown as a student.Learning from the past and preparing for the futureThroughout the first part of my semester I have written much about differenttopics and responses to different articles as well as reading pieces and stories all aboutdifferent aspects of reading and writing and the correlations between the two. I feel asthough I have read, written, and gained more knowledge in these subjects in these quick 7weeks than I ever did throughout most of my high school career. I have been putting myknowledge and reading and writing tricks and tips into my papers this year as well thoughand it seems every time I write a different paper I gain a new outlook on a topic or writing of some sort. Not only have all the different writing assignments impacted me inone way or another, but also all of the articles we have read regarding textuality and our Sponsors of literacy has changed the way I view the reading and writing world and
Kane 2
theories behind it. The belief from the textuality article that states that no idea solelycomes from anyone, but that everything that is written stems from a collaboration of something already written really opened my eyes and inspired me to always make mywriting as original and µmine¶ as I possibly can. It amazes me that the learning has notstopped and it sometimes scares me to imagine just how much there really is for me toknow. Intertextuality was one of the most confusing articles I have ever read, but once itwas explained to me I was able to understand it and it made sense in the end. It didchange much of my views on all the different forms of writing, but in the end it was oneof the least interesting articles we have read about. If the Intertexuality article had beenwritten in a more interesting and less confusing way, for example, using more modernexamples or using a video instead of actually writing about it, I think I would have gottena lot more out of that article and their theory.In this course we have been able to open our horizons to writing multiple differenttopics due to our writing to explore pieces because the topics create such large variety of writings I am able to create. The pieces that I feel most comfortable writing about are theones with the most guidelines, the more original I have to be with my writing assignment,the more anxious I get, when I am given complete freedom to write about whatever Iwant whether it is a story, research topic, etc., I am stepping out of the box for myself  because I am starting from scratch with very little to no guidelines of what the final product needs to be about or include. Following directions and guidelines I am given for an assignment is something that I am very good at and have had since I was young, sowhen I am given the freedom to do what I want I get anxious not knowing what I may beforgetting or not including that the teacher may want to see. I am also just not a creative
Kane 3
enough of a person to write a story, but I also feel that I am not good at creative writing because I do not like it. For me to do well at something I need to enjoy what I am doingor you will be able to sense through my final product that I just wanted to get it finishedand be done. The daybook is what I find the easiest and most relaxing because we areanswering specific questions, but still going off on our own writings and ideas that giveyou a sense of creativity as well. I am trying to be creative in my writing so that maybe Ican evolve into being able to use that creativity and apply it to a creative writing essayone day because I am sure this will not be my last writing assignment in my life. I think one of the reasons that I do not prefer to do creative writing assignments is because it isnot based on facts therefore it is not something that is catching my attention and I feelthat I am learning something new about. Sometimes I feel that creative writing is justfrivolous and not as meaningful, but as I am learning my original thoughts are completelywrong.Peer workshop has helped me learn what my strengths and weakness¶ are and alsothat I love the people that I have been grouped with. I feel very comfortable and safe withthem and when I either have to read aloud to them or have them read a paper of mine, Iknow I will get helpful feedback and will never been rudely criticized or laughed at for something I have written. All three are so sweet and when they critique me I know it isnot to make me feel bad or think they are smarter, it is they truly trying to help and italways does. I have learned that I do well when it comes being able to get my thoughts onto the paper in an organized manor, but I need to slow down when I read and write because as they have shown me, I have a lot of mistakes in my papers and sometimes Iwrite my thoughts down so fast that I leave parts out leaving my writing group confused

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