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Learning Literacy Talk-Back

Learning Literacy Talk-Back

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Published by Dixie Jane Smith

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Published by: Dixie Jane Smith on Dec 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dixie Smith Smith1 Dr. Jan Riemer English 1103 12 September, 2010 
Learning Literacy
Sponsors of Literacy are defined as
, ³any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract,who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy² and gain advantage by it in some way´ (Brandt 407). Throughout my life I¶ve had many differentsponsors of literacy, some were positive influences and others were not.My first sponsor was my mom; she is also probably the person t
hat has continued to be asponsor in my life for the longest period of time. Before I started elementary school mama had,like most mothers, taught me the alphabet, given me a simple book, and had generally started meon my way to being literate. At the time I remember being interested in learning to read becausemy mom had provided me with books that had interesting, and beautifully illustrated pictures,and I wanted to understand the meaning of those pictures. Also all of my older siblings couldread, and of course if they did it, I wanted to do it too!The next literary experience that I recall was in the first g
rade, I didn¶t focus well andneeded help with writing assignments, however my first grade teacher was very harsh and didn¶tunderstand. She would have me sit there until I had written something she approved of. Iremember her telling me that I wouldn¶t ever be able to write well. That first grade teacher mademe feel like I wasn¶t capable of doing well in school. It would be two years before a teacher,Mrs. Butler, made me realize that I had potential talent in writing. Instead of punishing me whenI was having trouble with my writing, Mrs. Butler would encourage me and help me a
Comment [J1]:
lease note that my last nameis spelled Rieman
Comment [J2]:
Your intro works, but its verydown and dirty and to-the-point. Think about whether you want to say more here before youmove your reader along.Is there anything about literacy you want yourreader to know besides the formal definition yougive?
Comment [J3]:
Did your siblings ever read toyou? Can you think of how you felt not being ableto read yet?
Comment [J4]:
Like what? Can you rememberwhat she wanted that you were not immediatelyproducing for her? It would be great to hear morespecifics and details here.
Comment [J5]:
Aim for a smoother transitionfrom this para to the next 
 All my life I¶ve attended church, as a little girl I remember going to ³Little Lambs´Sunday school class. My teacher, Mrs. Donna, would read our Bible lessons to us and have usread along as best we could. Later, in youth Sunday school class, we read scripture out loud andthen we would discuss, and sometimes debate, the text as a class. This not only gave me literacyin religion, but it also enabled me to talk and discuss religious text.In 2002 my family got our first computer. It was like a whole new world was madeavailable to me, and honestly it had. I would spend a lot of time on the Internet, looking atdifferent topics that interested me. At first we had dial-up service and it was extremelyfrustrating for me to try to use the Internet to find information because of the terribly slow speedof the Internet s
ervice.Recently, I¶ve had to learn how to decipher what¶s true in advertising and what isn¶t. Yousee, I had a job running the front counter of a convenient store. The nature of this job was suchthat I had to make decisions on the quality of items that we might potentially order, also whichitems had a better deal. For instance, even though one distributor¶s descriptions of products, and just the catalog in general, has a nicer look to it, that doesn¶t mean that their product is the better choice for our establishment. So I learned how to make choices based on the price-for-quantity,rather than the sales p
itch.In reference to what types of literacies I would have liked to have access to that I didn¶t,there aren¶t many. H
owever one wish would be that in high school I would have liked forus tohave read more classics, also that it hadn¶t been such a ³dumbed down´ way of reading. I alsowish that in high school that, as a class, we had more open discussions. I feel like high schooltoday has been made too simple, almost too g
uided, students carry very little responsibility for 
Comment [J6]:
Im glad you include this idea of religious literacy. Did this type of literacy feeldifferent from the type of academic literacy youwere learning in school?Again, work on transitions between paragraphsdont just jump form one topic to the next.
Comment [J7]:
Andexpand on this paragraphwith details about reading on-line an d transitionto next para
Comment [J8]:
Another great example of adifferent type of literacy. Think about how this isa like or different from the other types you talkabout.
Comment [J9]:
Is this something you willpursue on your own now?

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