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What is Lunar Agriculture and How Does it Work?

What is Lunar Agriculture and How Does it Work?

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Published by Lilitu Babalon
An article about lunar agriculture - how it works and how you can use lunar agriculture, or planting by the phase of the moon, in your own gardens.
An article about lunar agriculture - how it works and how you can use lunar agriculture, or planting by the phase of the moon, in your own gardens.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lilitu Babalon on Dec 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is Lunar Agriculture?
By Lilitu BabalonIf you practise lunar agriculture, that is planting by the moon, for best results it's important to choose both thecorrect phase of the moon and the most beneficial sign under which to plant, weed, cultivate, start compost binsor worm farms, or to harvest. Read on for a fuller explanation. But first, here's a brief explanation of the four quarter phases of the moon.
From the New Moon until the first quarter is called the first quarter increasing (the moon is getting bigger)
From the first quarter moon until the Full Moon is called the second quarter increasing
From the Full Moon until the third quarter moon is called the third quarter decreasing (the moon is gettingsmaller)
From the third quarter moon until the New Moon is called the fourth quarter decreasing.Each quarter phase has its own benefits in Lunar Agriculture.How it works...The movement of the moon has a connection with the rising and falling of the tides, but all water is affected bythe movement of the moon, not just large bodies of water such as rivers and seas. Both the sun and moon affectour waters through their magnetic pull but although the sun is much bigger than the moon, the moon is muchcloser to earth and so, its pull is greater. As well as controlling the large and small bodies of water on the Earth,the moon affects the water within it. When water is rising during the waxing or increasing moon, seeds sownand crops planted can more easily take up water than those sown in the waning or decreasing phase. So, we plant crops that thrive in dry conditions during the waning phase and above ground crops that needs lots of water during the waxing phase.One of the twelve signs of the Zodiac dominates each day, and each sign appears at least once a month for a period of approximately 2.5 days. The twelve signs are each ruled by a planet, each of which also contributes(in a lesser way than the moon) to the effect not only on the rise and fall of water, but also on the tides in theair, or lunar winds. We may not be able to feel these winds, but they have an effect on our weather.To go over the general principles again: As the full moon draws close in the phase of the waxing or increasingmoon, fluids are drawn upwards. As the new moon draws close, in the waning or decreasing phase, fluids flowto the roots systems. In general we plant after the new moon in the first and second quarter increasing for leafycrops with shallow root systems, but during the third quarter decreasing for root crops and those with well-developed root systems such as trees. The fourth quarter decreasing phase is used for cultivation, soil preparation, weeding, extermination of pests and noxious growths, and for starting worm farms and compostheaps.Within the phases of the moon, we also need to take not of the signs of the Zodiac. Each sign has its own particular qualities in lunar agriculture. The cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are so called because they are placed at the east, west, south and north of the astrological figure and compare to the four cardinal points of the compass. These signs are also called the leading, moving, acute or initiating signs.The fixed signs - Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus - are so called because they represent a balance of conflicting forces. Sometimes they are called the foundation signs. It is believed that earthquakes occur morefrequently when the sun or moon is in a fixed sign. These signs are considered the powerhouses of the Zodiac,and great reservoirs of energy.The mutable signs are considered quick and versatile, acting as mediators between the cardinal and fixed signs.During the mutable signs - Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, there is a condition of slowing down inreadiness to turn a corner.Here are brief summaries of the properties of each sign of the Zodiac in relation to lunar agriculture:-Aries tends to be dry and barren. It is a fiery and masculine sign. It is a good sign for cultivating, destroyingnoxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.Taurus is fairly productive, moist, earthy and feminine, and sometimes referred to as semi-fertile. It is good for  planting many crops, particularly root crops, but also leafy vegetables.Gemini is barren, dry, airy and masculine, and not good for planting or transplanting. use this time for cultivation and destroying noxious growth, weeds and pests.
Cancer is fruitful, moist, watery and feminine. It is considered the most productive of all the signs and mostfrequently used for planting, seeding and irrigation. Above-ground and root crops will do well when planted inCancer.Fiery Leo is the most barren and dry of all the signs. In short, forget anything except exterminating weeds andnoxious growth, harvesting and cultivating.Virgo is a moist but barren, earthy and feminine sign, once again good for destroying weeds and pests, butalthough vegetable will not do well if planted in Virgo, for many flowers and vines, it is a good planting sign.Libra is airy and masculine but also semi-fertile and moist. It can be used for planting crops where good pulpgrowth and roots are desirable. This is another good sign for vines, and especially for flowers.Scorpio is a very fruitful and moist, watery and feminine sign, and almost as productive as Cancer. Its particular quality is sturdiness. Plant most vegetables and flowers for abundance but don't dig potatoes duringScorpioSagittarius is barren and dry, fiery and masculine, but good for fiery crops such as onion, garlic, peppers, chilliand radish. It's also a good time for cultivation and harvesting.Capricorn is productive, earthy and feminine, a bit drier than Taurus but good for planting, especially tubersand potatoes, stone fruit trees and bulbs.Aquarius is another barren and dry sign, airy and masculine and best for extermination of pests, harvesting andcultivation.Pisces is watery and feminine and one of the most fertile signs, so it is a great time for planting most types of crop.Knowing the correct sign under which to plant is important, but for the best results, the sign and the correct phase of the moon should be combined. The following charts will help you plan your lunar gardening.Working out your lunar gardening calendar...Work out your gardening calendar by aligning the correct sign with the correct lunar phase. Take into accountseasonal changes of weather in your area. Go organic. Check out your local nursery for information oncompanion planting to give your lunar garden as extra boost of good planning.Most of all - enjoy!
Sign Crops Other Activities
AriesNoneCultivating, weeding, destroying pests,harvestingTaurusRoot crops, especially potatoes General maintenance& bulbous plants; flowers for hardiness, beans, cabbage, hay,lettuce, onion sets, radish, turnip,leafy vegetables. Peach, pear and plum trees.GeminiNoneCultivating, weeding, destroying,noxious growth & pests harvesting,mow lawns to retard growthCancerPlanting reliable seeds and Irrigation; bud and graft.transplanting should producegood results. Asparagus, barley, beets, berries, bulbs, carrots, corn,lettuce, potatoes, roses, herbs,wheat, deciduous trees.LeoNone, never, not at all, ever!Destroy weeds and noxiousgrowth/pests. Deaden trees.Mow lawns to retard growth,

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