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Management 1

Management 1

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Published by Wanga Ben

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Published by: Wanga Ben on Dec 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Management is the art of getting things done through others and withformally organized groups.OR Management is the art and science of organizing and directing human effortsapplied to control the forces and utilize the material of nature for the benefit of man.
American society of mechanical engineers.Functional concept
-as a process, management is what a manager performs.
Management is the process by which a cooperative group directs actiontowards a common goal.
Joseph MessieHuman Relations concept-
Management is the art of directing and inspiring people.
J.D Mooney, and A.C RaileyLeadership and decision making concept-
Management is the art andscience of decision-making and leadership. 
Donald J Clough
Management means decision-making
Ross MooreProductivity concept-
Management is the art of knowing what to do------------ in the cheapest way.
F.W Taylor
Management is a technique of increasing productivity.
--Management means designing, organizing defining goals formulating policies and strategies in accordance with the prevalent environmental conditionsand these environmental conditions are known as situations.--Management is merging quality and variety with cost that is providingunlimited variety of goods, better quality and at lowest price level to the customers.--Management is defined as a process of identifying problems and threatsand taking care of these problems and threats in such manner that ultimately theseturn out into opportunities which could benefit the organization in accomplishmentof its objectives.
In latest view:
 Now a days in corporate sector taking advantage of the opportunities doesnot matter. What matters is to convert or translate the opportunities then to facedifficulties.
Definitions based on mixed views:
Good management achieves a social objective with the best use of humanand material energy and time and with satisfactions for the participants and the public.
Mary cursing Niles
Management is the direction of human behaviour towards a particular goalor objective.
On the basis of all the above-mentioned definitions it can be asserted.Management is the process which by planning, organizing, staffing, leading andcontrolling, a human group makes possible the maximum and efficient use of  physical resources and helps in realizing the pre-determined objectives of anyorganization.
In modern times when human needs are continuously rising, it isabsolutely impossible to fulfill them single-handed. In such a situation the need of group activity is felt. Man cannot produce any single thing by himself alone andthere is always the necessity of a human group whose activities and be namedcollective effort. Thus on human group produce one particular produce whileanother such group produce something different and hence, human needs are fulfill by collective efforts of different human groups.
Now the question arises whether all the people’s comprising a particular human group are competent enough to achieve success in their activities withoutany outside discussion and control.The obvious to this all-important question can only be in the negative. Thereason for such an answer is complex. So long particular human groups for intohave their air aims, definite planning, proper distribution of work, defining rightsand duties, establishing proper co-ordination among them, directing andcontrolling their activities, success cannot be achieved. These are the problems,which give rise to another question, which is equally important, and the question ishow to overcome these problems? The answer to this really complex question ininherent in management.Through the medium of management all these above-mentioned problemscan be solve. The activities of a human group can be efficiently managed on the pre-determined problems can be effectively achieved handling by a manager. Itwould not be out of place to mention here that the absence of proper management,the activities of a human group are like a ship without a captain. Thus it is evidentthat success of collective efforts requires some special power. AND THATPOWER IS THE MANAGER, who ensures the success of different activities bythe process of management. It is important to classify here that the importance of management is not limited to business alone but it is needed at all those placeswhere human activities take place-for example: educational Institutions, ReligiousInstitution, Govt. departments, unions, forces, families.
MEANING OF MANAGEMENT“Anything minus Management is nothing”
Sherlekar and Sherlekar’— 
The word “management” can be styled as MANAGE-MEN-T. That meansmanage men tactfully. Why manage men tactfully. This is with a view to get thethings done being with them. Thus management means managing men tactfully toget the things done being with them. Thus management. In order to manage mentactfully, one has to understand the highly unpredictable and uncertain humannature owing to this management is very complicated and challenging activity.Some times it is known as a group of administration officers working in a particular institution and sometimes it means a process of planning, organizing,staffing, directing, co-coordinating and controlling.

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