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December 5th

December 5th

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Published by: olqpadmin on Dec 02, 2010
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Our Mass Schedule
Saturday - 8:30 AM and 5:00 PMSunday - 8:00,10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon
Family Mass (With Children’s Liturgy of the Word)at 10:00 AM
 Daily - Monday-Friday 8:30 AMHoly days - See Bulletin for Mass Schedule 
400 Maywood Avenue, Maywood, New Jersey 07607 
 201-845-9566Fax: 201-845-3742
Religious Education
St. Peter Academy
Our Mission
We, the Catholic Community of Our Lady Queen of Peace,under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are called to liveand proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We Praise Godwhile sharing His Joy and Truth through Word, Worship,Community Service, and Stewardship.We share our gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasurein a tapestry of diverse cultures as we gather together to celebrate our Roman Catholic Faith.Serving our Lord God through the Liturgy andEucharist, our ministries welcome all into our  parish Family.
Served by 
Rev. Lawrence J. Fama, Pastor Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Zaccardo, Pastor EmeritusRev. Kevin Schott, Parochial Vicar Rev. Jonathan Yabiliyok, In ResidenceDeacon Anthony A. BalestrieriDeacon Joseph L. MantineoAngela Connelly, Director of Religious EducationSteven H. Taylor, Music Director Thomas Viola, Youth Minister Sr. Barbara Takacs, M.P.F. PrincipalSt. Peter Academy (Co-Sponsored School)
Saturday - 1:00 PM or by appointmentSocial Services Help Line
Website: http://www.olqp.org/Email: admin@olqp.org
Second Sunday of Advent 
December 5, 2010
Second Sunday of AdventDecember 5, 2010
The earth shall be filled with knowledge of the L
,as water covers the sea.
— Isaiah 11:9
Monday: Is 35:1-10; Lk 5:17-26Tuesday: Is 40:1-11; Mt 18:12-14Wednesday: Gn 3:9-15, 20; Eph 1:3-6, 11-12;Lk 1:26-38Thursday: Is 41:13-20; Mt 11:11-15Friday: Is 48:17-19; Mt 11:16-19Saturday: Sir 48:1-4, 9-11; Mt 17:9a, 10-13Sunday: Is 35:1-6a, 10; Ps 146; Jas 5:7-10;Mt 11:2-11
DEC. 2010
(A) Auditorium / (CH) Church / (C) Convent / (LR) Lower Rectory / (S) School
8:30am10:00am12:00n2:00pmReligious Ed. Classes (S) Adult Choir (CH)
Lit. of the Word for Children
 Family Choir (CH)Baptism Prep
6:30pm7:30pmRel. Ed. Family CatechesisBible Study - Deacon Joe (S)
Novena (CH) - Rosary Society
Legion of Mary (LR)Youth Group (S)Immaculate Conception
Vigil Mass
Solemnity of the ImmaculateConception
(a Holyday of Obligation)
Immaculate Conception MassImmaculate Conception Mass Adoration for Life 9a-7p (CH) Alive in the Spirit (LR)Immaculate Conception Mass
6:30pm7:00pm7:30pmFamily Choir / 7:30pm - AdultSpiritual Life Committee (S)Bingo
FRIDAY 12/10
6:00pm6:30pmEvening Prayer  Adult Ministry AppreciationDinner 
8:30am10:00am12:00n1:00pm1:30pm Art & Environment DecoratingReligious Ed. Classes (S) Adult Choir (CH)Lit. of the Word for ChildrenCraft Boutique 10-5 (A)Family Choir (CH)Giving Tree Gift SortBaptism
Why not celebrate a counter cultural Christmas? 
Christmas should not be an occasion for selfishness:
Assuming that a counter cultural Christmas would mirror thepersonal lifestyle of Jesus Christ. I think we can say that it wouldbe a lot simpler. The first Christmas was radically simple. Wearytravelers find shelter in a stable. Child is born, and his parentsare greeted by poor shepherds (outcasts living on the margins of their society) and angels who proclaim “peace on Earth, Good willtowards all.” Family, hospitality and solidarity with all humankindare the profoundly simple themes that surround the Lord’s birth.
(To be continued next week)
Our Stewardship of Treasure for 11/28/10 amounted to$7,313.57 / Our Children’s Collection = $66.50Decorations = $225.00
The Season of Advent is a time of expectation, preparing for the re-birth of the Christ child in our hearts. The Season of Advent is often lost and frequentlybecomes a time for shopping. We are trying to regainsomething of that which has been lost. The Quiet! Silence!Times for Prayer! So, we invite you to come here to join us for Advent Silent Nights. What is a Silent Night? Silent Nights arenights of reflection, quiet, solitude right here at Our Lady Queenof Peace. We invite you to come to church where there will besoft music and candlelight and time to get in touch with our Divine Lord. Come pray! Come read the Bible! Come and justbe alone for a while.
Silent Nights will be here in church from7 PM to 9 PM on the evenings of December 15 and 22
.All are invited!
Adult Ministry Appreciation Dinner 
Pick up tickets after all Masses December 4th / 5th
Our Lady Queen of PeaceChristmas Craft Boutique
December 12th / 10am to 5pmAdults $3.00 / Seniors $2.00 / Children FreeFeaturing a variety of handmade craftsby local artisans, bake sale, refreshments,Santa is joining us from 1:30-3:30Don’t forget to bring your camera!400 Maywood Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607Soup Kitchen Ministry -
On 11/21, we served Chili atEva's Kitchen. Thank you very much to all who cooked,served and transported food. We could not do thiswithout you. Our next date is Sunday, 12/19 in Newarkand we are serving Ziti. If interested, please call MaryFlanigan at 973-458-9602.
Wednesday, Dec. 8th is the
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
(a Holyday of Obligation).Masses will be celebrated Tuesday at 7:30 pmand Wednesday at 7 am, 8:30 am and 7:30pm.
Please remember to place Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in your Will. Those who generously did this in the past have helped us to stay out of a heavy debt.
LCPO Paul Bezak2/6 WPNS CO, 81st PLTUNIT 73170 FPO-AE 09510-3170Carolyn Rocco24 EFISAPO AF 09309Joseph ColangeloPRG 6-1-3APO AE 09354-3005
From One of Our Former Pastors
December 5, 2010I was called by Archbishop McCarrick one afternoon,while participating at a Finance Council meeting at St.Mary’s, Dumont, asking me if I would become pastor of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Maywood. I said yesI would, having been at St. Mary’s for 10 years at thattime, 3 of which I worked full time with Family LifeMinistries, in the area of Separated and Divorced. I later learned Bishop John Smith had suggested my name tothe Archbishop, having served under him at St. Mary’sbefore he became Vicar General in the Archdiocese.I arrived on November 5th for the Saturday eveningMass. It was incredibly dark in the church, so on Mondaymorning after the 9:00 Mass, a friend and myself startedchanging all the light bulbs that were out. Later Mondayafternoon, I was in the cafeteria for a debate on thepresidential election (1988) where I looked around andasked Sr. Teresa, the 8th grade teacher at the time, whenthe cafeteria was last painted. She said she would findout and get back to me. Her response was 17 years. Igot our maintenance man, John Baxter, and the two of usstarted painting until it was finished. After Thanksgiving Istarted on Sr. Louise’s office. Then a number of familieswho had children in the school would come in after work,and they finished the entire school. When I arrived atQueen of Peace, we had a little over 160 children in theschool. During my second year there, we reached thenumber set to keep open a Catholic school. In January of that school year, I had a meeting with the school parentsand informed them of the possibility that our school wouldhave to be merged with a nearby Catholic schoolbecause of dwindling numbers. At the end of that schoolyear, we had 105 children signed up for the upcomingyear. I informed the diocese, and they thought it wouldbe better to close and combine with a neighboring schoolto have a stronger school community. Holy Trinity schoolwas looking for a partner school, but the decision wasmade to merge with St. Peter’s school in River Edge. Our children traveled to St. Peter’s each morning. They hadmore children than Queen of Peace, and we had to pay tosupport the effort to keep the combined school open. Thenuns, under the direction of Sr. Anne Zappatta, and then,Sr. Louise Del Carpine, did a wonderful job, while theschool remained open. In my first year there, the layteachers were paid a salary of $5,000 or $6,000, withoutany hospital benefits. My second year there they werebeing paid $14,000 or $15,000 with benefits. It alsomeant the dissolution of the school.While I was at Queen of Peace, my health suffered. Iwas hospitalized for diabetes with a blood sugar count of 650 (80 to 120 is normal). I spent a week in the hospitaland was back on the job. My heart was gettingincreasingly worse, as well. My problem was difficultywith three heart valves. So I wrote to ArchbishopMcCarrick, asking to go back to the ranks as anassociate.I certainly enjoyed my years at Our Lady Queen of Peace. I remember sitting in my room and watching oneevening as the electrical lines were pulled down during verystrong winds, and the power went out. For three days welived without power and lights, until they got everything backon line.Lastly, I’d like to thank the people of the parish for alltheir help and assistance in getting things restarted in theparish. It was our good fortune to get the school rented outand giving the parish a much-needed source of revenue tohelp with the other costs and expenses.May God continue to bless you all for your goodnessand faithfulness.God Bless You!Father Don McLaughlin
Church Decorating
Come join us as we begin to prepare the churchfor the coming Feast of Christmas.
Sunday, December 12: 2:30- 5PM / Set up trees & stableSunday, December 19: 2:30- 5PM / put out fresh greens
 The more the merrier!
Each year the American Legion celebrates the Army NavyFootball Game with a luncheon honoring a special person.This year the honoree will be Hortense Mock. Hortenseserved our country as a MASH (Military Army SurgicalHospital) nurse during World War II. Capt. Mock cared for our troops from D-Day to the Surrender of Germany in 1945.As a graduate and active alumni of Holy Name Hospital, allfunds collected will go to a Nursing Scholarship. The date isDec. 11th at 1:30 pm. Price of admission is a Booster.Booster cards may be obtained on that day at the Post or bycalling Tom Richards at (201) 906-1104 or Ralph Clementeat (201) 368-8452. There is no set price for a Booster.
PRAYER FOR PEACE - Mary, Queen of Peace, save us all, whohave so much trust in you from wars, hatred, and oppression.Make us all learn to live in peace, and educate ourselves for  peace, do what is demanded by justice and respect the rightsof every person, so that peace may be firmly established. Amen Pope John Paul 
We invite all our Parish Community to write a note / letter toour soldiers overseas. We pray that they may be safe.Keep Paul Bezak, Joseph Colangelo, Carolyn Rocco, and allthe soldiers in your prayers.

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