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The College Hill Independent November 11

The College Hill Independent November 11

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Published by: The College Hill Independent on Dec 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“they were my brother, my girlfriend, and mydisapproving parents all wrapped in one.-p. 14
then. now.interracial marriage. same-sex marriage.black blood donors. gay or bisexual blood donors.blacks serving in the army. gays serving openly in the army.you call me faggot, i’ll hit and break and make your words real. self-inicted violence as an ultimate signier. iwant you to see what you mean. the bruises on my body are real. these are manifestations of hatred. they arerepresentative of a civil rights struggle. they are evidence of clear persecution and systematic refusal of equality.when we do it i want to see your eyes. i want to watch your pupils writhe. i’ll see it and i’ll feel it and we’ll do it likeno other day, like the best of all. dress up like a reman and we’ll fuck. my nose buried in your hair, every hair andinch of skin i’ll deal with. lick your tongue and dine. 999 you. 16 you. 666 you. -
MANAGING EDITORS Katie Jennings, Tarah Knaresboro, Eli Schmitt • NEWS Ashton Strait, EmmaWhitford, Jonah Wolf • METRO Maud Doyle, George A. Warner, Simon van Zuylen-Wood • OPINION MimiDwyer, Brian Judge • FEATURES Alice Hines, Natalie Jablonski, Marguerite Preston, Adrian Randall • ARTSJordan Carter, Alexandra Corrigan, Erik Font, Natasha Pradhan • SCIENCE Katie Delaney, Nupur Shridhar •SPORTS Malcolm Burnley • FOOD Belle Cushing • LITERARY Rebekah Bergman, Charlotte Crowe • X PAGEKatie Gui • NEW MEDIA Kate Welsh • LIST Simone Landon, Erin Schikowski, Dayna Tortorici • DESIGNMaija Ekay, Katherine Entis, Mary-Evelyn Farrior, Emily Fishman, Maddy McKay, Liat Werber, Rachel Wex-ler, Joanna Zhang • ILLUSTRATIONS Emily Martin, Robert Sandler • COVER EDITOR Emily Martin • MEGAPORN STAR Raphaela Lipinsky • SENIOR EDITORS Margo Irvin, Simone Landon, Erin Schikowski, EmilySegal, Dayna Tortorici • STAFF WRITER Zachary Rausnitz, Dan Stump • PHOTOGRAPHY John Fisher •MVP Robert SandlerCOVER ART: Emily Martine College Hill IndependentPO Box 1930, Brown UniversityProvidence, RI 02912
Letters to the editor are welcome distractions. e College Hill Independent is published weekly during thefall and spring semesters and is printed by TCI Press in Seekonk, MA.
FALL 2010
Week in reviewSeven years of LeaksWho’s stealing your $$?Bistros, for realFC Barcelona, gone to hell
from the editors
Eli Schmitt, George A. Warner, Simon van Zuylen-WoodGeorge A. Warner
Swedish invasion
Margo Irvin
Harrison Stark Aliza Kreisman
as if you care...
e College Hill Independent receives support from Campus Progress/Center for American Progress.Campus Progress works to help young people — advocates, activists, journalists, artists — make their voices heardon issues that matter. Learn more at CampusProgress.org.
Robert Sandler and George A. Warner Ashton Strait and Emma Whitford
1) e bottom of the boot is raised or embossed with the UGG insignia in a Classic tall orshort Authentic Ugg. A fake is flat.2) Uggs are Manufactured by Deckers Inc. ey have been making them in China for thepast 3 years. e Uggs that are advertised as made in Australia or New Zealand are FAKES.4) e ones that are fake do not have a raised or embossed insignia on the bottom of thesoles.7) e quality of the stitching on the fakes is very bad.10) Fake Uggs do not run a size larger as the real uggs do.11) Fake Uggs are smaller with a wider ankle.12) Fake Uggs are taller than real uggs.13) e heel of a fake Uggs is much narrower than a authentic UGG14) Some fakes are not sheepskin but wool dyed and will smell of the dye. it smells of paint/lacquer which comes from the dye used on the synthetic materials.16) e UGG label on the rear of the boots is higher up on a fake and the lettering is differ-ent from the genuine Ugg. e letters may have gaps between them in the fake in the realthey are overlapping.15) e shape of the front part of the fake ugg is shorter and goes up at more of an angelthan the genuine UGG which has a rounder longer finish.16) e Black Uggs have a black Sole and a Black Label with Ugg in white. e fake havetan soles and a brown label.17) e sole in a real ugg is flexible. e fakes are rigid.18) e sole in a real ugg is about a half inch or more, the sole of a fake ugg is very verythin maybe 1/4 inch19) e height can be either taller or shorter than the authentic Ugg.22)e font of the inside label on a fake is different from a Genuine UGG. e label insideshould say made in China. If it says made in New Zealand or Austraia it is a fake.24) If the Nightfall is any other color but Chestnut it is a fake. Deckers only makes Night-fall in Chestnut.
Insane computer virus
Drew Foster and Adrian RandallCerberius S. Wertz
Sex? Power? God?Talking to the Future [Islands]
Erik Font
Say no to checking ‘yes’ on crime history
Kayla Rosen
Nupur Shridhar and Jonathan Storch
Reflections on reflections on the hipster
Jonah Wolf 
Losing it with the Strokes
Gus Wenner
Borders of Compassion
Dan Stump
ayer Street’s cone-undrum
When Boo, a ve-year old boy from Kan-
sas, decided to dress as Daphne from
Scooby-Doo this Halloween, he learnedan important lesson: freedom is not free.His mother paid the price for his might-
already-know outt. When he arrived at
school, the other kids loved the outt.
Unfortunately, three other mothers did
not, and let Sarah, Boo’s mother, knowabout it.But Sarah made lemonade out of herlemons, blogging about the story. e
blog post—titled “My Son is Gay” but
then continuing “or he’s not. I don’t care.
He is still my son. And he is ve.”—went
viral, receiving over a million hits and
over 30,000 mostly-positive comments.
Sarah, who has kept the family’s lastname and Boo’s real name private, wassoon featured on both
e Today Show
and CNN.It can almost be expected that an er-rant mom or internet commenter will saysomething nasty, but Dr. Je Gardere, aclinical psychologist and frequent media
commentator, took the prize for bone-
headed comments when he appearedon CNN with Sarah. After defending themothers who bashed Sarah, calling theresponse a “natural reaction” to seeing
a ve-year-old boy in a Halloween cos-
tume, Gardere explained exactly what
‘nature’ the reaction was coming from: “I
have to tell you, I work with many het-
erosexual—as well as gay couples—and
it is the worst nightmare of both the het-erosexual and the gay couples to have tofathom that their child may be gay,” Gar-dere explained. By the end of the day, thebig gay blogosphere picked up Gardere’scomments, demanded an apology fromthe Doctor, and then quickly receivedone, proving the incredible power gayshave to control the media.e biggest success of the story,though, might be that a Google search of “my son is gay” now brings up the blogpost as the rst listing. But, just in caseSarah changes her mind about loving
her child regardless of his (ambiguous/
non-)sexuality, another website Googlelisted, www.bible.ca, shares with parents
the “vaccine to prevent Homosexual-ity!” Unfortunately for Sarah and moth-
ers around the world, homosexuality ismainly a father’s problem; the site ex-
plains: “e vaccination for homosexu-ality is in fact this: Fathers, spend time
with your children and hug and kiss andcuddle them and show them love and af-fection!”Careful to provide a nuanced perspec-tive, bible.ca does say that some moth-ers, “dominant mothers,” can be part of the problem. “One of the sociologicalphenomena of our times is the enor-mous increase in the dominant role of the mother and the renunciation by thefather of his responsibility to lead,” thesite elucidates. “Nothing ruins the sexualadjustment of children more surely thanan oppressive wife and mother. Suchchildren build up an intense hostility to-ward the opposite sex that either makesit di cult for them to show love and af-fection in marriage or creates a predispo-sition toward homosexuality.”In other news, the
Great Falls Tribune
, of the great state of Montana, broke an im-portant story this Monday. “Coming Out
to Family is a Diffi cult Decision,” read
the headline.
On the heels of an election season de-ned so much by national
andpresidential inability to
, Obama’s
10-day trip to Asia has received a few
grievances regarding “timing.” Instead of humbly picking up the pieces of his ownbroken economy, especially after lastTuesday’s“shellacking,” the presidentpicked up and left town. e commonassociation of India with cheap labor
further intensied the outcry: outsourc-
ing certainly won’t address unemploy-
ment. e White House announced the
trip would net private sector business
deals worth 50,000 jobs and $10 billion.
 New York Times
columnist Frank Rich
speculated that the junket was “hastilyrebranded” as a jobs mission to save face.But in Mumbai, the timing issues of Obama’s weekend arrival raised a wholedierent set of questions regarding ap-
propriateness. e President arrived on
November 6, the fourth day of Deepavalior Diwali, the nation’s most importantholiday. e annual ve-day festivalcelebrates spiritual enlightenment overevil with ritual lighting of lamps andgleeful fusillades of recrackers. Diwalifalls after the Monsoon rains and theharvest period. e holiday marks thestart of the new business year and usu-ally signals a weekend of big sales forcity merchants. But police barricades forObama’s visit rendered Mumbai’s cen-tral arteries either clogged or inacces-sible and many tourist attractions werecordoned o. e Diwali patron saint
Laksha is the Goddess of Wealth, but the
consumer was unable to play his part.
A photographer who makes 200 ru-
pees (5 dollars) a day photographingtourists at the blocked-o Gateway of India monument said, “my Diwali isruined. My meagre savings will be justenough for my family” to Daily News and Analysis, an news site based in Mumbai.A shopkeeper in South Mumbai,
where Obama’s inner circle of 3,000booked the entire Taj Hotel, closed hisbusiness for the weekend. He told
Magazine, “the last time these roads
were so deserted and there were barri-
cades all around was during the 26/11
attacks. e attacks caused us big losses,and this Diwali too there is no business.”e decision to land rst in Mum-
bai, then to stay in the Taj—which wasbombed in the November 2008 terror-ist attacks by Pakistan-based radicalIslamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba—was
meant to “send a message,” according to
the President, presumably about having
India’s back, as with his resolve to ad-dress systemic border violence in Kash-mir and vouch for a permanent seat for
India on the UN security council.
Mumbai’s own paranoiac security
concerns over a 26/11 attack repeat
spoiled Diwali not only for businessowners but for children. In a show of un-precedented Grinchdom, the city’s policespent a good part of their nighttimesrunning around conscating recrack-ers from children and banned any loud
noise after ten PM, which
journal-ist Madhur Singh compared to “banningChristmas trees on Christmas.”
One big problem with smokers, according to the FDA,
is that they aren’t scared of smoking; dumb smokers.
 If they could see their own rotting internal organs
, maybe
they would cut it out! Filthy smokers; anyways, coolnew FDA plan: NOW THERE WILL BE PICTURES OFSPOOKY THINGS LIKE YOUR ROTTING INTERNALORGANS ON CIGARETTE BOXES. REALLY BIG (prob-ably not actual size, unless you have wee little lungs). But
bigger than the warning labels now. ere might also bepictures of kids with inhalers, and actually maybe just
straight up corpses. e FDA is currently deciding be-tween an array of different SPOOKY SCARY labels (you
can see them on the internet). e new spooky labels
will be mandated just in time for Halloween next year,on October 22. BOO!
by Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Eli Schmitt, and George A. WarnerGraphics by George A. Warner

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