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Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary

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Comprehensive Dream Dictionary created by John Hawkins
Comprehensive Dream Dictionary created by John Hawkins

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Published by: אינסופי אחד on Dec 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Violet Gateway
Dream Dictionary
By:John M Hawkins
This dictionary is a compilation of dream symbols that gives general meanings tocommon occurring dream symbols. All terms have been compiled and decipheredthrough dream analyses and dream research done by John Hawkins.To correctly analyze a dream each meaning is refined by the situations occurring in thedream and in ones immediate life. Also, the colors, tones, and symbols (archetypes)which are recognized also play into the actual meaning of the dream. Further in depth
understanding comes from the individual’s frequency and the frequency of the dream
itself.Although this dictionary is a very comprehensive expose on many terms and symbols, itcannot and does not list every possible symbol and what the concrete full definitionsare. This is universally impossible because the possibilities that occur in the dream stateare infinite. Each definition is given to help shine light on a particular frequency andallow one to go deeper into the symbolic meaning behind their dreams.Since waking life itself is a dream, the meaning of these symbols still play into wakinglife and this is as infinite and vast as the dream world. Pay close attention to how yourdreams reflect your outer world and how your outer world is reflected during yourdreams. Notice common similarities, reoccurring events and experiences in both areasof your life.The average human sleeps about 8 hours a night. That is a lot of your life which goesunnoticed and is rarely ever paid attention to. In fact, dreams are the most importantpart of your life and help you understand yourself at a deeper level. They can help youlearn things about yourself, guide you, and open you up to a higher intelligence which isalways with you.To begin doing dream work it is important to have a notebook and a pen/pencil besideyour bed. Leave the notebook open to a blank page every night. Affirm before going tobed that you
remember and write down your dreams. Upon waking, write downyour dreams and date it. If they are not too detailed, right down what you canremember, even if it is one thing. It all matters. The more you do the work the strongeryour recall will become.Dream work is a vital practice in ones spiritual path and opens you up to otherdimensions which lay just beyond the physical. Dreams are the gateway to your higher
self and allow you to advance not only your physical life in a positive way but also your
spiritual and mental parts of you, expanding your awareness and “psychic” abilities.
Bed time affirmations
“I remember my dreams in vivid detail” 
“I allow myself to remember and record my dreams” 
“I am aware of my dreams and 
I am Aware
when I am dreaming” 
It is beneficial to say these throughout the day, write them down, or repeat them inyour head. Create your own affirmations to help reprogram your mind into
remembering your dreams and being aware of when you’re dreaming.
May your inner light shine brightly and show you the hidden worlds of your soul.

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