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Interview With Graham Boyes

Interview With Graham Boyes



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Published by stephenjfaulkner
A brief interview with the lead singer of Bournemouth based rock band 'Spilt Milk'. Formatted in the style of an NME article.

A brief interview with the lead singer of Bournemouth based rock band 'Spilt Milk'. Formatted in the style of an NME article.


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Published by: stephenjfaulkner on Aug 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VsGraham Boyes
Bournemouth basedrock band Spilt Milkare taking over thesouth coast of England, despite stillbeing at college...
ello Graham. What’s been
happening in your worldtoday?
“What? Actually today?”
Yeah, today is good.
Well, I went to see Paramorelast night, so all morning I wasnursing a hangover. Then I went for a skate and went to work. After that I had a trip
down the skatepark and I‟m
now sitting here talking to
Paramore? Really? I wouldn’t
have had you down as a fan.
“Nah I don‟t really enjoy any
other bands of that style, but I
 went for Hayley Williams...”
Moving on...Let’s have a brief 
history of the mighty Spilt Milkplease.
“Oooh! Well, I started off Spilt
Milk when I was around twelve with my friend Rob (ex-bassist). We sat in my roomplaying Blink-182 and ChiliPeppers covers. Badly. Then we found Tom (previousdrummer), he laid down somesimple beats and we got a setof rubbish songs together!Then at age thirteen I wrote
the smash hit „Memories of  You‟ (sarcasm) and we
developed that for a yearalong with six other demos, tobe recorded in 2005.With the release of the newEP (our fourth) and signingby bombfactory records weplayed around 70 local gigs,earned places at festivals and won two Battle of the Bands.In 2007, three members leftthe band, Rob joining a heavymetal band and the other twoconcentrating on their A-levels. I was then left with oursynth player Matt, whobecame part of the band afew months back. We then
reformed as an „indie
band and are getting farmore gigs because of it!
I don‟t really know what else
to say. I shall plug theRingwood festival righthere.
Ringwood festival you say?
“The festival started off last
year and was a big hit withnext to no promotion. Fundedby us as a band and a fewhelpers we managed a crowdof about 300 people. Thisyear the council has given us
lots of money (laughs). It‟s so
much bigger and better, it has ahuge stage, great lighting and
loads of recognised bands. It‟s
the 12
July, running from 5pm
til 11pm with free entry.
That’s some good plugging. Apart
from Paramore, what other bandsare you a fan of at the moment?
“Foals! They‟re great! On theelectro side I‟m loving Digitalismat the moment and the 12‟s. Eventhough Pendulum‟s new album isdisappointing they‟re still writing
some great music.
You mentioned earlier that twomembers of your band left topursue higher education. How doyou manage to juggle your sociallife, college and playing in theband?
“Well I like to keep busy if I‟m
honest. But the band is a highpriority for me and collegeseems to understand that.
It certainly sounds like it!
If you had to compare Spilt Milk’s
music to an existing band, whowould it be and why?
“I really don‟t know. We‟re
a fusion of a few genres. We‟ve
got the indie guitar lines withelectro breaks and the rockchorus
es! It‟s like a mix of Foals,
Digitalism, Pendulum and maybeNickelback! (laughs) We could
be called „Foglitlumback!‟”
Any weird superstitions or habitsbefore going on stage?
Give me a pint, or I will standthere like a statue. In fact, give
me five pints, then I‟ll be fun – 
That doesn’t sound at all weird to
Your MySpace page isflooded with comments from fansall over the country. Any plans fora mini-tour of sorts?
"Yes, how could you guess?! We

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