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Experiences of a RSS Pracharak - Hindu seva Pratishtana

Experiences of a RSS Pracharak - Hindu seva Pratishtana

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Published by Veeru popuri
Experiences of a RSS Pracharak - Hindu seva Pratishtana
Experiences of a RSS Pracharak - Hindu seva Pratishtana

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Published by: Veeru popuri on Dec 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 My study tour of Hindu Seva Pratishtan for a monthhas left me with an emotional experience rather than anacademic experience. It was like a child collecting pebbles,building sand castles along the sea of Hindu Seva Pratishtan’sservice activities. I could not even put my feet in the sea. Thereis a beautiful and fascinating world beneath this sea of activities. As Ajitji, Sridhar Sagar said it will take couple of  years to get a view of things. When it is so with great peoplewhere do I stand I don’t know. Hindu Seva Pratishtan is the heart beat of masses. I don’t have academic experiences or research findings but  I have only emotional impressions.
- Vasu- Vasu- Vasu- Vasu- Vasu
Hindu Seva Pratishtan’s Appeal
Do you wish to have darshan of God in Society? Then come forward. Let’s move ahead collectively.Why this Description and Dejection you are fortunate to have tremendous inner energy.If you get up today healthy then feel that you are more fortunate than 10 lakh brethren who are ill.If you have not seen bloody wars, life in a jail, relief camp in severe drought then you are better placedthan 2 crores orphaned children. If you free to move without an arm for self protection then that meanthat you are not in countries where 300 crores people in perpetual fear. If you have one square meal anda dress to cover yourself and find a shelter to take a nap then you are happier than 75% world populationwhich can’t even afford it. If you have money for a day’s expenses and have a bank account you are ina peer group of 8% people across the world. If your parents are alive still not divorced then you in afortunate lot of 5% children of the world. Think that you are fortunate to laugh cheerfully in a societywhich cannot even smile. If you are able to read this poem then you are ahead of 50 crores illiterates.Still if you are dejected then it shows that you are unaware of your inner strengths, capacities andinner core values.Hindu Seva Pratishtan strives to make you realize and grow on your strengths. Let us splash thecolors and joys of life in other’s lives as God has given to us.
It was 10:00 am on Thursday, Feb 25th 2010; Yashwanthapur Express came to a grinding halt. Asschool children happily leave the school in the evenings, the passengers happily boarded the train withluggages. As the adage goes “Time doesn’t stand still for anybody otherwise the world can never move.”I was stopped by a voice of Girish of Hindu Seva Pratishtan. I came out to see fast changing face ofBangalore decorated with colorful posters of celebrations of 500 years centenary celebrations of SriKrishna Deveraya Coronation.We reached Pratishtan Karyalay “Ajitsree”. The director Sri Sridhar Sagarji along with Sri KrishnaMurthyji and Sri Sripadji made me feel homely with their affectionate smile intimate talk.Hindu Seva Pratishtan manifested out of the depth of innerconsciousness of Ajitji with his identification with sufferings of people in thesociety.Since 1925 lakhs of inspired souls are offering themselves totally atthe feet of mother land under the motivation of Rastriya SwayamSevak Sangh.To channelize that human resource and at the same time to awake the vastmultitudes of right minded, patriotic masses bestowed with age old HinduSamskaras of Dharma and make the suffering society better, Hindu SevaPratishtan has came into existence.Hindu Seva Pratishtan envisages a vision to train, motivate thousands of individuals to take upsocial causes.The movement is today guided by stalwarts like Ma Sri Jaydevji, Ramannaji and Setharamji.Late Ajitji was a gold medalist in engineering. He dedicated himself for the nation. In 1980 hestarted Hindu Seva Pratishtan. For ten years he was the guide. “For social transformation let everyindividual independently and selflessly strive by taking up service activities which know no boundaries ofdiscrimination. Let service turn into a nature but not a profession.” This was the message and mission ofAjitji.
A journey into the Mother Nature’s lap
I, Jyothiamma was travelling in a bus fromTirthhalli to Karangiri. It was a sight to see. The motherearth looked, draped in a green sari and trying to touchthe blue sky. I think the genius of Bankin Chandra wouldhave written another immortal song.This is Malayanadu gifted with highest rainfall.Crisscrossed with hills and valleys it is a thing of beauty.Trees surrounded by creepers were emitting

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