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A Look Inside AFJ's 2010 Career Guide

A Look Inside AFJ's 2010 Career Guide

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Published by Jesse Koehler
Get a feel of AFJ's 2010 "Getting Started InHoof Care: A Career Guide For The New Farrier" and even write one of the features!
Get a feel of AFJ's 2010 "Getting Started InHoof Care: A Career Guide For The New Farrier" and even write one of the features!

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Published by: Jesse Koehler on Dec 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting StartedIn
Hoof Care
 A Career Guide For Te New Farrier
Second Edition
AFJ_1.indd 18/5/10 4:18:35 PM
American Farriers Journal
Getting Started In Hoof Care
Launching Your New Career4How o Find Clients6
Develop your practice with these tips for attracting newclients.
By Jeremy McGovern
Create And Follow YourRoadmap For Success12
A business plan should tell you where you’ve been, whereyou are and where you are going.
By Bob Smith
 A ale O wo Days, ButDiferent Responsibilities18
Two days riding with a Wisconsin shoer give a glimpseof how apprenticing is different from being on yourown.
By Jeremy McGovern
Te Importance O Horsemanship 22
Your understanding and ability to work with a horseis the key to a long career.
By Dean Moshier 
On-Te-Job Saety26
Prepare yourself to avoid the daily hazards thataccompany farriery.
By Pat Tearney 
Te ABC’s O Getting Your FarrierCareer Of On Te Right Foot28
Consider these points to determine if you are presentinga professional image to your clients.
By Doug Butler 
Maintain ProessionalismWith Your Peers             34
Treat your fellow horseshoers with the same level ofrespect you expect in return.
By Jeremy McGovern
Your Hoo-Care EducationNever Stops40
Your farrier education isn’t complete. It should continuethrough attending clinics, joining organizations and othermethods.
By Toby Raymond and Jeremy McGovern
Get Te Most Out O Your ools44
Here are 20 tips from top shoers on how to improveyour efficiency and extend the lives of your tools.
Selecting Te RightRig For You 47
Here are some factors to consider in selecting one ofthe largest expenses you’ll have as a start-up.
By Lisa Kemp
Insurance: Protecting Yoursel  And Your Assets             50
Whether it is your health, shoeing rig or business, youneed to safeguard yourself to make sure your career isunaffected from unexpected threats.
By Pat Tearney 
Keep Torough BusinessRecords 54
Good records don’t only include tracking dollars andcents —they also mean you need to collect informationon your clients and their horses.
By Red Renchin
Putting Your Money o Work:Saving Te Smart Way58
Don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Through savings andprudent investments, you can prepare for unforeseenemergencies and your retirement.
By Esco Buff 
Find Balance In Your Lie 61
Farriery is a demanding profession, but a personal life isnecessary for maintaining your passion for shoeing.
By Jeremy McGovern
 Ad Index 62
able O Contents
AFJ_3.indd 38/5/10 4:30:57 PM
Getting Started In Hoof Care
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Getting Started In
Hoof Care
LaunchingYour NewCareer
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bout 2 years ago,
 AmericanFarriers Journal
beganinterviewing shoeing schoolstudents and recent graduates, askingthem about their thoughts on the newcareer they were undertaking.The students usually voicedconcern or optimism about the life-time of education it requires to be atop shoer. The graduates expressedrelief, accompanied by ambition,about the upcoming transition.Regardless of the novice shoer’slevel of enthusiasm or fear, manycommon questions about theunknown road ahead always arose:How can a farrier with no clients findenough clients to sustain a practice?Who should you turn to for advicewhen you are in a jam? How do youkeep track of the money coming in —and the money going out?We took these questions andcreated the first
 American Farriers Journal Career Guide
. In this, oursecond edition, we provide furtherinsight on several of these questionsand outline the traits required to excelas a farrier.Don’t read this guide expecting tofind all of the answers to your careerquestions. Instead, use the advicefrom these pages to think about anddetermine how to best develop asuccessful practice.While everyone’s experience isunique, there will be some commonroad blocks all farriers face. Throughthe stories and quick tips in thesepages, you’ll be better prepared tocome up with a solution.This guide will illustrate whybeing a successful farrier requiresfocusing beyond the mechanicsand application of the shoeing. Yousimply can’t focus on achievementin a single area. You’ll realize that allof the aspects of being a successfulfarrier are interrelated.Sure, you may be able you getclients, but what how do to keepthem? Or you may have the goodsense to save for the future, but wantto know what should go into the busi-ness plan that will be your blueprintfor retirement.When you recognize thiscomplexity, you’ll understand whyno single issue can answer all of yourquestions. But after you read thisand see why a successful farrier isa complete farrier, you will take theright step toward a promising career.Here’s to your success,Jeremy McGovernAssociate Editor
AFJ_4.indd 48/5/10 4:22:27 PM

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