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Haggai 1

Haggai 1

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Published by Qute Claudie

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Published by: Qute Claudie on Dec 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In our daily lives we always want the best of us, wanting more money, goodhouses, the best car, always up-to-date with the current fashion but we forgetone most important thing. We forget to honour God. All that we have, all that wefloss with is provided by God, the good food we eat, the nice houses and cars areall provided by God; do you and I honour God? That is what comes as the least inour daily routine true or false. Think of what you are doing are you doing it to theGlory of God? Well in 1 Cor 6:19-20 we are reminded that we were bought at aprice and therefore we are to homer God with our bodies. You know God loves us so much and every time He will warn us when we dowrong, and because He never wants fate for us He will always correct us. In thebook of Haggai 1: 1-15 when I read it I see how the Jews behaved, they said itwasn’t time to build God’s temple, they were busy with themselves making moremoney, building themselves good houses, prophets were sent but they refusedto build God a temple, definitely God took action, He sends Haggai with amessage and the big Q is think of what you are doing. This applies to us doesn’tit? We are so busy in our chores that we forget to build and prepare our heartsfor God, we are spiritually null in that if inspection was to be done yes we claimto be Christians but how is our relationship with God? God comes last we will saya half a minute prayer and we doze off, yet we will sit and chat with a pal forhours, do you see the difference? God’s time isn’t even slotted in ourappointments, we fix and postpone but do you have an appointment with God inyour diary?. And because of this God decided to sent Haggai to the Jews and givethem the message. How many of us toil to make more money yet we don’t evensee its benefit, at the end we get very little? How many of us plough our lands,invest into big business and the harvest or the dividends are pathetic? Howmany of us earn yet the earnings are not enough to feed you, cloth you? Amongmany others. The Lord is asking us to Think again of what we are doing. We haveforgotten Him and so unless we acknowledge Him, put Him first in everythingthat we do give Him more time chat with Him our lives will be forever difficult Hewants the best for us and so we need to accept Him once again in our lives,rededicate ourselves to Him so that His forever grace and favour will be upon us. The Jews are commanded to go to the mountains gather wood and build Him atemple. We need to go and seek His spiritual guidance fast n pray to God to seeyou through, to build you spiritually seek Him to enable you stand strong devoutyourself to Him am sure your harvest will be great. In 1 Tim6:6 we are remindedthat when we serve the Lord, we are very rich but there is always a condition, wemust be content with what we have, being greedy isn’t gud huh! Well basicallywhen God provides for us and He sees we are totally getting Lost He will shakeus up so that we wake up and realise without Him we could be nowhere ,flashback how far you have come, count them blessings and yeah that will alsomake you to think again. You know I love the way David did put it in Psalms 39:4,he wanted to know about his days on earth so that he could dedicate His lifemore to serving God, have you even thought of that? It is a wakeup call for usthat we need to Honour God with all our hearts, dedicate our lives to serving Himand the rest will follow as we are told to seek first His kingdom in Mathew 6:33.Be blessed

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