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How to type in Sanskṛt Easily!!

How to type in Sanskṛt Easily!!

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Published by Dina-Anukampana Das
With the advent of Unicode on all new computers since 2004, it is now SOOOOO EASY to type in Romanized Sansk.rt like this: "Śrī Bhagavān uvāca Dharma kṣetre kurukṣetre / samavetā yuyutsavaḥ / māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva / ki'm akurvata sa;ñjaya"
With the advent of Unicode on all new computers since 2004, it is now SOOOOO EASY to type in Romanized Sansk.rt like this: "Śrī Bhagavān uvāca Dharma kṣetre kurukṣetre / samavetā yuyutsavaḥ / māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva / ki'm akurvata sa;ñjaya"

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Published by: Dina-Anukampana Das on Dec 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let’s Start ARevolution!
“From today, let’s all type all our emails with correctspellings, using diacritics.” Spread it like a virus!! Here’s how 
Dear friends and fans/lovers of Vedic culture &Sanskt,
I am thrilled by this - now ANYONE can EASILY starttyping in Romanized Sanskt..this Unicode thing is a
 major breakthrough! As HG Pratyatoa Prabhu announced
 on his site in 2007:
BREAKTHROUGH! Sanskrit diacritics with no special font required! Thehttp ://pratyatosa .com /691226 IN .BOS .html web page, as does this one (http ://www .pratyatosa .com /SanskritDiacriticTextConversion .htm # FD 4), uses theSegoe UI font with the Tahoma Plus and Tahoma fonts as a backups just in caseyou don't have Segoe UI installed.
What i’ve understood of ‘unicode’ is that each unicodefont set contains all alphabets of all languages in theworld.. and nowadays all computers have it, thus theinterenet like vedabase.net can show diacritcis accurately without the need to install a font..As HG Pratyatoa prabhu mentions on his above site:
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 or have Microsoft Word 2007installed, then you already have
Segoe UI
installed. … The newer versions (dated7/17/2004 or later) of the
font and the
Microsoft Sans Serif 
font bothdisplay 30 out of the 31 standard { IAST(http ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/IAST} Sanskt
 diacritic characters correctly on most Windows XP / Vista computers. UsingWindows 7, these same 3 fonts each display all 31 characters correctly. In fact,Windows 7 adds 6 other fonts which also display all 31 characters correctly,namely
Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Segoe UI Light, Segoe UI Semibold and TimesNew Roman
So nowadays, romanized Sanskt displays correctly
 easily within Gmail, Facebook and Microsoft Word...almost anywhere!And here’s the best part that can make the
actually happen easily: The software that makes it aseasy as anything could be to type with unicode - thenew DiacWin unicode keyboard filter.... Can youimagine how easy it is? To type this: ‘Ā’, all i hadto just do is type ; followed by A. And if i want ‘
 then type ; followed by S! Read on to find out justhow easy it is to join the
!Please follow these few simple steps, then you canstart practising your Sanskt (with correct spelling!!)
 every time you type - it is so easy.. actualy it is onthe CD which I gave all participants in our Sanskt
 pronunciation course, but here goes with step by stepinstructions..First, go to this wonderful page of HG Murāri Dās(Michael Best), dear son of HG Pratyatoa Prabhu:-
 http://www.dasya.com/~mbest/freeware/fontsunicode.html  and download the diacwin unicode - save it in a folderand then double-click it to unzip and extract the fileswithin - save those into a new folder and note thelocation - I suggest in your My Documents you make a
folder called "Software". (It’s just a tiny utilitywith a size of just 5kb - it just sits as a filterbetween your keyboard and youc computer and works onlywhen you trigger it with the ; key - so it won’t slowdown your PC/laptop in any way)After that, right click the little green tree icon andclick Send to Desktop (Create shortcut). A new iconwill appear on your desktop with the green tree logo.Drag it onto your START button and place it at the topof the Start Menu to make it easily accessible.Next, you can visit this webpage of HG Pratyatoa
 prabhuhttp://www.pratyatosa.com/SanskritDiacriticTextConversi  on.htm#FD5and download for free more than 100 different Sanskt diacritic fonts.
 Now to start using it!
To start, double-click the green tree shortcut whichyou created above**. Now you will see that a littlegreen tree icon near your computer's clock in thebottom corner of your screen. Right click it and then
click ACTIVE
- until you do this it remains inactive.That’s it! Now your computer can speak (I mean type, ofcourse) Sanskt!
As mentioned above, now all you need to do if you wanta line above the a is to type ; followed by a - that’sall! To get an s with a dot under, type ; followed bys.To see the
full list of diacritics
right click thetree icon
near yr system clock and click
. It is

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