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operation research

operation research

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Published by chetana jain

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Published by: chetana jain on Dec 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FORTUNE ART is a manufacturer of lampshades and pendant lights. Each lampshaderequires
.Ft. of glass and pendant light requires
30 Sq.Ft
of glass. Glass ispurchased at Rs.
and 40,000 Sq.ft. of Glass is available for purchase. Ittakes 2 hours of skilled labour to manufacture an unfinished lampshade or pendantlight.3 more hours of skilled labour is required to finish the lampshade, 2 more hoursof skilled labour to turn the pendant light to a finished one.A total of 8000 hours of skilled labour is available (wages already paid).The lampshades and pendant lightsproduced can be sold at the following unit prices.1. Unfinished Lampshade – Rs.7002. Finished Lampshade – Rs.14003. Unfinished Pendant – Rs.6004. Finished Pendant – Rs.1100Formulate an LP that will maximize the contribution to profit and manufacturinglampshades and pendant lights.
LETFl = No. of finished lampshadesUfl=No. of unfinished lampshadesFp=No. of finished pendant lightsUfp =No. of unfinished pendant lights
Maximize z = 30Ufl+30 Ufp+100Fl+80 Fp The objective is to maximize the profit out of selling these lamp shades.Each UfL-Rs 700-400=300(profit)SIMILARLY,Fl=Rs 1000Fp-Rs 800Ufp-Rs 300REFORMULATING-
Objective function is-
Maximize z=300ufl+1000fl+800fp+300 ufp.ST: 40ufl+40fl+30ufp+30fp<=40,0002ufl+5fl+2ufp+4fp<=8000
1. Determine how many of each of these should be manufactured optimallyfor profit maximization?A. According to the analysis Fortune Art should manufacture
1333 FinishedPendant Lights
for optimal profit maximization. They should not manufacture any ufp, fl, ufls.2. What would be the impact on profit and production if the availability of glass is increased by 3000 sq ft? By what amount can this constraint beincreased or decreased?A. If the availability of Glass is increased by 3000 sq.ft, then the impact onthe profit would be that THE PROFIT INCREASES BY RS.80,100 sinceShadow Price = Rs 26.7Increase in availability of glass=3000Sq.ftProfit impact-3000*Rs 26.7(shadow price) =increases by Rs 80,100For the current solution to remain The availability has to be increased by 40000+80000=120000 The availability has to be decreased by 40000-40000=0i.e. the glass availability should not be decreased if we want the currentsolution to hold good for the manufacturer3. Supposing that the supplier of glass decides to increase the cost of glassby Rs2.50, i.e the price of glass would now be Rs.12.50 instead of Rs.10, whatwould be the objective function for maximization of profit?A.
New objective function-200 ufl+900fl+700ufp+200ufp

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