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Panther Legacy BPCC Mag

Panther Legacy BPCC Mag

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This magazine –Panther Legacy - has been put
together by the Black Panther Commemoration Committee in time for the visit to London of Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party for SelfDefence, and Billy X Jennings, head of the Black Panther Alumni. It is an honour to welcome these Brothers in order to spread the legacy of the Panthers and to raise money for the Black Panther Alumni pro

This magazine –Panther Legacy - has been put
together by the Black Panther Commemoration Committee in time for the visit to London of Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party for SelfDefence, and Billy X Jennings, head of the Black Panther Alumni. It is an honour to welcome these Brothers in order to spread the legacy of the Panthers and to raise money for the Black Panther Alumni pro

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Mosi Ngozi (fka) james harris on Dec 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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his magazine –
Panther Legacy 
- has been puttogether by the Black Panther Commemora-tion Committee in time for the visit to Lon-don of Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence, and Billy X Jennings, head of theBlack Panther Alumni.It is an honour to welcome these Brothers inorder to spread the legacy of the Panthersand to raise money for the Black PantherAlumni projects. It is the very least that theBPCC can do, indebted as we are to the ex-ample and sacrice by the members of theBlack Panthers on behalf of oppressed peo-ple in the US and across the world.Whereas many people will know somethingof the Panthers due to frequent references inpopular culture, especially in Hip-Hop, manypeople do not necessarily have an under-standing of what the Panthers stood for andwhat happened to the organisation. We hopethat this publication will be a tool for learningas to the legacy of the Black Panthers, theircommitment to ideology and struggle tobetter the conditions of their/our peoples. The Black Panthers in the US made an impor-tant contribution to developing the worldstruggle against oppression and racism in thelate 1960s and 1970s. The post-Second WorldWar period saw a massive upsurge in theworldwide struggle with the newly estab-lished socialist countries in East Europe,north Korea and China assisting by everymeans ‘Third World’ anti-imperialist strugglessuch as those in Vietnam, South Africa, Cuba,Algeria, Egypt, Mozambique, Namibia, Zim-babwe and many other places. The Black Panthers were a part of this global struggle. The Black Panthers in the US were an exam-ple of a radical grassroots movement forrevolutionary change
the ‘West’ itself. The Panthers along with many other move-ments in the Black Liberation Movement andtheir allies amongst the movements in theNative American, Hispanic, Chinese, andradical White left communities, had achievedthe highest level of mass revolutionary strug-gle in the US. The Panthers understood hat they had aunique internationalist duty, as their strugglewas positioned within the US, the countrywhich was conducting a world oensiveagainst Third World peoples and socialistcountries. As the Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party, George Jackson (murdered byprison guards in Soledad prison in August1971) stated in his
Prison Diaries
in 1970;
“Theentire colonial world is watching the blacksinside the U.S., wondering and waiting for us tocome to our senses. Their problems and strug-gles with the Amerikan monster are much moredicult than they would be if we actively aided them. We are on the inside. We are the only ones (besides the very small white minority left)who can get at the monster’s heart without subjecting the world to nuclear re. We have amomentous historical role to act out if we will.” 
 The students and intellectuals who wererebelling were tamed in the 1960s and ‘70s. The white working class were also manipu-lated by the elites through racism to dividethe masses. In contrast oppressed peoples inthe West, such as those represented by thePanthers played and continue to play a fun-damental role in developing the struggle fora people-centred society: one which treatsworking people with dignity and a societywhich compensates Third World peoples forthe holocausts committed against them bythe Western elites, and opens up a new era of respect and friendship with them. To those of us who are committed to pro-gressive change, the Panthers remain animportant experience to learn from. Thereare also other examples of struggle in theWest. Some of these struggles and move-ments were crushed while others have stead-ily developed their socialist and anti-imperialist strategies such as the people inIreland, Ireland being a colony of England’sfor over 800 years. For us in England, Scot-land and Wales, the struggle of the Irish Re-publicans remains another primary referencefor our struggles today. They are taking upthe same challenges in their communitiesthat we face in our communities. The dier-ence between us and them is that they
 a political movement whereas we don’t. Andthis remains a central issue for us in Englandwhere the movement is next to non-existentfor the masses of people in our communities:to learn the lessons of the Panthers, as part of the experience of oppressed people through-out the world, and apply it in our the presentconditions.We also have important struggles from theScottish, Welsh and Black and Asian workingclass struggles to learn from. The experiencesin Brixton, Southall, Ladbroke Grove/NottingHill, Toxteth, Bristol, Handsworth and manyother communities as well as the Great Min-ers Strike of 1984-85 remain important recenthistories whose lessons, both positive andnegative, need to be returned to time andtime again.For people today confronting problems of Islamophobia, war and racism in all its forms,homophobia and sexism, poverty and youth-on-youth crime in our communities, the ex-periences and initiatives of the Black Pan-thers in the US deserved to be looked at veryclosely. The challenge remains today as it wasin George Jackson’s time, as the former FieldMarshall stated: “
The whole world for all timein the future will love us and remember us asthe righteous people who made it possible for the world to live on. If we fail through fear and lack of aggressive imagination, then the slavesof the future will curse us, as we sometimescurse those of yesterday. I don’t want to die and leave a few sad songs and a hump in theground as my only monument. I want to leave aworld that is liberated from trash, pollution,racism, nation-states, nation-state wars and armies, from pomp, bigotry, parochialism, athousand dierent brands of untruth, and li-centious usurious economics.” 
Indeed we in the BPCC salute those whostruggled and sacriced in the worldwideBlack Panther movement. We will keep onkeeping on.
Sukant ChandanLondon, November 2008
 The Black Panther Commemoration Commit-tee in England consists of people from dier-ent political experiences and backgroundswho came together in the September 2008united in the belief that the Black PantherParty for Self Defence was one of the mostimportant experiences of oppressed people'ssocial, political and cultural struggle in theWest.
 The BPCC work towards keeping the experi-ence and legacy of the Black Panthers alivefor current and future generations. The BPCC support the excellent work of theBlack Panther Alumni. The BPCC support and work towards cam-paigning for justice and liberation of politicalprisoners who were associated with the Black Panthers. The BPCC understands that the Black Pan-thers had an international impact, and webelieve in raising consciousness about theexperiences and legacy of the Black Panthersacross the world, and especially here in Eng-land.bpcc66@gmail.com

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