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The Little Things That Complete the Picture

The Little Things That Complete the Picture

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Published by Josh Yagley

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Film
Published by: Josh Yagley on Dec 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Little Things That Complete the Picture
By Josh Yagley
One Hour Photo stands out from most films. Strictly speaking there is no one villain, nosingle person that the audience is calling to be crucified throughout the entirety of themovie. Instead there is series of great missteps from both conflicting parties that createtension. Characters interact with disturbed intentions and precede forward thinking´Well it·s not going to hurt anyone. So it·s okay.µOne Hour Photo is told from the perspective of Seymour Parrish, better known by thename of Sy, who methodically and lovingly makes photos at a generic American Super Market. His character takes great pride in the focus and skill he uses to craft perfectlytoned and true to source photographs in one hour. This obsession for perfection isbrilliant explained in the line, ´When people's houses are on fire, what's the first thingthey save after their pets and loved ones are saved? Their family photos.µ For hisdedication to his photos and the art of photography, he is, by any definition, an artistand completely dedicated to his works. And this obsession in his customers photos andthe lives that they hold, made him very attentive to others needs and he loved his jobfor it. However, there is nothing else that allowed him a well rounded life and he iscompletely focuses on nothing but his photos. Complicated further he bears anincredible loneliness that is nearly unfathomable to most, and suffers a severedepression due to this. Sy's anguish (played by Robin Williams) is perfectlycommunicated through his performance of the heart wrenching character. A man lostin his photographs searching for a place in the snapshots of other peoples· lives.There is one specific family that Sy has taken a particularly great interest in, The Yorkins.The Yorkins are dedicated customers and have been coming to Sy for their photossince before their child was born. They are a picture perfect family that is only fit for thedemo photo in a store bought picture frame. It's also clear that early on Sy becameobsessed with their beautiful home and perfect life. And he longs for a place in thefamily where he would be always be warmly welcomed and loved. But no matter howlong he tries to recreate their lives in his head, Sy is still alone, completely lost in histhoughts and pictures of people that don·t know him.
Sy did understand that it was impossible for him to be in their family at least on a certainlevel. He recognized that he would only be able to watch them from a far no matter how much he tried. So Sy, constructs a monument to their perfect life, a wall coveredwith his their photos allowing him a mode to escape from his loneliness, into his idealizedfantasy of a life. Obviously, for an obsessive person, this isn't enough for Sy and hecontinues to push his way into their family through photos of himself in their personalorders; watching their child play soccer while no one else is there; and visiting their house while they aren·t home. Sy, on a number of occasions, crossed the line ofcuriosity and became completely obsessed and stalking this family. But the closer helooks at the Yorkins, Sy realizes that their life is far from perfect.Will Yorkin is a charming, young, powerful owner of a successful company. He has abeautiful wife and a genuinely kind son. They all live in an incredibly nice hometogether, and life seems to be just going his way. But he's bored and feels like nothing isable to stop him, so he starts cheating on his wife with his co-worker. He doesn't think much of it, and he enjoys the excitement of adultery.Will Yorkin is the exact opposite of Sy in nearly every way and plays the role of theantagonist. But really what was Will Yorkin doing with his actions? As an adulterer hewas misusing the trust his family had for him. He set a poor example for his son, and hehas put everything he holds important on the line in order to partake in this fling with hisco-worker. He was ignorant, selfish, destructive and arrogant.But for Sy, when he found out that Will Yorkin was cheating on his wife it was somethingfar more meaningful to him than the matter of this relationship in the family. The Yorkinsrepresented perfection, happiness in his bleak miserable life, something worth living for,a goal that he set for himself, the pinnacle of living the good life. When he found outthat the Will cheated on his wife, his entire life fell apart. This is why Sy slipped thatphotograph of Will cheating into his Wife's order. First and foremost, he was seekingrevenge, not for her, but for himself. Will took Sy's delusion away from him and now he isgoing to suffer.This is why Sy inform Will's wife in a graceful manner. Sy is attempting to destroy not justWill but this entire home and all its pretenses. For this, when Sy sees how the family just

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