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if i was World Emperor for one day..

if i was World Emperor for one day..

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better than Plato's republic because there is NO LIE
better than Plato's republic because there is NO LIE

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Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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if i was World Emperor for one day..
sg micheal, 2010/OCT/21Preface: this essay is not conspiracy to overthrow the American government, it is not calling for a violent revolution in America, i Hate violence with passion, this essay is a call for a peacefultransformation of our world culture and values, we focus and emphasize the wrong things, our values are twisted, this essay is an attempt to refocus our values, reemphasize the critical valuesfor an enduring human civilization,..After that day, you’d not recognize Earth ‘cept for languages and religions..The first thing i'd do is
abolish national boundaries
,sending home all border guards, immigration, and customs officialsuntil ‘further notice’.The next thing i'd do is
dissolve all standing armies
, navies, air forces, marines, and coastguards sending home all officers etc until ‘further notice’. Next,
dismantle all nukes and destroy all biological weapons
making it illegal to developfurther nukes or bio weapons.
Abolish money and all national currencies, banking, and credit systems.
At first i wasthinking of introducing a mandatory implanted chip to keep track of work units and reusing banks to keep track of those work units but.. Think about it, if you don’t show up for work onsome day, your coworkers are gonna see that and next time you go to the grocery store to pick upneeded items, should the checkout clerk know about your ‘day off’? (So that you might have to put back an item or two to compensate.) So it’s up to you: implanted chip or honesty-system – upto you..
Mandatory premium health care
human beings on the planet developing accessiblefacilities for all.Tweaking world religions and local customs as follows:punishment for subjugationsuch as Jews subjugating Palestinians or vice-versa, 
punishment for exploitationsuch as American companies putting factories in China or Mexico for cheap labor
punishment for conflict over resourcessuch as the American invasion of Iraq
,punishment for religious conflictsuch as destruction of Buddhist statues,punishment for religious abominationssuch as ritual mutilation or murder for defection,These are only examples of things i would not tolerate as World Emperor. At first, because thecrimes are so heinous, i thought nuking would be appropriate but at this point, we’ve dismantled
all nukes. ;) So, we have to devise an appropriate and commensurate punishment system for violation of basic human rights.Basic Human Rights:freedom to live and work in any locationfree access to premium health carefree education for all levelsfreedom from subjugation, exploitation, and conflict 
freedom of equitable access to all world resources
freedom of religion except when violating others’ rightsfreedom to trust and respect each other freedom to live without nukes, bio-weapons, military, and moneyAutomatically, people will accuse me of being a ‘commie’ or say “If everything is free, who’sgonna pay for it all???” The simplest answer i can give is that
people will work because theylike/love what they do
. People will no longer become doctors for the money; they will becomedoctors for the sheer joy of healing. Of course, there will still be prestige for certain positionssuch as Hollywood starlet, university professor, or Amazonian shaman. i cannot stop that. But asWorld Emperor, i would prohibit over-compensation for any profession. The simplest way to dothis is abolish currency.Line five above will cause concern for all elite, corporations, and anyone who prefers to hoard /limit access to resources. i'm not sure how to deal with that.
It’s starkly apparent to me thathoarding or limiting access to resources is a crime against humanity.
For instance, Iraqi or Saudi or Venezuelan oil fields should not be hoarded so as to make a few rich – this is plainlywrong and something needs to be done about it. But, if we allow any company to put oil wellsthere, it will be a free-for-all, chaos. So there has to be some way to allow free access withoutcreating chaos. i leave this for the ‘smart guys/gals’ to figure out..Most would look at this scenario as undoable. They think our society would fall apart. But i think they’re wrong for two reasons: integrity and love.
Human beings have amazing capacitieswhich have proven themselves time and time again over the centuries.
Our positive featurescan overcome our negatives: our curiosity, compassion, love, and integrity can overcome our:fears, mistrusts, disrespects, and hatreds.‘Pie in the sky’? No. It is like forgiveness: that begins with a choice to overcome our resentments, hatreds, and hurts of the past.
Use forgiveness as a guide and we cannot gowrong..
So this letter is a call to the few who believe it can be possible to create a free and loving world:inspire your peers and children – inspire them to believe in a Loving Earth.Part 3: Problems in PracticeLet’s change the scenario and say another great Emperor established those edicts above and nowinstead of World Emperor, i run a humble country store in rural Cooks, Michigan. A girl comes
in and says she wants all my inventory to start a commune on some land nearby. She says i haveto hand it over ‘cuz there’s quite a few people who are hungry and this is October at the end of the growing season so they cannot grow anything this year to feed themselves. i must hand over everything ‘cuz the World Emperor basically said so in a televised world-broadcast a few daysearlier. She’s got a station wagon parked outside with the engine running. Do i hand everythingover?Let’s see which Basic Human Rights she’s violating by demanding this from me:there's implied subjugation and exploitation on her part(that my store should be the sole provider for her new commune)there's certainly a lack of respect from her i have every right to take the shotgun hanging on the wall and point it at her saying “Look sweety, my store doesn’t exist to be raped by your commune; you can take a few things only for yourself, but you’re not welcome to more.” .. “By the way, you guys should learn how to huntand fish – this time of year is great for that!”In the next scenario, i'm now a retired US Air Force pilot (forcibly retired by Imperial Decree)sitting at home getting drunk because now – ‘they don’t need me anymore’. My wife isscreaming at me because i cannot provide for the family. i try to block her out with vodka andwar-theme movies playing loud on our flat-screen TV. Is it my fault i chose an ill-fated profession? A few years ago, no one could have told you this would happen. The public airlinescannot take on all the retired pilots. We have a pension as if we had worked full-term for themilitary but it’s simply not enough. i want to work but my life and blood is flying. i hang-glideoccasionally when i'm not drunk and sometimes even then. ;) What can i do to get this harpy off my back!? Please!?In reality, i've had about 15 different jobs so far in my working lifetime. No unfortunately, i wasnever an Air Force pilot. :( But i did have the privilege of living near Cooks, MI and seeingfirsthand how beautiful the Upper Peninsula summers can be. :) It would be a kind of beautifulharmony if i could live off the land there.. Anyways, i taught English conversation to Koreans,science to Thais, math to Americans, worked as a telecommunications technician for over nineyears, handled hazardous materials, developed QC sampling programs, delivered legaldocuments, ‘sniffed’ for gas leaks in California, worked as a cabinetmaker for my brother fromtime to time, crew leader for the 2010 US Census,.. You would think with all my variousexperiences, that i should be able to find something decent and commensurate! It’s a testament tohow truly crappy the US economy is – that i cannot find decent work here. And a testament toregional snobbery that i could not find decent employment in New Zealand, twice! :(
It should be no wonder to you now why i put that Right first
and why my wife wants adivorce. i'm not a ‘job snob’ (as my wife thinks). My last employment was for MasTec/DirecTVas satellite installation technician in Miami, FL. As usual, i put quality first and almost alwayscompleted an outstanding installation. But i was too slow for the bosses over me. It was physically the most demanding job i've ever had – sometimes sixteen hours on my feet with nolunch break. Your body can take only so many of those days then you need a serious break..After being fired for insubordination (i simply had enough of getting all the crap-jobs and being pushed to go faster – wrote an email to my 2nd-level saying so), i needed a professional massage

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