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Spiritual Fragrance October 2010

Spiritual Fragrance October 2010

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In this issue:

1. Eternal law of karma - Part VII

2. Extrasensory potentials of the mind - Part VII

3.Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy - Dr.Pranav Pandya
In this issue:

1. Eternal law of karma - Part VII

2. Extrasensory potentials of the mind - Part VII

3.Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy - Dr.Pranav Pandya

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Published by: Sree Harsha Mudunuri on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. The Eternal Law of Karma – VII2. The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind – Part 63. Experience and Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy -Dr.Pranav Pandya
You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God's creative principle works in you.
Create your own world
What is the science behind creating my own destiny?
(Continued from previous edition) 
Is the Prediction of Future Events Possible? 
At times, yogis (spiritual scientists) having paranormal powers make accurate predictions about thefuture events. It should not create the misconception that life is strictly bound by rigid pre-destination.The future course of life undoubtedly depends on past
karmas (actions)
. By virtue of paranormalpowers the futurologists and seers are able to foresee the ultimate outcome of the
Prarabdha Karmas 
. In this world, too, we can often predict the probable future on the basis of a comprehensivedata. On learning details of legal proceedings an experienced juror may foretell the judgment to bedelivered. It does not mean that there is no relevance of prosecutors, defendants, evidence, lawyersand cross-examinations. Foretelling of events also does not mean that certain events can becorrelated to some particular past
Prarabdha Karmas 
. In fact, fate and self-effort are two faces of thesame coin. Self-efforts (
) are given the name of destiny when they bear fruit. We maycompare the current
with any raw fruit, which is going to ripen in future as destiny. The fate oftoday is the karmas of the past. If karma stands for an infant calf,
is the state acquired by itlate in life as an aged cow. The word
is frequently misunderstood as predestined, though
as and
(fate) are two names given to the same phenomena- with a timelag in between.
God is Not Vindictive 
Misfortune occurs in life in a particular order and according to a well-defined process of divine justicebut people reconcile to their inevitability by believing in so-called “Wrath of God”, “God’s Will” or“Natural woeful state of this world”. As a matter of fact, God neither creates any good fortune normisfortune for anybody, nor He/She (God is not gender-specific as a biological being) desires to putanyone in distress. Nor is this world wholly full of woes. A spider gets confined and entangled in itsown self-woven web. Similarly, man himself makes his mind vicious, undisciplined, corrupt and sinfuland when the evil mind works to create a distressing situation, he weeps, wails and blames others-including God. Here it should be clearly understood that the fruits of
Prarabdha Karma 
are alwaysreceived as abrupt unprecedented events. (e.g., unexpected death due to disease or accident,collapsing of a house, winning a jackpot, injury due to accident, accidental loss of limbs or cessationof vital functions of body.) God does not involve other beings directly in enforcing divine justice for acouple of reasons.1. The person enforcing divine punishment on behalf of God would create resentment against hisown self- thus beginning a chain of counter reaction between himself and the person being punished.It would increase turbulence of mind.
The Eternal Law of Karma - VII
Never limit your view of life by any past experience.

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